Günter Deckert: Letter to European Court of Human Rights

What follows below is a letter written by Günter Deckert addressed to the European Court of Human Rights and will be sent on Monday, Dec. 31st.

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Günter Deckert

9.1.1940 / January 9th, 1940

Deutsch / German

Männlich / male

Rentner / pensioner

Heimatanschrift / home address: Brück-Str. 29, (D) 6949 Weinheim/B.

Haftanschrift ab dem 2.1.2013 / prison address from Jan. 2nd up to May 31st the latest: Herzogenriedstr. 111, (D) 68169 Mannheim




HUDOC (European Court of Human Rights/Europ. Gerichtshof für Menschenrechte)

The Registrar / Council of Europe

F 67075 Straßburg-Cedex / Elsaß


Violation of the UN Charter + the European Charter of Human Rights (freedom of opinion and freedom of expression) by the German („brddr“) judicial system by sending me to prison for 5 months because of “complicity of public uproar/disturbance of the public peace” for helping to have made possible the German version of Carlo Mattogno´s “Auschwitz – The First Gassing …., more precisely by “overworking a German text of different translators ” – see copy joined showing the cover + pages 6 and 7. – The text in the middle of page 6 Mattogno´s scientific work, an answer to Danuta Chech´s “The Kalenndarium of Auschwitz”, runs in German as follows:


In Deutsche übertragen von Henry Gardner; deutsche Endbearbeitung durch Günter Deckert, der Wert auf die Feststellung legt, daß er sich die Thesen und Schlußfolgerungen des Autors nicht zu eigen macht.” – My English translation as follows: „Translation into German by Henry Gardner; „final“ German version by Günter Deckert who stresses the fact that he does not share the theses and conclusions of the author.“



Reason! I am neither a historian by profession nor am I an expert of that special historical period.



The “Bundesverfassungsgericht” “BVerfG” (1), Karlsruhe, last possible appeal level, in its decision of Dec. 12th, which I got today (= Dec. 29th) refused my complaint of Sept. 4th (text joined) without giving any reason (which is a shame and also a sign of arrogance) though,among other points – one of them  being my appeal text of already 50 pages – I did mention the “GENERAL COMMENT”(CCPR/C/GC/34) of the Human Rights Committee, Geneva 2011.  I presume that the Straßburg court is familiar with the whole text.


(1) It should better be called “Bundes-Grundgesetz-Gericht” (= Federal Basic Law Court”) for we have not got a real constitution voted for by the German sovereign. The so-called Basic Law (Grundgesetz) is nothing but a form of organisation installed by the Allied victors, and thus another kind of continuing foreign domination” – This was the point of view of Prof. Carlo Schmid, SPD, a member of the “Herrenchiemsee” , Bavaria, meeting that had to work out this “Basic Law” as wanted and dictated by the victorious (Western) allies.


The Smaller Germany of Today is a UN member state, and therefore should not only know the international decision in question, but also respect it and make it into NATIONAL law. However, that is NOT the case.


If you need further information apart from my “BVerfG”-complaint, please, will you let me know. But I can only forward those documents after my release from prison that will be on May 31st the latest.


Please, will you confirm receipt of this letter. Thank you. – I hope that the further correspondence can be made in German! German (as a mother-tongue, native language / Muttersprache) is spoken by more than 100 million people in Europe

Günter Deckert


PS: Attachments as mentioned before:

  •  Carlo Mattogno
  •  Complaint to the “BVerfG”


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