Andrew E Mathis: “Germar Rudolf is in a sham marriage”

[box]Response to Andrew E Mathis (discussion with the “Holocaust Doctor” Andrew E. Mathis, PhD.)[/box]

Germar Rudolf is in a sham marriage

(Signed: Andrew E Mathis)

What is your evidence for this assertion?

Let’s just say, for now, that they’re “strong hunches.”

(Signed: Andrew E Mathis)

“Hunches”? So in other words there is no evidence for this assertion.

Germar Rudolf is also a Holocaust denier.

(Signed: Andrew E Mathis)

Wrong. He is a person who appears to reject the impossible stories of gassings based on his scientific findings, he wrote an expert report [1] which refutes the stories of gassings. This doesn’t make him a “denier” of anything — merely a person who acknowledges science rather than superstitious beliefs in non-events that never even happened. In any case, you’re denying scientific research. Are you inherently evil because you are of the Jewish faith or because you believe in nonsense? No, of course not. But yet you insist on using the sinister epithet “denier” to describe those who does not invest in your nutroll belief.

Which makes him a Holocaust denier.

(Signed: Andrew E Mathis)

If it did not happen, how could he ever be a “denier” of anything? I don’t quite see the logic in your reasoning, Mr. Mathis. Let’s be clear, shall we; I have not seen any evidence for “gas chambers”. I have, however, seen a plethora of evidence for the existence of superbly constructed delousing chambers, which saved countless lives — both Jews and non-Jews. Both you and me know that these delousing chambers were employed at Auschwitz and elsewhere to save the lives of inmates; for this you should be eternally grateful, but instead you choose to denigrate those who tried to save the kindred spirit of your own folk.

You are an anti-Semite.

(Signed: Andrew E Mathis)

Wait, don’t tell me: this must be one of your “strong hunches”, right? So, if I don’t invest in this alleged “holocaust” story that makes me either a “denier” [denier of what???] or an “anti-Semite”? This logic is incredible and it appears to work like a polymorphic virus with weird replication abilities. Always changing in some ways but the essence always remain the same.


Franz H.



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