ASMarques on BBC producer Laurence Rees and Oskar Gröning

Don’t you find it strange that Groening can be heard both before and
after the supposed words “I’ve seen the gas chambers”?

Why would they have edited out of the soundtrack precisely those words,
leaving the next words “I’ve seen the crematoria” and so on, with the
list of what he had seen except for the gas chambers?

And if the words are not there and were in fact surreptitiously added to
the transcript in order to be featured in the foreign dubbed versions,
how come Groening would have forgotten the main Auschwitz “attraction”
precisely when he was describing what he had personally seen with his
own eyes, i.e. the most outlandish unbelievable items of all?

The BBC producer Laurence Rees says Groening mentions “gas chambers”
elsewhere on his footage. Not true. Not once in the whole final product
of Rees’s efforts. He can only be referring to unreleased footage, but
if so why would he have edited the relevant part out of his final
version, only to add the words later, in a different place where
Groening doesn’t pronounce them at all and actually talks about
something else?!

Unbelievably idiotic negligence on Rees’s part, or simply another lie,
underlining the lack of convincing explicit footage due no doubt to a
very understandable sense of shamed hesitation on Groening’s part?

Very odd indeed. Here is my take on the subject:

The words were not there, in the original soundtrack, because
Groening is just another poor guy who was fetched and blackmailed into
activity against his best wishes, in order to “keep the memory alive”.
He was half-heartedly doing what was expected of him, while nevertheless
managing to avoid going all the way and confirming the “gas chambers”.

Do I have to remind you of Hoess’s working-hands going into the same gas
chambers, “smoking cigarettes and eating sandwiches”?

Now, why would Hoess tell us such idiocies instead of simply “hey,
folks, I’m actually being forced to tell you a pack of lies”?…

I leave the answer to your imagination. Not much is required.

Back to the 21st century and the latest Jack-in-the-Holocaust-box, Oskar

So they simply edited the words into poor Groening’s mouth in the
official distributed text, as Rees now seems to be confessing in his
correspondence with ‘Holocaust Controversies’ here:

That same text, of course, was the one used for the foreign dubbings,
and that’s that. Anything goes in the happy-go-free world of serious
“Holocaust” publishing & broadcasting…

Unfortunately for Rees, in the original English version both the
superposed English comment and the German words that can be heard
beneath it (if you rewind and pay close attention) give the game away:
the “gas chambers” words are definitely not there.

Now, Rees didn’t get away with it, and therefore, neither did Groening
for long. He probably is singing the right tune now and will do all that
is required of him, but the question remains: since both Groening’s
voice and the superposed English comment agree in the soundtrack and
leave the gas chambers out, what do you call the transcript deemed to
have miraculously created those words backwards in time?…

Don’t be afraid of the words: it’s called a FALSIFICATION.

And here is the wondrous Holocaust world in a nutshell, friends:

David Irving, the historian; Germar Rudolf, the scientist; Ernst
Zündel, the pacifist: all under arrest.

Laurence Rees, the shoa-bizz falsifier: free as a bird and making lots
of money.


Author: ASMarques
Dated: 4/17/06
Source: k0nsl-archives

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