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devNET community (almost) resurrected

I founded the so-called ‘devNET community’ in the year of 2001 and continued it until about 2005, or some such. I believe something occurred that unfortunately meant we had to close shop. It might have been our host back then ( that did some changes to the server and the whole devNET software group page along

Want a blog on Hiawatha platform?

I’m now willing to offer people free blogs powered by the Hiawatha webserver. If somebody is genuinely interested and need a blog, see: I named the server “benito” in honour of Benito Mussolini, see: I’ll try to get the quote properly translated in perfect English soon. [box] NOTE: I’m not a Fascist, actually —

Testing Hiawatha 8.6 on Benito

I’m trying/testing latest Hiawatha on Benito right now and so far I’m actually a bit impressed – it’s got a very understandable and logic syntax for configuration and it took me about five minutes to have it all up and running with one virtualhost (default) and FastCGI. Very easy. Tomorrow, or maybe later, I’m going to

nginx reverse proxy with caching

I’ve set up nginx to act as reverse proxy + caching, and so far it works out very nice. I’m currently doing benchmarks to determine what settings is most optimal for my system. I dubbed it “k0nsl-nginx” because what I’m using is a slightly modified nginx. I’m constantly doing minor changes to see what will

Continuing work on HHA

I’m currently occupied with re-coding Holocaust History Archive, as it is now I got it working perfectly under PHP 5.3.17, with only minor issues. But it all works, that’s what’s important  In the coming months I’m going to re-do everything on and resume work on, both of these sites has a lot of potential to

Moving to Gondor

My shared hosting for and a bunch of other domains I had on there (because of the geographical location was suited for it) has been suspended therefore I’m moving them over to Gondor. Right now it’s just redirecting to, and I think it will be configured like that. I’ll use as my

Screenshot of my workdesk

This is how the desktop looks on my main workstation, the one where I do most of my work on. I’m going to tidy everything later – for the most part I’ve got everything synchronized to be saved and backed up on two external devices, which I modded – they were originally just plain 3.5″ disks but I switched