David Irving…Again.

Hi friends, I was recently engaged in a brief discussion with “MrIAMWake” who has some fairly good opinions on some issues – but seem to believe in the standard story of the “Holocaust”. As any other “Holocaust Newbie Believer” he flaunts David Irving as an authority on the Holocaust which is quite wrong. Apparently the Holocaust is true because Irving has changed his mind again. So what. What does Irving know that we don’t? Well obviously David Irving has never substantiated why he changed his belief (again), but I do think he mentioned he believes the Germans gassed Jews (tens of thousands? I forget) in the bunker, or in some hut. I can’t be bothered to read up on that particular issue again because it’s not worth it. If I may say so, one should spend their time with something valuable instead. Carlo Mattogno is an authority on the subject and doesn’t even play in the same league as Irving.

I recommend reading material such as “The Bunkers of Auschwitz – Black Propaganda versus History”, which you might find useful, this book can be read for free – here:

For other books by Mattogno, see WNLibrary:

One other article of interest:

My main point for Holocaust Believers is that Irving is not an “expert” on the Holocaust, he isn’t a Holocaust Revisionist, nor is he a Holocaust Denier. So stop flaunting his name in that manner. You can stick to Deborah Lipstadt for authority, she is the definition of a Holocaust Enforcer and she refuses to engage people in debate, especially if they don’t share her belief. Hey, that’s the definition of somebody who is stuck in a religious-trap, or somebody stuck with something (the Holocaust ideology?) that cannot be explained using rational argument, based on the principles of scientific evaluation.

Here’s my brief exchange with “MrIAMWake”:


Good day and good bye.

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