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Video: Shalom America!

Another cogent video by ANTHONY LAWSON. Time for Americans to see Israel and especially Zionism for what it is; a criminal enterprise bent on destroying our nations, corrupting us and especially our youth, indoctrinating us with filthy trash lies such as the “holocaust”. And more.

Hugo Chávez Condemned Israel and America

I have seen at several places all around the web — Americans and Zionist shills — working hard to soil the name of Hugo Chávez. They call this man a ‘monster’. But unlike the scum in human form elected by Americans each and every time there is an election in America, this “monster” actually worked

Video: Holocaust Revisionism

“Holocaust Revisionism” is a sub-eleven minute video created by Patrick Willis (“Snordster”) which eloquently describes the main tenants of the Holocaust ideology and the core position of the people who oppose — with factual argumentation — this Holocaust ideology, the so-called Holocaust Revisionists [1]. [quote] On the traditional view, the Holocaust was the deliberate murder

Sylvia Stolz: A Personal Reply

[box] Thanks to ‘the big Kladderadatsch’ for translating this video. [/box]   German lawyer Sylvia Stolz replies to her critics as rumours swirl that she will be charged (again!) with “Holocaust Denial” for a speech she gave at an anti-censorship conference in November 2012. Stolz remains unbowed, as ever, firm in her insistence on transparency in the

The Other Israel: The Whole Story of Zionist Conspiracy

[videojs mp4=”″] [divider]Information[/divider] In this video, Dr. Theodore Pike, who holds a degree in theology, reveals the real Judaism and the real Israel. He exposes the Talmud, the Jews’ holy book of the law, as a wicked and vile guide full of satanic sayings. Ted Pike also unmasks the Kabbalah, the mystical Jewish religious system