Another Complaint at WNLibrary

Today when I woke up after having had my four hours of sleep I am greeted with my many e-mails. As I am the software programmer of WNLibrary I too have a responsibility for the content, apparently.

In any case the library assistant is currently not available so I get some of the complaints and have been granted permission to respond and/or comply with their demands. Today’s complaint came from Mr. Arthur Kemp, author of March of the Titans.

I gave my standard respone, albeit a bit more courteous than I usually am against generic agencies such as DMCA-agents who contact us about 5 or 6 times per week with all types of demands, legal action and such.

You can view the screenshot of the e-mail I sent, here:

(Click on the thumbnail for full-size screenshot)

WNLibrary is just a library like any other with just one difference – it’s absolutely free in every way.

So it goes.


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