The Desktop Of My Development Station

I like to keep things very organized and most of all – I like to keep things clean. The organizational bit is good because things will be easy to locate, and the clean part is just because I like to keep things aesthetic for my own personal reasons. I hate ugliness. Smile

By the way: that smiley is very ugly ha ha.

Alright back to what I was about to post! I’ll post a screenshot from my desktop and how it looks. The background changes automatically every month, I kind of got stuck on those SecureList backgrounds, they look nice.

As you will see there’s not really a lot of things on the desktop – that’s the way I like it. Everything else is organized neatly in folders on the disks and on the menus.


My desktop (click on it for larger size):

It’s simple, clean, sleek and organized. Exactly the way I like it.


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