i-Nex: A Tool Similar to CPU-Z

I just came across a tool for Linux (I’m currently writing this from my Mint-based workstation), and this tool looks just like our familiar good ol’ CPU-Z. The name of this application is “i-nex” and below follows a screenshot of it:

Oh, and that screenshot is not taken from my machine, it is taken from an article by Sajan Gurung over at ShuffleOS. But you get a general idea from these screenshots above.

In any case I found it to be a good application and wanted to share it with others.

If anybody want’s it you can get it at Launchpad:


Best wishes,



Interesting CPU-Z Bug

Today when I finished installing my new Z77 Extreme4 motherboard from ASRock I did a run with SiSoftware Sandra and had CPU-Z running alongside. And it started displaying some weird frequencies once I was in the middle of benchmarking the cryptographic performance (encrypt/ decrypt, hash, sign), check it out:

Pretty weird. The bus speed is also pretty whack



Disable Exim (cPanel/WHM)

Here is one way of disabling Exim (applies to cPanel/WHM too):


service exim stop
chkconfig exim off
touch /etc/eximdisable (or create an empty file in /etc with the filename 'eximdisable')