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I wish to re-publish a short note I received from critique.com, because this community composed of developers, designers, coders and hackers have helped me a lot to make things better.



I thought I’d drop you a note about things that have been happening since the last time I had emailed you.

Executive summary: we’re working on new features, we’re working on new features. Here’s what’s new: http://www.criticue.com/news

The next major feature on my TBD list is a way for website authors to contact reviewers and ask for more details details, network and generally hang out. There are some really amazing people out there, founders and web designers, so I expect this to be something really awesome.

Oh, let me know what you think should be the next major feature(s) after that. I’d really love to hear even your craziest ideas!

The next bit is very important: Please do help spread the word about Criticue.com. At this stage, we’re still growing organically; if you do have any friends, *grin* invite them to Criticue.com. If you know any blogs that could cover the app, let them know Criticue.com exists. And tweet and post on Facebook. The more visitors there are, the shorter your wait for new reviews is going to be and better the chances Criticue.com succeeds.

My thanks go to everyone who have been tweeting, posting articles and mentions about Criticue.com and everyone emailing me with questions, complaints and suggestions for new features. I’m really amazed by the number of emails I get every day. Thank you!

Take care,


For instance, my blog was peer-reviewed by this service, as well. See:

And since then I have done a bunch of changes that has corrected a lot of misses on my part.



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