Bellum “Digerati” mendacium

Replying to “Digerati“:
Digerati” has been flaunting a particular quote from the so-called “Holocaust History Project” website. A quote supposedly by a certain Hermann Pfannmüller. The alleged quote goes like this:

For me as a National Socialist, these creatures [handicapped children] obviously represent only a burden for our healthy national body. [recalled by Ludwig Lehner].

I presume Digerati does not agree with the above quote and that he dislikes it. I do not know this for a fact because he posted it without giving his thoughts about it, merely expecting other people to react to it.

So what does a handicapped child represent for a healthy nation? Are they in any way or shape contributing to the healthy national body [the collective body of a nation or state] of whatever Country they live in? What does a handicapped child represent for a nations healthy body?

Remember, this is an alleged quote by one (1) individual. A quote by one man. It’s his opinion that handicapped children only represent a burden for his healthy nation. Forget about egalitarian mish-mash and think of it rationally, and logically. What does a handicapped child represent for the healthy national body, but a burden?



Digerati was a person in the HPVCA-scene (you know – progenic, blackcode, technical warefare) but was busted for child pornography – but unfortunately he wasn’t charged on that count, he got off. Read more:

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