Cleaning my Cuplex Kryos XT

I decided to tear up my Cuplex Kryos XT and clean it up. What’s in there is not copper oxide, but rather, it’s gunk from my Mayhems Aurora Coolant (“Nebula Blue”). I scrubbed it with a toothbrush and applied whatever chemicals I had available at the time, and the result was a much cleaner base. However, cleaning those micro channels is a pain. So I decided to soak it in ketchup over-night, then clean it some more.

I’ve added a bunch of photographs below. The quality is poor because of a number of factors.

[divider]Flow test[/divider]

I completed one flow test after cleaning it and the result can be seen below.

After that was done, I put the base back into the ketchup. I’ll let it sit there over-night and see how it looks tomorrow…

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