Dailymotion Rejects Video Which Discourages Belief in Holocaust

The video site “Dailymotion” has been actively removing some of the k0nslify productions. The one which bothered them most appears to be one of the better ones I produced:

“Let’s Purge the Holocaust Belief”.

It apparently broke their Terms of Use, whatever those are. I will check it out when I have time, to see if it really is a breach to encourage other people to dislodge themselves from the Holocaust belief. I don’t understand why it should be considered a breach of their Terms of Use if somebody encourages others not to believe in the so-called Holocaust.

YouTube considered the video to be inconvenient so they too deleted it. The only place that has not deleted it — yet — is TubeWatcher and naturally, HHN Tube.

Watch the video here:


Then signup here and comment whether or not you thought it to be improper in any manner. I think my message in that video was very subtle and not particularly blunt at all. It certainly isn’t hateful.

Good day folks!


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