Why I bought a Korean Car

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Please note: this article is more or less a draft at the moment and will need to be edited by me more carefully in the coming days. The formatting will be fixed as well.



Were I to list all the different cars I have either owned or driven for
longer periods of time, I would be called a liar. Therefore I will dispense
with that and merely limit myself to stating that I have had every type of
car, 2-and 3 cylinder two strokes, 4-6-and 8 cylinder 4-strokes, even two
straight-8’s. Sports cars of every kind, and luxury cars, even a few bland
so-so´s. That came about because of my extraordinary love of automobiles,
motorcycles, scooters, anything that moves powered by an internal combustion
engine and because I worked for over 30 years in the American car business
as a salesman, sales manager and finance manager, including Finance Director
of the largest Toyota dealer in the USA back in the 1970s- early 80s. I
breathed cars. Those were the times when working under immense pressure for
60 hours per week was de rigueur and spare time for reading or doing any
sort of research, or even thinking about things, was in extremely short
supply. Even though I have always been an enthusiastic jazz piano player,
during those times of my life sometimes weeks passed by without me touching
my beautiful Sohmer piano, or later the Kawai grand piano my wife had
bought for my birthday.

All of this has changed. Gone are the 60-hour weeks, gone are the nearly
insane demands made on me by my employer, gone are the responsibilities,
hell even the grand piano is gone and what I have now is a gorgeous Blüthner
piano which rivals anything with strings.

In those days Mercedes Benz and Alfa Romeo were my choices and when I tired
of them I decided on BMW, for money was never in short supply. However, the
type of daily grind I was engaged in takes its toll and suddenly I found
myself in early retirement.

Being retired, the former money flow has stopped and now one must live
according to a budget, not a bad thing at all and I am certainly not
complaining, BUT the Mercedes or the BMW or Audi or Porsche or Alfa – well,
they are out of the question.

So, shall I buy a VW, or an Opel? Shall I buy a Toyota, or a Nissan? Shall I
buy a Chevrolet? How about a Fiat, or a Peugeot, or a Citroen? Well, there´s
always Rover and some other English makes, — clearly no. Why? Well, for the
following reasons;

Why I Could Not Buy a VW

VW is led by and has been led by corrupted officials who during the
3rd.Reich would have deservedly spend their time in concentration camps
repairing boots or making tires of artificial rubber. They would have looked
great in those striped shirts, those bastards. VW bought NSU – a venerable
German industrial enterprise, one of the finest and unceremoniously dumped
them on the trash heap of history. VW spent untold multi-millions buying
decrepit Rolls Royce, training their useless workers and designing the best
Rolls Royce ever to be put into traffic.

Not only that, they didn’t even put their name on it, and the rich who are
buying this best Rolls Royce of all times are under the impression it is an
English car.
In short, they saved the icon of the British automotive world, a world which
since 1895 has clamored to destroy Germany, a country which has more German
blood on its collective hands than any other, a country which is responsible
for the most incredibly dishonest re-write of world history and a country
which does not fail to use every opportunity possible to smear Germany, to
malign Germany, to lie about Germany, to insult Germany.

While Germany was helpless, the English plundered every German patent which
the Americans had missed. To this day, the Rolls Royce Jet engine is a copy
of Germany´s 1944 JUMO jet. From 1946 until the early 1980´s the most
reliable motorcycle they made was first a carbon copy and later a derivative
of Germany´s DKW RT-125 (the BSA 2-strokes) and the by far most successful
Ariel motorcycle ever produced was the Ariel Leader, a carbon copy of
Germany´s Adler SB-250 2-stroke twin. THOSE are the people VW helped.

Then – they saved Skoda. Skoda is an ancient Austrian (German) enterprise
the Czechs inherited courtesy the Versailles treaty. In fact, they inherited
their entire country courtesy of the Rape of Versailles in 1919. This
company was founded in 1895 when Bohemia was a part of the Austro-Hungarian
Empire. It had been settled by Germanic tribes for about 2500 years (the
archaeological evidence is overwhelming – Slavs only appearing slowly about
1000 years ago). Initially Skoda was called `Laurin & Klement´ after its
1895 founders. This name was changed in the year 1925 to Skoda. During the
1930´s they produced mediocre vehicles and were known mostly for their
weapons production. During WWII, they produced weapons and even some
aircraft for the German Wehrmacht.

After WWII they produced vehicles of such poor quality that one better not
speak about them. By the time VW bought them (an intelligent person would
have refused this piece of industrial junk gratis) they were for all intents
and purposes a bankrupt concern. VW rebuilt the entire factory to the most
modern standards, trained their workers and designed a modern world-class
line of cars for them. The amounts of money VW wasted there is monumental.
These cars are being sold today as `Czech cars´ all over the world and an
innocent Chilean man remarked to me once, how great those `Czech designs and
quality´ are! Just recently, the Taiwanese government signed a deal with
Skoda for industrial assistance and raved about the excellence of `Czech
technology´. Ya, Czech technology alright – it´s sickening.

Now what about those Czechs? They are a people who never in their history
have proven to be able to govern themselves (as per Britain’s Premier David
Lloyd George in 1919). They survived as satellites of the British world,
after the war satellites of the Soviets and now again, they are satellites
of the Anglo-American orbit. Without a major power behind whose shield they
can hide, they would not last as a nation longer than a couple of months.
Their land mass consist of ancient German territories. Their cities were
built by Germans eons ago, `their´ university is the oldest German
University in existence, their industrial enterprises, including their famed
beer brewing industry, are all without exception originally German.

Their most famous writer born in Prague is Kafka who was not Czech in the
first place but rather Jewish. He lived most of his life in Vienna, quasi
never spoke a word in Czech, and wrote exclusively in the German language.

Their most famous composer Dvorak, was a Johannes Brahms wanna-be and though
his music is marvelous it is quasi indistinguishable from the music of his
idol – the aforementioned Brahms.

After WWII, they mass murdered the indigenous German population in a blood
orgy quasi unequalled in human history. Pregnant women had their bellies
slit open, men were dragged slowly to death behind trucks, while the Czechs
were beating on them, urinating on them, slicing them with knives and
hacking them to pieces with axes. Germans were forced to beat other Germans
until their blood squirted – when they refused, they were slowly dismembered
while their wives were forced to watch. German women and soldiers were hung
kosher-like (by one leg) on light poles, had gasoline poured over them and
were set alight. The horror committed by the Czechs against the indigenous
Germans knows no limits and seeks its equal in recorded history – and NO,
there was no justification for any of this, as surely there never could be
any. THAT happened in May 1945. Until today, the Czechs blithely refuse to
even acknowledge that anything happened and even piss on Germany in
diplomatic circles, knowing they are save and sound, as long as they do the
bidding of their bosses in Washington DC, London and Tel Aviv. THOSE are
the people whose industries VW has saved.

Did VW resurrect old honorable German industrial enterprises, such as
motorcycle manufacturers par excellence Victoria, Horex, TWR or DKW? Good
Lord, NO! Did they step in and save one of the greatest aircraft designers
who was being sold off to foreign interests (only to predictably disappear),
Claude Dornier? Good Lord, NO! Did they step in and save some of Germany´s
world-leading stereo and electronics manufacturers such as Grundig, Saba,
Loewe-Opta, Körting, or Schaub-Lorenz et al? Good Lord, NO! Instead they
saved —–Rolls Royce, they saved Skoda and God knows what else they did.
Buy one of their cars? Not until the men responsible for these outrages
swing in the wind or at least repair boots in a striped shirt – for life.

Why I could Not Buy an Opel

First of, I love Opel. They are one of the oldest industrial enterprises in
Germany and have produced some of the finest vehicles, two as well as
4-wheeled. In the 1920´s they produced the possibly best heavy German
motorbike. In the year 1929 they produced a revolutionary rocket-powered
motorbike, one example of which still exists in a museum. Also in 1929 they
produced the very first rocket powered airplane in the world and one of
Opels grandsons flew this technical marvel at Frankfurt on Main. In the
1930´s they designed and built what became known as `The Backbone of the
Wehrmacht´, the Opel Blitz medium-size truck. This truck, a civilian vehicle
did service unmodified in all theatres of war and earned a reputation second
to none. In 1938, Opel took this truck, removed the body, `civilized´ the
suspension and the steering, put on an attractive body and voila! — the
Opel Six was born, competition to the middle class Mercedes or Horch!
In 1938 they designed the Opel Kadett, a car which after the war was copied
nut for nut, bolt for bolt by the Soviets and as the Moskwitch became the
best selling car in the eastern block. In the fifties, they produced the
Opel Kapitän and the Opel Admiral, two great cars and when the Opel Olympia
came around it was deservedly a resounding success. Than much later they had
one of the finest sports coupes worldwide with their Opel GT, a great sports
car by any standard. Opel had earned its sobriquet `The Reliable¨.

But there was a fly in the ointment. In the late 1920´s due to the worldwide
recession, Opel needed a financially strong partner and sold 40% of its
stock to General Motors. Starting in the 1990´s, suddenly Opel was sold
worldwide as a Chevrolet. Today, people all over our planet are buying
Chevrolets, thinking they are buying an American brand, whereas they in
reality are buying a German car. This is just another way to steal from
Germany. Then in the 1990´s, General Motors decided Opel was not making
enough money. The fact that their balance sheet was healthy, their workforce
was busy, their plants were going full steam and they commanded 22% of the
European market, none of this mattered to the clowns in Detroit.

These were the same incompetent clowns who had run Buick, Oldsmobile and
Pontiac into the ground, the same bunch of senile, vastly overpaid crooks
who ought to be repairing boots in a concentration camp, dressed in those
pretty striped shirts. Instead they are obscenely paid while destroying

Well, these criminals fired the German management at Opel and installed a
third-world affirmative-action clown by the name of Rodriguez as the CEO of
this venerable old German firm. The first thing this fool did was to demand
that everyone speak English. The second thing was that he demanded quasi
insane cost-cutting measures, which resulted in dozens of smaller German
supply companies going bankrupt. Due to the inferior quality of the parts
now being delivered to Opel, the quality of the car took a nose dive.
Suddenly, whoever bought an Opel, bought junk. The result was the loss of
dominance on the European market, the loss of thousands of jobs and nearly
the bankruptcy of this once great industrial enterprise. Finally the top
jerks at GM in Detroit re-called the Mexican clown and re-installed German
management. It is said, things are looking up.

Today when buying an Opel, one buys a car manufactured in Brasil or Korea
called Chevrolet, a car of undetermined origin and questionable quality. In
addition, the profits are going to Detroit, not to Germany to pay German
engineers and quality workers. No, no, until GM cleans up its act, sells
Opel as Opel, re-installs German management (without restrictions) and
leaves them alone to do what no one else on earth can do better, Opel isn´t
on my shopping list and should not be an anyone else´s either.

Why I could not buy a Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda or anything Japanese.
(with one notable exception).
Yes, I know – Japanese products, no matter which kind, are extraordinary. I
worked for Toyota (9 years), for Nissan (6 years) and once a short time for
Mazda. I have owned a Kawai Grand Piano and I have owned several different
Japanese cameras. In fact, I own an excellent Denon tape deck, hooked into
my Danish Bang & Olufsen stereo.
That was in the past. That was when I was in the middle of the American
grind, unable to think and unable to connect the dots. Today it is
different. If in need I would be forced by circumstances to buy a Japanese
tape deck, since no one else seems to make them anymore, — no matter.

The Japanese love the Japanese, period. Their markets are closed to German
products. Should a wealthy Japanese person decide to buy an Audi, he will
have to pay twice what the car costs in let´s say, Sweden. The import duties
on all German products are prohibitive. The Japanese betrayed us Germans in
WWII grievously by dragging us into a war against the US and by never
helping us in our life-death struggle against the Soviets.

After the war, they stole us blind. I am certain that this did not happen by
itself. That other hidden and dark powers helped them is certain. But that
does not alter the fact that the Japanese based the following industries on
stolen German patents and designs, to whit ALL their industrial
1. The motorcycle industry,
2. The optical industry,
3. The industrial loom and sewing machine industries,
4. Large parts of the automobile industries,
5. The home electronics industry.
6. The piano industry.

Who knows what else, but those ought to suffice!

The motorcycle industries

Honda stole the patents and the design of the NSU Supermax, one of the
worlds leading motorcycle designs of the middle 1950´s. This theft formed
the basis of the entire Honda Empire as we know it today. Yamaha stole the
German 2-stroke technology of the `Ilo 250cc Twin´, the `Adler SB-250 twin´,
the `DKW RT-125 and the magnificent `DKW RT-350 twin´ lock, stock and
barrel! They were enthusiastically joined by Suzuki who as late as the
1980´s stole MZ technology for their racing bikes. MZ was the DKW of the
communist controlled part of Germany. Whether Kawasaki partook of this
German treasure trove of technology I am not sure, but knowing the Japanese,
they no doubt did.

The Optical Industry

The Japanese didn’t even know how to spell `camera´ until they stole their
first Agfa. German cameras, micro cameras (as in James Bond type stuff) film
development, color film development, optical lenses, optical mirrors, any
and all things optical were forever world leading. They were the envy of the
globe, no doubt. All robbed by the slant-eyed thieves. How this was possible
is something which must be uncovered by someone else. I neither have the
knowledge, nor do I have the patience, but I do know perfidy when I see it
and THIS is it!

Industrial Looms and Sewing Machines

Germany was world leading in the development and production of artificial
materials such as nylon, dralon and plastics in general.
Concurrently they developed industrial looms which were able to weave huge
swaths of these `artificial´ materials. The USA also were instrumental in
the development of these giant looms. Enter the Japanese.

Without saying as much as `Thank you´ they stole the technology to build
such looms and began producing their own. Admittedly, their product was
up-dated (with computer technology, another German first!), but the idea was
never theirs. Ditto the industrial sewing machines. German sewing machine
producers read like a `Who is who in world industry of the 20th.Century.´
Names like Pfaff, Zündapp, Dürkopp, Victoria and Triumph-Nürnberg resonate
to this day amongst the knowledgeable. What is left in Germany today is
Dürkopp, building industrial sewing machines which despite their expense are
a success on the international market place.

Automobile Industry.

Initially the Japanese automobile industry consisted of 1920´s British
technology. I have examined the 1958 Toyopet and can state without fear of
contradiction, that there has never been a car so primitive, so pathetic so
pitiful anywhere. To add insult to injury, it was ancient-age British
technology the Japanese had used to build this pitiful Nipmobile.

But whatever they stole from the British is of no concern to me. Hell, they
could have stolen the whole island and dumped it into the China Sea, for all
I care. Subaru started by copying the German Goggomobil. The difference was,
they reduced the engine to 360cc (for Japanese road-tax reasons) and added
their own styling touches, which were less than uplifting. Their first
attempt at a larger car was the 4-wheel drive Subaru of 1973. For this they
stole the production plans for the Borgward Arabella of 1959. This car had
been a little jewel, even though it was initially flawed with minor problems
(such as rear view mirrors which vibrated and such). When Borgward closed
its doors (under very mysterious circumstances) in 1963, their designs were
apparently fair game for anyone and Subaru benefited hugely from this. The
mechanicals of every Subaru since are based on the Borgward Arabella design
of 1959.

Other manufacturers (Toyota and Nissan), bought every German luxury car,
took them apart and copied whatever they could – Mercedes, Audi, Porsche,
BMW – they all fathered the Japanese luxury car industry. Buy anything
Japanese? Not I, and those who do are not thinking, for if Japan at least
would open their market in a fair manner, well maybe——. But as it is, I
would not buy anything made by these slant-eyes thieves, for they are
exactly that.

Home Electronics

This subject is so huge, I will only state a few facts and leave it at that.
The Japanese didn’t know how to spell `radio´ until they stole their first
Grundig in the middle fifties. Germany´s home electronics industry was
stupendous, there is no other word. The Japanese bought every German stereo
set, every turntable, every loud speaker, every tape deck, every type of
recording tape, every refrigerator, every washing machine, every television
set, every spark plug, every type of electric lighting.
They bought every automotive and motorcycle ignition system, took these
things apart, studied them, copied them and over night overwhelmed the
international markets with `their´ products. The Japanese government
encouraged this and gave massive tax breaks to companies just starting up.
When one of them faltered, the government saw to it, that another Japanese
concern would take over. That their entire industry was based on stolen
patents and on the brain power of the German nation was studiously ignored
by the international watch dogs, who had the case been reversed would have
nuked Germany. Buy a Japanese stereo? You must be kidding. There are others
on the market by nations which did not steal from us.

As an aside as it regards Japanese products, I must exclude their pianos
from my condemnation, for it was in the 1920´s that due to the forward
thinking of Prince Hirohito, Japanese craftsmen were sent to Germany to
study and learn the technique of building pianos. In short, in that case
they stole nothing, but rather they learned legitimately and eventually made
their country proud with their excellent work ethic and productivity.

Why I could Not buy a French or an English Car.

Since King Louis the 14th. –the Sun King– France has attacked Germany in
excess of 30 times. In all of history there has not been a single case of
Germany declaring war on France first. It has always been France which has
declared war with the intentions of stealing German territory.

These acts of military aggression occurred in excess of 30 (!!) times. It
was France´s Napoleon Bonaparte who with the help of corrupted German
princes, dukes and minor kings, supplied his army with tens of thousands of
German conscripts who died a miserable death in Russia in 1812. It was
France´s Napoleon the 3rd. who in 1870 declared war on Prussia with the
intention of stealing the territories west of the Rhine, only to be
ignominiously defeated at the battle of Sedan.

Their blind hatred against us German knew no bounds thereafter, even though
the peace treaty had been one of the most benign ever imposed by a
victorious nation, a nation which had been attacked, consequently they would
have had the right to be far more stringent. The entire world applauded
Prussia´s victory and the congratulatory telegrams from London, Washington
DC and Moscow poured into Berlin by the thousands.

But Germany´s unprecedented rise to international, prominence and prestige
gave rise to dark thoughts in London and Paris. An article appeared in 1895
(!) in the British newspaper, The Saturday Evening Post, whose headline
read –`Germany must be destroyed´. What happened afterward is simple. The
British Empire, the French Empire, Serbia and the Russian Empire conspired
against Germany to destroy her. I am not going to go into any of the
diplomatic perfidies here for this would be far too tedious, but when I say,
that indeed a conspiracy was hatched to destroy Germany, it is in fact borne
out by thousands of diplomatic documents starting at about the year 1900.

To get to the bottom line, France and England plundered and raped Germany
starting in 1919, after their victory, which in itself was achieved by the
most heinous perfidy, not by bravery much less any military superiority. It
was not enough to plunder us who were helpless – they starved about one
million Germans by a blockade AFTER the war. France and Britain conspired
again during the 1920´s to destroy Germany totally should she rise again.
During WWII (a war declared on Germany by France, the UK and World Jewry)
France experienced the possibly most benign occupation in history, only to
thank us Germans for our fairness by helping to murder over a million German
prisoners in Eisenhower´s death camps AFTER the war.

In addition they helped to re-write history again, this time even more
anti-German than in 1915, history books filled with falsehoods so heinous,
as to make them quasi impossible to believe for any thinking human being.
The British air war against Germany is replete with massive war crimes
committed in the name of democracy and it staggers the imagination how it is
possible that most people still don´t see.

Today, in order to keep German genius from overtaking the international
market place with their own aircraft designs, we Germans have been reduced
to playing second fiddle at Airbus (surely one of the reasons for their
dismal `380´ failure). Never in history has a nation produced so many
airplane-design geniuses than we Germans, never (!) and yet we play second
fiddle to the French and the British in this field. This is clearly

Today in British schools German-hatred is being taught on a regular basis.
At every conceivable opportunity we are vilified and grievously insulted.
The French record is not much better. An English lady, 32 years old, married
with three children, once e-mailed me and told me how she had learned to
hate everything German with a passion – in school (!) until she and her
husband met German tourists in London. They hit it off right away and she
was amazed how `nice´ they were. Since these German had been the very
opposite of that which she and her husband had been taught in school (!)
they decided to do some research and voila! – all German hatred disappeared
from their lives and rather than vilifying, she apologized for her nations
unscrupulous perfidy and dishonesty. Ahh, there is light at the end of he
tunnel, but buy one of their cars? No, I don´t think so.

What´s Left?

Well, what is left is – Korean products.

  • Korea has not stolen from Germany.
  • Korea has not vilified Germany.
  • Korea has not attempted to bomb us into the stone age.
  • Korea does not spread anti-German hatred in their schools.
  • Korea does not spread anti-German hatred in their newspapers.
  • Koreans do not blindly hate us. Koreans are not consumed with jealousy due
    to our accomplishments, au contraire – they admire us!
  • Koreans have never had a plan to annihilate Germany, England has – it was
    called the `Lindemann Plan´ and the USA have had two (!) they were called
    the `Morgenthau Plan´ and the `Kaufmann Plan´.
  • Korean newspapers did not celebrate such mass-murder genocidal plans as
    did America´s Time magazine and the Financial Times of London.
  • Koreans have not stolen German territory.
  • Koreans have not mass-murdered our population.
  • Koreans have not tortured German soldiers to death.
  • Koreans have not framed German military men in order to execute them after
    mock trials which shamed anyone who has had a sense of basic decency.
  • Koreans have not declared war on us time and again – only to then turn the
    history books upside down.
  • Koreans have not had a hand in the incessant vilification of my nation.
  • Koreans have not created `independent´ nations carved from our territory
    while we were helpless.
  • Koreans have not insulted us in out football stadiums the way the English
  • Koreans have not stolen the World Cup from us, as the English did in 1966
    with the help of a terrorized linesman who did not dare make the right call
    for fear of his life. If I were a German athlete, I would refuse to
    participate in any event held at Wimbledon Stadium, where this infamous deed
    was done, to the hypocritical applause of the British Football Association,
    those disgraceful thieves.
  • Koreans did not steal two Gold Medals in the Olympic Games from us as the
    English and Americans did in Athens.
  • Koreans were the best behaved, the most civilized football fans during the
    recent World Cup, the English were disgusting, brutal and hostile.
  • Koreans left the stands and the German clean-up services had nary a paper
    cup to pick up, the English left a trash heap in Cologne (before a game!)
    unequalled in sporting history. This British trash heap included human
    feces and pools of urine.
  • Koreans did not taunt the German police as `Nazi Pigs´ as the English
    soccer hoodlums did in Berlin during the last World Cup.
  • Korean products are world class, unlike those of Britain which have
    suffered from poor workmanship for many decades.
  • Korean cars have come of age and easily equal the best from Europe or
  • Korean work ethic is the equal of the German one and a damned sight better
    in many cases.
  • Korean social responsibility is fabulous, admirable and should be a model
    for the entire west.
  • Korean workers who work for Kia or Hyundai would not think of driving any
    other make of car.
  • Korean workers who work for Samsung would not either!
  • Korean factories are famed for their social programs and sense of
    responsibility toward their work force, whereas the European manufacturers
    are headed by corrupted scum who collect multi-millions of Euros in
    salaries, while firing tens of thousand of workers.
  • Korean industries do not outsource their jobs, thereby causing lack of
    work, homelessness and despair amongst their own.

That is why I buy Korean and feel good about it.


Author: Gerry frederics
Edited and corrected by k0nsl

Dated: March 2007