Deckert Files: Appeal – Request For Evidence #1

I’m reproducing the document below [in connection] with the request for evidence for the appeal hearing before the District Court of Mannheim on behalf of Herr Günter Deckert translated by Carlos W. Porter.

This one nearly had me rolling on the floor laughing, despite it being of such serious nature. For the uninitiated; Herr Deckert is threatened with jail for merely translating and allegedly distributing the work of Carlo Mattogno.

This is certainly one experiment I would have wanted Mr. Grossmann to partake in 


Application for the production of evidence in the appeal proceedings before the LG Mannheim on 13.1.2012, in the matter of Az. 12 Ns 503 Js 14219/08

In connection with the question of the alleged “obviousness” of the matter at issue and the non-availability of forensic reports.

To prove the technical impossibility of the “eyewitness” statements and reports involved, I respectfully apply for the performance of the following pair of technical-scientific experiments, probably the first of their kind ever performed.

According to the “Encyclopaedia of the Holocaust”, Argon, 1993, p. 1,496, a total of 1.75 million Jews were murdered with Diesel exhaust in the camps of Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka, in the course of which death is said to have occurred in 15 to 30 minutes (see, for example, “The Confessions of Kurt Gerstein” , a Ph. D thesis successfully presented before the University of Nantes, France, and published in Germany by Druffel Publishing House, 1986, in a German translation by the present applicant Günter Deckert. Neither the author nor translator were ever criminally prosecuted in connection with the publication of the book).

In the first experiment, I propose to allow myself to be confined in an enclosed space measuring 90m³ – the size of the alleged “gas chambers” in question in the above named camps – into which Prosecuting Attorney Grossmann shall then cause the introduction of exhaust gases, produced by a Diesel engine, of any horsepower whatever, for a period of 30 minutes, after which we shall see whether or not the present applicant Günter Deckert is still alive.

In another, separate experiment, I propose that Prosecuting Attorney Grossman enter a HCN-saturated gas chamber of the “traditional size” and spend some considerable time dragging objects about, of a weight of 70 kg, without a gas mask and without special HCN gas-protective clothing. According to the confessions of Rudolf Höss, Commandant of Auschwitz, a document constituting the cornerstone of the “Auschwitz” allegations, the Sonderkommandos, mostly or all Jews, entered the gas chamber half an hour after the death, by cyanide gas poisoning, of 2,000 persons, for the purpose of removing the bodies, at a time when the Zyklon B granulates were still releasing their HCN gas content at full strength by evaporation. According to Höss, these same men ate and smoked while dragging the bodies (see Höss/Broszat “Commandant in Auschwitz”, 1958, p. 126), which means that they could not have been wearing gas masks (!). During one of his interrogations, Höss expressly confirmed that the Sonderkommandos never wore gas masks while removing the bodies (see J. Mendelsohn “The Holocaust”, Garland, 1982, vol. 12, p. 113).

Both experiments shall be conducted on live TV under “expert supervision”.

Should Prosecuting Attorney Grossmann unfortunately fail to survive the above described experiment – no doubt due to the continued presence of HCN gas in the chamber and its consequent ingestion through the lungs and skin – this shall be considered proof that the alleged mass gassings cannot have occurred as described.

Prosecuting Attorney Grossman’s untimely and much-lamented demise, however, shall not have been in vain. His courage in the face of death — in the cause of historical truth, restoring the dignity and self-respect of his people — will not be forgotten. Streets will no doubt be named after him, in Mannheim or elsewhere. Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

In the contrary event, however – should Prosecuting Attorney Grossmann survive the experiment – against all odds and contrary to our expectations – he will have driven the final nail into the coffin of present applicant Günter Deckert, presumably killed in the other experiment, thus achieving the final legal and scientific victory in the struggle against revisionists and “deniers”, assuredly facilitating Mr. Grossman’s professional advancement to positions more deserving of his unusual talents.


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Günter Deckert

A German educator, party leader, writer, public speaker and publicist, Deckert won fame for being tried and convicted after he simultaneously interpreted an English-language address by Fred Leuchter in Germany into German before a small audience of people. He was at first acquitted by a German judge who found him to be an upright and decent patriot, then recharged and convicted by a different judge after an artificially created international media uproar. He appealed. They railroaded his judges, forced one to retire, replaced all three, and got another conviction, for about 4 and a half years. Then they added 3 years to that for a letter he wrote. Now he's got another 5 months for TRANSLATING a short book. This is Stalinism. And nobody cares.

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