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A note on WNLibrary

I have been forced to temporarily suspend the WNLibrary [1] service until I can afford another server for it. So as of today WNLibrary redirects to k0nsl. This is just a general note for all WNLibrary visitors. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this is causing, but I sinerely hope to have it back very soon.

Revamped: The Iniquitous

The Iniquitous has been totally revamped and is now built with CMS Fire by Tim Nguyen [1]. Here is a recent screenshot which I took today: [slider crop=”yes” slide1=”” slide2=”” slide3=””][/slider] There’s still some areas which needs to be done to make it fully functional; user pages, oAuth and most notably anti-spam. Anyway, have a

Connect with k0nsl + devNET

I have connected my blog with the devNET community forums which I merely run for sentimental reasons, I founded it in early 2003 and since 2006, or close to that time, it has been shutdown. In those days I ran phpBB — but that database is not usable now which made me start from scratch

secureFox Is Born

Well, so what’s new. I’m having a great Christmas so far. The food is marvellous for sure ! Right now I am taking a bit of a break from all the festivities. I’ve had folks here for visit and now they’re all gone. Also, next month, me and [myg0t]h4x^^ has scheduled a meeting at my place

Testing Pancake on “puff”

I’m currently testing Pancake (see: but have ran into some issues I’m not sure how to deal with yet. I managed to fully install WordPress 3.5 and can occasionally see the various pages if I hit refresh in the browser, two or three times. FYI, the whole installation process of WordPress worked flawlessly… Here’s

My Pirate Bay Proxy

Hi friends, Right, I’m just posting this hastily because I’m in the middle of something else. I’m a staunch supporter and user of The Pirate Bay, so I have decided to set up my own public TPB proxy located at: Feel free to use it. [box type=”info”] PS: If you want your site proxied via

WordPress Challenge Pass?

I recently made a post at the WordPress Forums > In this topic I asked: I’m wondering if somebody has ever coded a challenge passage for WP? If you don’t know what a challenge passage is then let me explain really briefly: A challenge passage is something that locks down the entire site, similar to