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The Legacy of Holocaust Survivor Fred Kort

k0nslify productions has documented the story of Fred Kort in a very brief clip, watch it and share if you liked it. It basically covers some of the more interesting bits that Fred Kort is said to have gone through. The information comes from his own experiences as recorded by ‘Life in Legacy’ – whether the

Elric Talks SSD Performance, Prices and More

Elric, of, talks about SSD performance, prices and that prices of such appliances are dropping quite much. [youtube_sc url= rel=0 fs=1 autohide=1 modestbranding=1] I am myself using a OCZ SSD for my OS. It sped up things considerably and I had no negative experiences at all with this drive. I recommend getting SSD; mechanical

Let’s Purge The Holocaust Belief (HD)

FOURTH DRAFT: A short clip which encourages people to purge themselves from the fraudulent Holocaust belief – this draft has been through several changes, but it still is a very spontaneous and “spur of the moment” production. I also made it in better quality than the previous versions. Enjoy, and please share it elsewhere! [NOTE:

A New k0nslify Production

Here’s a new k0nslify Production, titled “Why?”, see it and enjoy the message: (Hover above this text to see player) You are encouraged to share this elsewhere: :mrgreen: Best wishes, –k0nsl