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New system up & running!

[divider]Video Description[/divider] Combobulated is the keyword (is that even a word?) At any rate, this is a system I pulled together from bits and pieces and a CPU which was sent to me from Hong Kong. The CPU is a E8400, socket 775. Motherboard? Asus Maximus Extreme, see: Cooling? It’s passively cooled by a

devNET Webmail

I have not been doing much lately so I decided to spice up the webmail used by my clients and myself. The base is Roundecube [1] and the skin was originally by Mr. Dieck but heavily modified by me. This is what it currently looks like: It’s an ongoing project, but I think that it

k0nsl Mumble is up & running

I’ve set up Mumble on one of my servers and it’s up and running and it seems (so far) to be working perfectly fine after tuning it. Description of Mumble courtesy of the Mumble SourceForge project page: Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice chat software primarily intended for use while gaming and

devNET forums ‘partially’ cleaned up

I spent one hour or so cleaning up the devNET forum so that it gives a better impression with the outcome that people might consider using it one day. I tried getting my clients to use it for support questions instead of e-mailing me or using the ticket system, but they never use it, nor

Testing NodeBB on ‘Fretzchnid’

I’m currently resuming tests with NodeBB[1], a project which I only touched on a few months ago, but nothing of it bore any fruit. Now, however, I do plan to set up a small sized community for which I dubbed ‘konsortium’. However, on ‘Eicke’ I ran into issues: Anybody ever played with @NodeBB and

k0nsl ServerStatus

I decided to deploy a ‘server status’ page where I have listed the most important servers, ones that are used mostly by my clients. I thought it might be a good idea to let them know if their service is fully functional, or not. On that ‘server status’ page I will also publish notes in

IRC is online again

Okay, so I finally got around to fixing the IRC server again, and this time I decided to keep it very simple. The IRCd is ‘Feisty Weasel’ coupled with Atheme IRC Services [1]. Took a bit of modding for the services, but they’re working fine The web page [2] for the IRC is very simple.