Dany Rom: Another Holocaust Believer

Who would have thought that yet another ‘Holocaust Believer’ would make a statement going against the idea of them being ‘tolerant’, good-hearted and kind…again, so soon? No way, right? This blog contains many statements from so-called “Holocaust” Believers who wish to manhandle their opponents, wants them dead or locked up, or wish they were ‘gassed’ and a host of other intolerant ways to get rid of them. But look, we’re not going away 

Alas, we enter the below ‘discussion’ where we meet “Holocaust” Believer Dany Rom:

Dany Rom says;

Holocaust against the germans?! They got what they fully deserved for electing Hitler as chancellor and starting WW2 and causing the death of 50 million people.

Hehe, well, let’s see now. His message is naturally the most idiotic of the bunch. That’s like saying, the Americans deserve to be burnt alive (like those kids in Afghanistan) for electing the Bushes and for causing untold deaths both amongst the American and Afghan populations. Surely, in view of history — the latter — would be fair.

If somebody wants to check out the discussion, see:


They say, we need the Holycaust to defend against injustice and wars, for such things never to happen again…really? 

The most intolerant people on the earth are those defending the holocaust dogma.



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  1. I ended this discussion with the following comment:

    Good-neth gwathiouth!

    Dany: this argumentation of yours does not benefit your position. It’s so stupid I won’t dignify it with a reply.

    Why can you not engage in real discussion about the core issue – the numbers, the method and the plan?
    As I told you in another comment, it would do you a lot if you actually read some literature on the subject before you start off your ‘debates’.

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