David Dubinsky: Another Typical Holocaust Believer

Well, 2013 soon. I end 2012 with yet another Holocaust Believer encounter. A quite fine specimen too!

It was very feisty, throwing most of the common ‘Mother Words’ in the book, i.e: “denier”, “anti-semite” and more. It roared the default scream of the Holocaust Believer:

I read your blog and not are you only a holocaust denier, but as most holocaust deniers are,  you are an anti-semite as well, writing about “Jewish controlled media”.  And no, I don’t want to debate the holocaust. There is nothing to debate. The Nazis murdered 11 million people simply based on race and religion, including 6 million Jews. It is a well-documented historical fact.
Only anti-semites and holocaust deniers want to “debate” these historic facts.

When challenged to debate it’s belief the Holocaust Believer merely repeats his mantra: “No I do not debate it”. Finishing with the famous words “It is a well-documented historical fact”! 

David Dubinsky surely meets the requirements to be bagged and tagged at my blog. Yet another typical Holocaust Believer…nothing can trounce his beloved belief 

I found this fine Holocaust Believer on the hunting grounds of TIME.com – be aware, they come in huge numbers and are very feisty. Bag ’em quickly and put them out of their Holocaust Misery so they don’t continue to poison other people, in particular the young impressionable ones. I promise, despite the numbers, it’s easy-peasy!

David Dubinsky was easy to catch, just pull his neck out of the sand and you end up with this:



TO ALL MY FRIENDS: Happy 2013 and take care.

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