In Defense of Irma Grese

Short and quite useless discourse at YouTube where I defended Ms. Grese, but perhaps others will look into my reference to Belling’s excellent essays on this topic:

Some material to read:

[She was in charge of supervising around 30,000 women prisoners, mostly Polish and Hungarian Jews, at Birkenau. She was transferred to Bergen-Belsen in March 1945, only a month before the liberation.  It was claimed that there were lamp shades, made out of the skins of three women prisoners, found in her room at Birkenau.  Sentenced to death by hanging, at 22 years of age, is the youngest woman to die judicially under English law in the 20th century.  Numbers had to be put around their necks as the ‘witnesses’ couldn’t identify them otherwise.  Similar PSYOP story to Ilse Koch of Buchenwald.]

Human skin lampshades

Irma Grese and the Holocaust 

Irma Grese, Victim of Lies – Part I by J. Belling
Irma Grese, Victim of Lies – Part II by J. Belling
Irma Grese, Victim of Lies – Part III by J. Belling
Irma Grese, Victim of Lies – Part IV by J. Belling
Irma Grese, Victim of Lies – Part V by J. Belling
Irma Grese, Victim of Lies – Part VI by J. Belling

A German Girl’s Heroic Death by J. Belling

Irma Grese at Bergen-Belsen 17 April 1945


Irma Grese and Josef Kramer standing in the courtyard of the Prisoner of War cage at Celle. Kramer said that the gas chamber story was “untrue from beginning to end.” Both were convicted of war crimes and sentenced to death. Aug. 8, 1945. Source Imperial War Museum collection: unrestricted access.


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  1. The story about lampshades is an extreme one… People like it that much they still believe in it even there was no single piece of evidence given to prove it (maybe because it was not true…). Now I see that it’s not only a myth which is used to offend Ilse Koch but also Irma Grese. One myth – so many people to insult!
    Quite depressing, isn’t it? Why people won’t learn something true instead of creating more and more weird lies?

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