Andrew E. Mathis: “You should rot in hell.”

Andrew E Mathis writes:

[blockquote]You f*cking maggot. How dare you tell *me* to seek help; you’re the one running the pornographic hate site.

You should rot in hell.


Andrew E. Mathis



Basically I told him to seek help because he made some very outrageous statements (note #1). Not only were they of hateful nature — but also rather sick. He [Andrew E Mathis] even accused me (note #2) of running a “pornographic” website, molesting little babies and even animals. The wishful-thinking of this Jew escapes me.

If the “holocaust” really happened why is their arguments full of these amazing accusations? It’s like a reflection, or maybe projection, of what the fraudulent “holycaust” story contains. All sorts of bizarre allegations; sick perversions; wild fantasies — seldom with any foundation, of course.

Do they give away a PhD to anyone these days? Apparently in the case of Andrew E. Mathis they do. A friend of mine (David Baker) disputes Mathis’ PhD claim, he wrote to me:


I’m not sure myself what to make of it all. But I do find it peculiar that trash such as Mathis could muster a PhD.

UPDATE (10 June 2005)

This is what I told Andrew E. Mathis to do when he accused me of being this and that:

I think I’ve made this point before, but I’ll make it again: I’m not a ‘anti-Semite’ and I do not hate the Jews. If you have such vivid imagination and thoughts of persecution all the time why don’t you seek help? Why pick on me when all you have to do is pick up the phone and dial a hot-line? Really, it’s kind of sickening to hear your hollow claims of ‘anti-Semitism’ each and every minute, and your ridiculous accusations of ‘hate’. Either seek help or just try to stop it.


F. H

Needless to say, Andrew E. Mathis reply was one of virulent hate and vulgarities, I won’t even repeat it.




  •  #1. “Jonathan Andersson Admits to Having Sex With Animals” [currently defunct — will update correct link once it’s archived]
  •  #2. Andrew Mathis keeps referring to this author as “Jonathan Andersson”. Before that I was “Micke”, and before that “John” or “Jack, I forget which, and…so it goes. It was clear that he meant me since he referred [with a link] to this website.



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