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_h5ai on ‎LiteSpeed Web Server

To get rid of “Javascript disabled error” when running _h5ai on LSWS, you’ve got to edit the following file: /path_to/public_html/_h5ai/server/php/inc/class-bootstrap.php Jump to line 72: As you can already tell I’ve commented out the following line: define("APP_HREF", Util::normalize_path(dirname(dirname(dirname($script_name))), true)); You’ve got to do the same, else it won’t work on LSWS. Alas, replace the above line

An update on the ‘subrosa situation’

Hi friends, As most of you know by now the entire network hosted by subrosa is dead due to the following reason: Now you know why you cannot reach it. At any rate: some of the people in our group say they had trouble getting on the self-hosted version that is maintained by myself, so

Locking Down WordPress WP-Admin

I’m pretty sure every WordPress [1] user out there has read much about different ways to limit access to the WordPress administration back-end (WP-Admin), and many of them are certainly good. My way is quite simple, although it most likely has a couple of penalties and some pitfalls I’m not yet aware of, but I

Hide Google+ Goobly Gook from WP-Jetpack

I was annoyed with the injection of my Google+ details beneath every post when I activated the ‘Google+ Profile’ option in the WordPress plugin Jetpack [1] and couldn’t find any option to actually hide it entirely or change it’s placement. So I hacked it away, effectively hiding it, using a simple divider. Like so: You

Speaking of WHMCS..

There has been a lot of talk recently about a failed ‘all-in-one client management, billing & support solution’ called WHMCS. In any case, I discovered something to my colossal surprise the other day too: [NOTE: I did notify the provider in question about this apparent fault, of course.]

Fedora 18 “Spherical Cow” Released

Fedora 18 has finally been released and here are the highlights: The firewall daemon firewalld will be the default firewall solution for Fedora 18, replacing system-config-firewall. Using firewalld will allow for application of policy changes without reloading, allowing connection states to stay unbroken when rules are changed. UEFI Secure Boot will be supported in Fedora

i-Nex: A Tool Similar to CPU-Z

I just came across a tool for Linux (I’m currently writing this from my Mint-based workstation), and this tool looks just like our familiar good ol’ CPU-Z. The name of this application is “i-nex” and below follows a screenshot of it: Oh, and that screenshot is not taken from my machine, it is taken from