Andrew E. Mathis #5

Andrew E Mathis writes:


OK, you’re done on this thread.

Respond to the issue of pornographical involvement in Scandinavia as regards Jews or exit the thread.[/quote]



It would appear that you have missed the point entirely, Mister Mathis. My comparison of Jewish involvement in the pornography industry was that you were free to say “I have the evidence but why should I make it public”, while I was not. It is a valid comparison. I assume you are aware of the meaning of the word “assumption”, yes? I am done in this topic when I have nothing further to write. This is a “free speech” board and not some “Andrew Mathis neo-Nazi hybrid Fascism” where you are given free reign to tell people when to debate and when not to debate. Or have I misunderstood the concept of this discussion forum? Free for some and closed for others when the opinions differ? Did I understand correctly? Can you also explain why you are exempt from providing evidence when asked whilst others are required to provide evidence for their assertions and if they do not comply, you ban them on the spot? Why should you be exempt from the rules?

And as I said earlier, stop making faulty assumptions of other people.

My best wishes,

-Franz H.

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