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Proxy Configuration for

Here’s my very simple proxy configuration for with an upstream declared which contains one additional server for backup. This configuration only shows parts of the entire nginx configuration, here’s the gist of it:   [gist][/gist]   I know the timeout is a bit high, but it was necessary for something specific I did – will lower

Testing Pancake on “puff”

I’m currently testing Pancake (see: but have ran into some issues I’m not sure how to deal with yet. I managed to fully install WordPress 3.5 and can occasionally see the various pages if I hit refresh in the browser, two or three times. FYI, the whole installation process of WordPress worked flawlessly… Here’s

Google Presence for Holocaust Believer

It looks as if my blog is topping on Google for the following query: It’s rightfully tough being a Holocaust Believer in 2012! We live, for the most part, in societies and communities that are void from superstition with a mindset based on scientific evaluation rather than belief in the irrational, illogic and superstitious

Software Updates on

I have spent a bit of time removing and purging left overs from software previously used on and now most of it has been removed and replaced with new ones. For example I previously used eAccelerator (and sometimes xcache); these two have been removed (in the case of xcache) and replaced with APC Object

WordPress Challenge Pass?

I recently made a post at the WordPress Forums > In this topic I asked: I’m wondering if somebody has ever coded a challenge passage for WP? If you don’t know what a challenge passage is then let me explain really briefly: A challenge passage is something that locks down the entire site, similar to

Mirroring content

I’m currently occupied with mirroring files and documents that I personally find to be mirror-material (i.e worthy to archive for the future). I am only mirroring stuff from my own, old and defunct sites — such as (not my domain any longer hehe). So far I’ve managed to mirror some seventy files, or more.

devNET Forums Public Test

I’ve done considerable changes now to the proposed devNET community forums which I have decided to resurrect and I must say the result is quite O-K. Feel free to register, post and poke around: I decided to move the forums to Gondor (which runs k0nsl-nginx + Apache2), see: Keep in mind, it’s