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k0nsl-retro In-Action

[box type=”info”] NEVERMIND, I reverted back. As I say, it’ll be used whenever I mirror the site completely.[/box] As you can tell, I’m testing my custom built — very ugly to most people — WP theme. It’s a very retro style for sure, it is reminiscent of my early days, unfortunately I think a lot of people

Another WP Retro Theme

I’m currently working on a very basic “retro style” WP theme. It’s just something for myself that I’m working on, but maybe I’ll publish it – although I wouldn’t understand why anybody would actually want to use it  The reason for making it is that I am experimenting with alternative designs I’ll use when the launched

I am pleased to announce the official launch of the devNET community. There may be some individual quirks here and there – but they’re few and I am determined to get them all fixed – most people probably won’t even notice them, though. If you stumble across one please report it to: Right I