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I have connected my blog with the devNET community forums which I merely run for sentimental reasons, I founded it in early 2003 and since 2006, or close to that time, it has been shutdown.

In those days I ran phpBB — but that database is not usable now which made me start from scratch again:

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As of late 2012 it runs Garden 2.1a35 (or Vanilla to be precise; but it’s based on Garden), see:

Well in any case I’m going to keep the forums on devNET from now on and if somebody wants to join they can easily do so via the blog.


The password will be sent via e-mail and if you can’t locate it in your inbox, check the spam folder(s). After that, simply login:

That’s it, now you can post commentary here and other stuff – with more in the future, and you can also sign in at devNET community via the blog :

As of a month or so back I used the forums at devNET for replacement of the default WP commentary system, but trashed that idea and stuck with Jetpack.

So feel free to join because right now the place is sort of dead and could do with some folks. 


The devNET community is on hold. There was not enough interest. So what’s the point in keeping it running? I redirect everything to this domain.

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