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How Ernst Zündel’s political kidnapping happened

Dr. Ingrid R. Zündel explains: Ernst Zündel is best known world-wide as having forensically challenged the veracity of what is commonly believed to have been the “Holocaust”. The governments of three countries on two continents used the infamous “Patriot Act” as a cover to silence an inconvenient dissident. In legal parlance, a political kidnapping is known as

Golden Dawn: The Beacon of Light in Greece

Despite the original rubbish title set by SBS Dateline (“Thug Politics”) — which I have changed accordingly — this broadcast is very interesting. Also, one merely has to shrug off what that ignorant tart says in the very beginning of the video; what truly matters in this broadcast is the positive spirit of the Greeks

Diversity Our Strength – Woolwich Terror Attack!

WhiteRabbitRadioTV — maker of “Anti-Racist Hitler” — has yet again produced another spot-on video. We certainly need more diversity, at least that’s what our masters say  But on the other hand, Israel frowns upon diversity, discourages it amongst themselves; yet the people who live there (FYI: they are Jews) is touting it as the be

Testing Video.js

Just doing a bit of testing with Video.js [1] First video: Second video: Conclusion: Yes, Video.js is working, and it’s fast and looks good. I’ll keep it! [divider]Notes[/divider] Video.js is a JavaScript and CSS library that makes it easier to work with and build on HTML5 video, today. This is also known as an “HTML5