BBC Holocaust Series – Part 6 (Commentary)

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  •  1.Interesting – memo from a film maker observing the Holocaust industry –
  •  2. Comment on Talmudic thinking
  •  3. Bush impeachment getting closer – caught out on a lie?
  •  4. Another survivor found = 6 million – 1 = 6 million
  •  5. Another prediction – Greenspan’s Credit Bubble on schedule to collapse U.S. Economy in early 2006


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Hi, The 6 Part BBC Series on the Holocaust has been shown on TV in Europe lately. Did you notice the following:

  •  1) Of the 10.000 SS men who guarded Auschwitz 7000 survived the war and of those, 800 were put in front of court and only 80 of those men were convicted of any crime ? – according to the TV Documentary. Quite the statement coming from an mainstream source of ‘information’!
  •  2) In the last two parts of the series Two Jewish men were interviewed. BOTH admitted to murdering Germans in cold blood AFTER the war. One of the men admitted he murdered a co-prisoner on the train back to Germany, just because he was German. The other admitted that he was a part of a Jewish Brigade Commando who went to Germany and strangled a number of Germans they considered to have been war criminals. NEITHER of these men interviewed were reprimanded by the interviewer, neither has ever been charged with murder.
  •  3) Oskar Gröning who was a member of the SS in Auschwitz gave to protocol the following statement. ‘I have decided, because of my age, to refute those who say Auschwitz never existed. I have seen the Crematoriums, I have seen the Pits, I was there. ‘ [COMMENT: Well Gee, Oskar that was a very deep statement BUT aren’t there some things you missed? – Guess not.]
  •  4) IT WAS NOT in the series but has anyone noticed that ALFRED NAUJOKS the SS man who allegedly started WW2 by attacking the Gleiwitz Radio Station….LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER IN HAMBURG AFTER THE WAR – Guess the Allies didnt care WHO started the war just as long as it started OR maybe it was the POLES and NOT Naujoks?



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