cPanel Account Creators?

I’ve spent some hours today reviewing various “cPanel Account Creator” scripts because I had a personal interest in these things. Namely, I thought about creating a more professional way for my potentional users to create their own account via some form of integration with WordPress. I had it all figured out, design and all, because it’s actually really simple…but then I started to get second thoughts because these things could also be a potentional security risk.

I’d rather create the accounts manually because I’m pretty confident that there’ll be no rush of people wanting to have hosting on my server. See, I merely wanted such a solution because that would off-load me with things I must do. And it would’ve been more professional with such a solution rather than having me adding the account manually — although I’m almost as fast as some of the badly written scripts I’ve reviewed today. The best thing to do if one really wanted automation for these tasks would be to go through the available cPanel API.

My recommendation is to be wary of these badly coded scripts. I’m keeping it simple: a simple form will be used where the user enters his or her details then I add the account manually.


I was somewhat amused four days ago when I got a business proposal from a so-called “business developer”, and no, it was unfortunately not a spam bot. He said exactly this:

I can beat your webhosting I promise! I am a competitor and I assure you I can beat your offers. Do you want a job? Do you have good salesmen ship skills? lets talk partnership.

Yeah, I’m sure he could beat my hosting because I’m not competing with anybody. I do this out of pure kindness, to help people who seek hosting. All I ever ask is a mere voluntary donation through Flattr. Note: v-o-l-u-n-t-a-r-y 

I was a bit interested in his proposal though. So as is customary, I looked him up wherever I could. His Facebook indicated the level of seriousness:

The man would not only be in conflict with myself, but also with himself as well, because it’s absolutely illogical to mix Communism and Christianity. It’s like trying to breed a panda with a colubridae – impossible.

I’m not really saying that I couldn’t work with him because he’s openly communist, not at all. I work with all sorts of people which doesn’t share my beliefs, either in politics or in other matters. We get along just fine anyway.

But this Spencer person didn’t really present a good impression of himself. I just couldn’t take him seriously, so I declined the offer.

…So anyway, back to the issue:

I will create a simple page with a form for details and integrate it with WordPress so that people can request hosting in a more simplified manner. I’m of course always reachable by e-mail:

One more thing, and it’s more of a joke, but if you run a Web Page with any type of cPanel automated script installed on the host I’d be really happy if you posted the URL of that page in the comments below. I’m just interested how other people implemented their solutions. I do not have ill intentions, really 

Sorry for the slightly incoherent post, but I have an excuse for that – I’m pretty tired 

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