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Another Surprise From Post Office

There was another surprise from the post office the other day via my buddy Carlos Porter: [slider crop=”no” slide1=”” slide2=”” slide3=””][/slider] I must say, this is excellent work on the 2013 edition of MIRTH. A big “thank you” to Mr. Porter!  [divider]More from Carlos[/divider] For more on Mr. Porter’s work see his Web Page –

Höss and short URLs

Today I had this really strange dream about me and my sister visiting a town where we both used to live when we were considerably younger, and on this particular day a tivoli was also present in the town. All I really remember of it all was that I kept being locked in and out

k0nsl Gets Overhauled

I’ve decided to ditch the old design and do something new, I simply got tired of the other design. This one is based upon a theme by and I think it looks pretty good so far. I’m still trying to incorporate some of the old stuff into this along with my own tweaks and customisations. 

I Seem To Have Made a Terrible Mistake

* k0nsl facepalm <k0nsl> accidentally deleted all mysql data when replacing MySQL + backups…guess some of my users/clients will be quite mad. And me too, lost entire blog :| <k0nsl> rofl <k0nsl> biggest mistake i’ve done in liek 10 yrs Routine thing went terrible just because I felt overconfident when doing a simple in-place replacement of

Gondor: “My 2 Girlfriends”

Today Gondor had a visit by two girlfriends. He seemed to like them a lot, too.  The quality of the pictures may not be the best because I have not fiddled with the settings of the phone. It’s taken with a Samsung Galaxy S3 which I found laying in the snow, a few days earlier.

Fixing WordPress Categories

I’ve seen a lot of entries around the Web about people “loosing” their categories after restoring a backup [note #1 and #2]. Well, I somehow encountered something similar and this is how I solved it. I will keep this short — as I do most of the time.   For starters, check your web server

Proxy Configuration for

Here’s my very simple proxy configuration for with an upstream declared which contains one additional server for backup. This configuration only shows parts of the entire nginx configuration, here’s the gist of it:   [gist][/gist]   I know the timeout is a bit high, but it was necessary for something specific I did – will lower