Concocting A Ruse


Author: Eric Martinson.

Dated: 11/19/06.

Supplemented and edited by k0nsl.



Recently, I heard a representative of our (Zionist) government on National Public Radio imploring American Muslims to provide any information they might have on any “fundamentalist” Muslims who would possibly be involved in any activities which could be a threat to the “American way of life”. As if that wasn’t brazen enough, this particular Zogtonian went on to request the same of white Christians, urging them to inform on members of the so-called “Christian Patriot Right” who might be acting in a manner unapproved by them (i.e the Zionists). This obviously shows the weakness of the Jewish government to solve any real challenges to its power structure, assuming, of course, that they themselves are not the sole source of all these “problems” as of late. They still have yet to prove otherwise.

If the American public is taking this and other Zionists or Zionist puppets seriously, they are worse off than I thought. After all, it is clear to any fool that the perfidious Zionists and their Washington lackeys are the ultimate beneficiaries of the recent attacks in Washington D.C. and New York. It must at least cross the minds of reasonable people that the Jews have engineered yet another of their many ruses for which they have become so famous throughout the centuries. It must have also occurred to credible Americans that, once again, the Jews have used their Washington drones and their mega-media monopoly to blame these heinous acts on another group – this time the Muslims, without the display of any evidence. They have instead insisted that Americans, and the rest of the world, just take their stained and worthless word in the matter – that’s to say: on mere face value..

It is appalling that anyone who calls himself American would accept this outlandish propaganda, given its transparency if objectively scrutinized. Yet, their indecent behavior should not be astonishing since these rancid flimflam artists have for the last fifty-five plus years put on the grand ruse known as the “holocaust”. That fraud has awarded them power, sympathy, favors, and plenty of riches since World War II. What might be even more shocking to many people is the fact that the Jews have spent centuries honing their holohoax skills.
Although the exact magnitude is immeasurable, the phenomenal profits that the Jews have accumulated by promoting their so-called holocaust since World War II are undeniable. There is, however, a steadily increasing number of non-Jews who are beginning to realize that hard scientific evidence indicates that the Holocaust story as told by the Jews is nothing but a big lie, the purpose of which was and continues to be the empowerment and enrichment of the world Jewish community profiteers and “rusemeisters”.

The Jewish media often refers to a statement that Adolf Hitler once made. Their morally corrupt media, in its usual deceptive manner, distorts the context of the statement by conveying the idea that Mr. Hitler had sold or was preparing to sell his people a “big lie.” This is outright dishonesty in journalism, which we have learned to expect from the Jews. His actual statement is as follows:

They themselves [the common people] often tell small lies in little matters, but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think there may be some other explanation…

From time immemorial, however, the Jews have known better than any other how falsehood and calumny can be exploited.” (Mein Kampf, Hurst & Blackett Ltd., London, p.134).

It is apparent that Herr Hitler was actually referring to the Jews’ centuries-old practice of formulating gigantic lies. Knowing the Jewish chicanery as well as he did, he undoubtedly foresaw that, given the opportunity, they would change previous frauds into a colossal hoax concerning him. As we shall see, the Jews were, in fact, busily planning and diagramming the details of the farcical Nuremberg show trials years before Mr. Hitler died for his defense of Berlin against the Jewish Bolsheviks.

There are several historical examples of Jews concocting similar hysterical nonsense in order to dupe non-Jews into feeling compassion for them. One is their wailing in the Talmud concerning the Roman destruction in 70 AD of the Temple in Jerusalem.

The Romans were only reacting to the revolt perpetrated by the mongrel Jews. The Romans did not want to sack Jerusalem, but the Jews gave them no choice in the final analysis. Titus gave the mongrels every opportunity to change their minds. While the tale of the World War II slaughter of the Jews is nothing but a bald-faced lie or at best an exaggerated fantasy-comedy, it is true that there was quite a slaughter in the year 70 AD.
The final assault culminated on September 9,10 and 11, but should we feel sorry for them? I’m afraid not. Interestingly enough, the modern Jewish temple of the World Trade Center Towers was also destroyed on September 11. The Zionist Jewish-created incident of that day was just another way for the Jews to change world opinion and garner worldwide sympathy. If you are aware of the history of the events of 70 AD, the mongrel Jews only got what they were asking for and they have no one to blame except themselves. What the Jews really hate is the fact that the Christians had escaped prior to the destruction of the Herodian Temple because Jesus had forewarned them as recorded in the New Testament, specifically as stated in Matthew 24.
Another “holocaust” about which they often moan is called the Diaspora Revolt of 115 -117 AD. That revolt began in Cyrenaica. The Jews waited until the contingent of the Emperor’s army assigned to protect that populace was away on assignment. The Jews then exploited that opportunity by attacking a civilian population of Greeks and Romans. The Jews used the opportunity to rape, torture and murder an estimated 200,000, all civilian men, women and children. The Talmudic Jews then moved their murderous rampage to Egypt. In Alexandria, the course of events began to change for this insane horde. That city’s Greek population rose to the occasion, halting the rampage and killing the Jewish aggressors [1]. Archaeological evidence approximates the population of ancient Alexandria at that time to have beeen between 500,000 and one million [2]. According to the Talmud, sixty myriads on sixty myriads, a supposed 1.2 million Jews were exterminated in Alexandria [3]. But, this figure is very unreliable and is of course part of what will later become a routine Jewish game.
A revolt in Palestine in 132-135 AD gave Jewish “historians” another chance to hone their flimflamming skills. This rebellion was effected by a Jew named Bar-kokhba (BarKoziba) who set himself up as king and even later claimed to be the messiah. See, the Jews believe that they have a “messiah” in every generation as part of their blasphemy against Jesus Christ, the only true messiah.
When the Roman Army moved toward Jerusalem in 135, this delusional character retreated with what was left of his army to the village of Bethar, a fortress that was ten miles away. The town’s dimensions were 200 by 600 meters. The Romans unsurprisingly penetrated the fortress and killed Bar-Kokhba.
The Talmud claims that after the battle, the Romans, who were under Hadrian, killed four billion Jews, – yes that’s right, four billion. The Midrash Rabbah claims that it was 800 million and actually proceeds to tell us that the blood of the dead Jews was deep enough to get in the nostrils of the Roman horses and wash away giant boulders on its way to the sea several miles away. The tale goes on to say that there was enough blood from this tidal wave to fertilize Roman vineyards for the next seven years.
If we turn to historical evidence we find varied estimates of the numbers of Jews in all of Palestine at the time, roughly between 500,000 and 2.5 million. These figures may be high because such estimates often include non-Jews as well. But almost certainly, the army of this Jewish lunatic, Bar-Kokhba, was less than 50,000 [4]. At any rate, we don’t have to be mathematicians to know that a small fortress village 200 by 600 meters will not hold 500,000 people, much less any four damn billion.
Believe it or not, that’s not the end of this tall tale. The crazy Jew Talmud goes on to further insult the readers’ intelligence by alleging that the Romans, in purportedly murdering the school children of Bethar, wrapped each child in his scroll and then set it on fire, burning all 64 million of them to death. Either way, the enormity of the lie is quite clear.
Jewish falsification and outlandish tales in regard to the “events” of the next 1700 years are far too numerous to mention here, but we should note that their mendacious schemes got them booted out of practically every White and civilized society on which they parasitically preyed during the period. However, if anyone doubts the fact that the diabolical Jews had previous plans for Germany and all of Europe, here is something to consider. In his Conquest of Germanism by Judaism, Wilhelm Marr wrote in 1879:

“The advent of Jewish imperialism, I am firmly convinced is only a question of time … The Empire of the world belongs to the Jews … I do not pretend to be a prophet, but I am quite certain that before four generations have passed, there will not be a single function of the State, the highest included, which will not be in the hands of the Jews … The wily Jewish spirit of intrigue will bring a revolution in Russia such as the world has never seen … When Jews shall get control of the Russian State … they will set about the destruction of the social organization of Western Europe.”

Marr had previously been a key instigator in the Marxist pandemonium in 1848. The prescience in the above statement is obvious. Not only did the Jew Bolsheviks later bring a revolution to Russia, which included the murder of at least twenty million whites, they also went on to destroy the social organization of Europe through their instigation of World War I and World War II, with the latter’s accompanying phony Holocaust.
The Jews’ modus operandi is to commit the most horrible and wretched deeds imaginable and then blame them on someone else. As an extra added bonus, they have, through their Holocaust ruse, played on the pity of Americans, who have allowed millions of these evil creatures to immigrate to the US, where they have ruined the culture and are striving to mongrelize out of existence every white person left.
Let us not forget the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, circa 1897 [5]. These “protocols” are basically a blueprint for the continuation of the Jewish program of conquest, the ultimate goal of which is to completely enslave all non-Jews. The Protocols are said to have been written by Jewish hierarchy, but the Jews unsurprisingly claim that they are forgeries written by an anti-Semite in an attempt to smear the Jews.
The Jews call the Protocols forgeries, but completely evade any discussion concerning the fulfilment of each prediction and the very real threats contained in them. Anyone who reads the Protocols, written over a hundred years ago, cannot avoid noticing the startling match between what they foretell for Jewish actions in the up coming 20th century, and what has actually taken place.
Henry Ford, a great industrial pioneer, describes the Protocols in the February 17, 1921 edition of the New York World:

“The only statement I have to make about the Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on … they have fitted the world situation up to this time. They fit it now.”

Certainly, if Mr. Ford were here today, he would be constrained to the same sentiment because they have continued to fit the world situation up until this time. Although the Protocols do not specifically describe an anticipated Holocaust ruse, they do outline all the conditions necessary. Included in Protocol #1 we find:

“He who wishes to rule must have resource to cunning and to make believe … our countersign is … Make Believe.”

This Protocol stresses the importance of “make believe” first, then Jewish deceit and treachery:

“We must not stop at bribery, deceit and treachery when they should serve towards the attainment of our end …one must know how to seize the property of the others without hesitation.”

We know that the immoral Jews have, through their deceit and treachery, not only seized billions from the German people with their so-called “Holocaust”, but also they have stolen the land of the Palestinians in the Middle East, land to which the Palestinian people held property deeds, land that in many cases had been in their families for centuries.
The filthy rotten Jews brag about how well they have benefited from World War I, from World War II, and from the “Holocaust”:

“In World War I, the World Zionist Organization won a major victory as a result of the Balfour Declaration and the British conquest of Eretz Israel … World War II and the holocaust gave Zionism its triumph” [6].

They are able to flaunt their ill-gotten gains because they have, through their mainstream press and media, programmed most people to believe their holohoax by steadily inculcating and bombarding them with misinformation. Protocol #2 includes:

“It is in the Press that the triumph of freedom of speech finds its incarnation … and it has fallen into our hands. Through the Press we have gained the power to influence.”

Observe Protocol #7:

“We must compel the government of the Goyim to take action in the direction favored by our widely conceived plan … by what we represent as public opinion, secretly prompted by us through the means of the so-called “Great Power” – the Press, which, with few exceptions that may be disregarded, is already entirely in our hands.”

We see how very important the press, or media, is in the Jewish scheme. They further expound their intentions in Protocol #12:

“We shall have a sure triumph over our opponents since they will not have at their disposition organs of the Press.”

Anyone who wants to be taken seriously cannot deny that the Jews have captured control of the media, but note, they have also gained as much influence on the educational system in the United States. Even back in the 1960’s, the faculties of the Ivy League universities were dominated by Jews [7]. Likewise, Jews were and still are over-represented in legal fields [8].

It is through this positioning that they have been able to indoctrinate young impressionable minds with the ruse of their Holocaust propaganda. Too many parents send their bright youngsters off to be programmed and brainwashed by atrocious Jewish rusemeisters. These devious authors were dead serious over a century ago when they said in Protocol #9:

“We have got our hands into the administration of the law, into the conduct of elections, into the press, into liberty of the person, but principally into education and training as being cornerstones of a free existence.
“We have fooled, bemused and corrupted the youth of the Goyim by rearing them in principles and theories which are known to us to be false although it is by us that they have been inculcated.”

In order to create a diversion from the fact that Jews who immigrated from Eastern Europe were pillaging Russia between 1918 and 1924, a leading American Jewish periodical ran an essay in 1919 by a former governor from New York named Martin Glynn. That article told its readers that:

“Six Million Jews are dying in a threatened Holocaust of human life”, as victims of an “awful tyranny of war and a bigoted lust for Jewish blood.” [9]

Well, well, twenty-six years before the circus and sham of the Nuremberg Trials, and back before The National Socialist German Workers Party with Adolf Hitler was even heard of and which was drawing less than 300 people to its meetings which were held in rented halls, the Jews were already touting their “six million” figure right along with their “Holocaust” blood libel. That’s not even considering the preposterousness of this claim in light of the fact that the Bolshevik leadership, the supposed perpetrators here, was admittedly over 90% Jewish [10].

The Red Army and the Soviet Secret Police were the parties responsible for Soviet horrors. They were led by a wretched Jew named Lev Bronstein, who changed his name to Leon Trotsky, and another Jewish criminal named Felix Dzurinsky. Not only this, but the Bolshevik Jews were carefully financed by New York Jews such as the nefarious Jacob H. Schiff [11].
This is the same Schiff family that the daughter of the treasonous former Vice-President, Al Gore, also a Jew as if you couldn’t have guessed, recently married into.
On Friday, March 24, 1933, the front page headline on the Daily Express of London read:

“Judea Declares War on Germany – Jews of all the World Unite – Boycott of German Goods – Mass Demonstrations.” For a compendium of sources, see: THE JEWS DECLARE WAR ON GERMANY (IN 1933).

So the fact is that when Mr. Hitler ordered a boycott of Jewish goods on March 28 of the same year, it was only in response to the Jews’ prior declaration of war, and their HOLY WAR at that. Here is an excerpt from the March 24 issue of Daily Express:

“The Jewish wholesaler will quit his house, the banker his stock exchange, the merchant his business, and the beggar his humble hut, in order to join the holy war against Hitler’s people.”

The issue of the Jews being the first to initiate war in 1933 is seldom if ever discussed in the halls of modern day Jew academia or in the mainstream Jew media. The Jews want to say that Mr. Hitler started the war, but in 1933, the same as in 1939, etc., he was only reacting to pressure from a situation created by the Jews. And like what we mentioned earlier, here we have more examples of the Jews’ modus operandi – do the dirty deeds and blame them on someone else. The Jewish call for war in 1933 in the English press was not unique; the exact same sentiments were being expressed by Jews on this side of the Atlantic and across the rest of Europe, so many “declarations of war”, in fact, that it filled an entire book! [12]

This announcement by members of the World Jewish Congress and its surrogate groups was followed by an International Jewish Boycott Conference in Amsterdam that was held by the World Jewish Economic Federation, of which Samuel Untermyer was president. Untermyer was a Communist Jew lawyer from New York. He called for a “sacred war” against Germany in a broadcast [13]. He also blatantly claimed that Germany was planning to “exterminate the Jews”. This rusemeister even claimed that the exterminations were in progress:

“When the tale is told … the world will confront a picture so fearful in its barbarous cruelty that the hell of war … atrocities will pale into insignificance as compared to this devilishly, deliberately, cold blooded planning and partially executed campaign for the extermination of a proud, gentle, loyal, law abiding people” [14]

The public should have been immediately on guard that something was amiss here as soon as anyone started using descriptives such as “loyal” and “gentle” to describe backhanded, backbiting, backstabbing Jews.
Nevertheless, here once again we have talk of planned “exterminations” years before many modern historians or ruse-Jews claim that they could have been made, years before they allegedly began. It’s worth keeping in mind here that no one has ever produced an authenticated document issued by members of the Third Reich planning or ordering the mass extermination of Jews. According to Nuremberg trial records, Nuremberg Doc. NG2586e, which record anything from “opinions” to so-called eye-witness testimony, the phantom order was not issued, let alone even allegedly acted upon until the “Wanassee Conference” of January 20, 1942.

Today’s holohoaxters assert that Mr. Hitler did not even conceive of the supposed extermination plan until the summer of 1941, at the very earliest:

“In the summer of 1941, probably in July, Hitler indicated his approval for the preparation of a plan for the mass murder of all European Jews…though just how and when this was communicated to Himmler and Heydrich cannot be established” [15]

It is certainly intriguing that Untermyer knew about Mr. Hitler’s plans before Mr. Hitler did! The ruse-Jews take great pains to avoid such rough edges in the tangled web of lies that is their holohoax. The Germans were meticulous record keepers, and once again, there is absolutely no documented plans for any extermination, much less mass extermination, of Jews in Russia, Poland, Germany, or anyplace else [16].

Labor or work camps were not extermination camps. The rogue Jewish elements that were living in these camps were actually treated much, much better than they deserved. Many had a higher quality of life in the camp than they did out on their own, and they were compensated for their work; even had their own money printed.

A typical and perfect example of this is a letter from September 8,1940 that appears in Richard S. Geehr’s Letters from the Doomed: Concentration Camp Correspondence 1940-1945:

“I am very well. In the canteen I buy honey, marmalade, cookies, fruit and other food. If you worry about me, you’ll indeed be committing a sin. I have more reason to worry about you.”

Everyone has seen the photos of Auschwitz, and you don’t have to understand much to see that the sign over the gate says “work will make you free.” Fiendish Jews have tried to make Auschwitz out to be a terrible place filled with torture and death, but in reality, Auschwitz had such amenities as a library, a post office, an auditorium, a bordello, even a swimming pool, and people had access to medical treatment. Why doesn’t the Wiesenthal Center Jews get up and tell us about these things? Oh, pity those poor suffering Jews who had to spend a leisurely afternoon reading a good book, going to music concerts, watching movies, making trips to the strip club and doing the backstroke down at the pool whilst the remainder of Europe lay in ruins.

Through their stranglehold on the media, the Jews have silenced such controversies as the purported agreement between members of the Third Reich and World Zionist leaders. This agreement has been referred to as the “Transfer Agreement” and it entailed proposals for the relocating of Jews on German land to Palestine.

It is certainly reasonable, considering the circumstances, that the Germans would be receptive to a proposal which would relieve their territory of good-for-nothing and worthless Jews. Once those Jews reached Zionist hands, their settlement would not be the concern of the Germans, but the Zionists. In 1937, Alfred Rosenberg, a German top official wrote:

“Zionism must be vigorously supported so that a certain number of Jews can be transported annually to
Palestine or at least made to leave the country” [17]

According to the same source, there were even two banks established for the transfer of large amounts of German Jews’ money to Palestine, one in Berlin and the other in Tel Aviv [18]. This means that Zionists would want Germany’s economy kept afloat, at least until the Jew wealth could be transferred and is the reason why Zionists were able to approach the Germans as if Zionist interests were collateral and apart from the interests of the World Jewish Congress and Jew boycotters. So in other words, Zionists were supportive of the National Socialist German economy and currency for purposes of wealth transfer, but at the same time dependant on the fear of Germany that was being instilled in European Jews by the supposed non-Zionistic “boycotting” Jews. This fear was necessary to persuade Jews from German territories to transfer their wealth to Palestine.

Notice how the Jews, as usual, have insidiously placed themselves to play both sides of the up-coming war. Had Mr. Hitler been victorious, the Zionists would have assuredly relied on their pseudo-alliance with German officials to continue their program of relocating Jews to Palestine.

Considering the impudence Jews are characteristically known for, they might even conceivably have asked for Mr. Hitler’s financial and military support in forming a Jewish state. If on the other hand, and as it turned out, Germany was defeated, the Jews would be able to promote hysteria through their media to metamorphose the mass relocations and deportations into a holocaust machination.

Before continuing, it is necessary to address the fact that many of the Jews living in German territories
indeed appear to be mere pawns in this matter. I don’t think anyone will disagree that Jews and others practising evil will without reservation exploit each other if the opening presents itself. It is, as they say, the nature of the beast.

A cursory inspection of the Jew’s “sacred” Talmud reveals that Judaism is like a big crooked pyramid scheme. At the top of that pyramid are the Jews in highest standing with “lessor” Jews under them and the Goyim at the very bottom. So each and every religious Jew is aware of the game plan as soon as he begins participating.

The Protocols reiterate the Talmud’s teachings on this subject. As a matter of fact, Protocol #9 addresses the exact topic of the Zionist’s exploitation of the Jews in occupied Europe.

“Anti-Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lessor brethren.”

Like cannibals, yes, Jews will exploit other Jews; however, let us remember that these “lessor” Jews who were in the German territories compromise the bulk of the phony prosecution witnesses at the farcical war crimes trials, where in some cases, their deceit and treachery continues to this day.
As previously noted, the topic of the Transfer Agreement constitutes a classic example of how the Jews place themselves on both sides of the conflict. We have seen that the so-called non-Zionist Jews, who called for the boycott to cripple the German businesses, were under the World Jewish Congress [19]. We have also seen that while these “non-Zionists” were working to create a boogeyman of Adolf Hitler and destroy Germany’s economy. The Zionists and the supposed non-Zionists (World Jewish Congress) were all along one and the same. The Jews prove this with their very own words:

“… and finally in the form of mass-based organizations claiming to speak in the name of World Jewry, of which the first and most successful was the World Zionist Organization. The World Zionist Organization gave birth to three of the four others that today form the pentagon of world Jewish polity: The State of Israel, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and the World Jewish Congress [20]

“The World Zionist Organization … led … in the 1930’s and 1940’s, and then gave way to the government of the state [of Israel] after 1948.” [21]

So, the so-called non-Zionists were actually Zionists, as the World Jewish Congress is a creature of the World Zionist Organization, and they have both since admitted to the central authority of the bastard state of Israel. None of this is difficult to follow once we realize that the minds of these mongrel snake vampires have an unlimited capacity for dishonesty and perfidiousness.

The Jews love to play the name game – Judaism, Zionism, Marxism, Communism, Talmudism, Universalism, Humanism etc. – there is no tangible difference between them because no matter what you call it, the outcome, as well as the source, is all the same. The moral of the story is: No matter what the basilisk may say, whenever a Jew tries to tell you that it is not a Zionist, DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT.

On March 8, 1917, the London Times ran a piece which falsely claimed that Germans had gassed 700,000 Serbian civilians. That fraud was resurrected twenty-five years later in the Bund Report from the Warsaw Ghetto, which was inspired by Murray Bernays, a Zionist and Harvard graduate. The “report” maintained that “the Nazis have already exterminated 700,000 Polish Jews” [22].
Bernays is also a significant character in this discussion because, after being given a commission in the U.S. Army, he spent the entire war in an office of the War Department in D.C., planning in advance all the details of the Nuremberg show trials.

This eccentric mongrel was born Morris Lipstitch, but changed his name to that of his wife upon marrying Bertha Bernays, a Jewess whose uncle was none other than Sigmund Freud.

The plans for Nuremberg included declaring entire organizations as criminal, which they did, in addition to such specific details as that eleven of the defendants would be sentenced to death and hanged, or rather strangled to death, on the Jewish Purim Fest [23]. Probably the most disgraceful element of the Nuremberg plans was the application of ex post facto law, meaning that the defendants could be tried for actions that were legal when those actions were taken.

After the war in 1945, Lipstitch joined Robert Jackson, the lead prosecutor of Nuremberg. Jackson, as is well known, was permitted to be a part of the formulation of the procedural rules that would “govern” the “trials” at Nuremberg, an unheard of practice even among legal circles, which are notorious for their corruption.
The Nuremberg sham once again brings the Protocols to mind. Protocol #19 is relevant, it states:

“In order to destroy the prestige of heroism for political crime, we shall send it for trial in the category of thieving, murder, and every kind of abominable and filthy crime. Public opinion will then confuse in its conception this category of crime with the disgrace attaching to every other and will brand it with the same contempt.”

Not only were honorable men put on trial at Nuremberg for normal political and military activities and service, but some of them were very well known for their good deeds and heroic acts. The wretched Jews, through the sensationalism that they are all too well known for, tried to transform many of these activities into abhorrent conduct.

The Nuremberg “trials” were just another Jewish concoction. In case someone has any doubts, the man who was president of the World Jewish Congress at the time dispels them. Speaking of the Nuremberg show trials:

“It was the brainchild of the World Jewish Congress officials … Only after persistent effort were the World Jewish Congress officials able to persuade Allied leaders to accept the idea” [24]

The idea, as we know, was accepted, and a Zionist Jew had worked fervently on drawing up the details. Then every detail was carried out according to Jewish wishes, including the eleven defendants who were choked to death on October 16, 1946 on the depraved day of Purim Fest. One of the Nuremberg judges is later said to have admitted that the Jews, not the judges, were in charge of the “trials” [25].

The Jews erroneously claim that their Purim Fest is Biblical. Due to confines of space, that discussion will have to be dealt with in another article, but I can tell you confidently that a review of that topic will expose the grandest Jewish ruse of all time, that they are somehow the “chosen people.”

We have seen that the Jews have shaped their bogus “Holocaust” lie for centuries, honing its particulars by performing numerous preludes. Through their jellyfishes and Jewish leaders in Washington, their control of financial institutions, their control in the courtrooms, their control of the false religious sector, their control in educational fields, they have saturated a gullible American public with its postulated “legitimacy”.

The Jewish media manipulates unsuspecting individuals and fools; Jewish predominance in academia then assures that young minds have little chance of contacting any factual, scholarly, logical, or scientific evidence which, if discovered, would easily reveal the bald-faced lies, gross inconsistencies, and outright absurdities of the Jewish rusemeisters’ extravagant and preposterous tales.

We have also observed that the Jews always attempt to place themselves on all sides, so that no matter what the outcome, they will have “satellites” in the winning camp.

Seeing how they are predominantly pulling off such a colossal legerdemain as the so-called “World War II Holocaust”, is it really such an unreasonable mental leap to suspect that they are capable of arranging for a couple of airplanes to bump into some buildings, and then have them put the blame elsewhere?
If you ask yourself: who would ACTUALLY do such a thing? Who truly profited here? It is glaringly obvious just who the real haters are, the prime beneficiaries and perpetrators of the entire episode.

It is little wonder that their mega-media has been incessantly flashing little clichés and twisted insinuations designed to inflame passions against not just Muslims, but against others who do not support Judaism.
From time primeval, these warped serpentine mongrel bastards have been the masters of falsehood and slander. Enough is enough. It is time for the ruse to end.


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