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Carolyn Yeager says I’m non-White

Carolyn Yeager posted this comment on tWN [1]: To: Ms. Yeager, What the hell? Where have I ever (even once) said I’m not White? Clarification please! I did comment on tWn on at least four different occasions. I have no reason whatever to lie about such a matter, but you can consider this to be

k0nsl on tWn

Yesterday, Carolyn Yeager mentioned me on her radio show ‘Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn Yeager’. I got some heat on her show mostly because of a comment that I phrased somewhat badly and also because I host sites that are strongly anti-Jewish / anti-Zionist in nature. Apparently I was criticized for my English too. I’m not

Talk with me on IRC

[slider crop=”yes” slide1=”” slide2=”” slide3=””][/slider] Just a short entry. I finally found a web based IRC client that I’m actually satisfied with, the one I’m using is called KiwiIRC by Darren (alias “prawnsalad”) and requires node.js. Before that, I tried Subway and some others, but they were (IMHO) too bloated for my liking. So I ended up

I’m using Redis now

I decided to temporarily ditch my traditional caching system in favour of Redis [1] and so far I’ve not encountered any negativities (touch on wood). I was supposed to have tinkered with this many months ago but other things got into the way for me so I never bothered following up on it, until now… I feel it is

k0nsl Tops Google for “Holocaust Believer”

This Google query: Returns my article: The desperate face of a “Holocaust” Believer As the #1 result. That’s not terrible  [divider]Update: 11/05/14[/divider] It appears as if Google has purged most of my listings/ranking on their search engine for “holocaust believer”. That’s a pity, I dominated their search results for several important keywords.

phpBB3 Pretty URLs & nginx

So I was working with a client who needed human-readable URLs (or SEO URLs, clean URLs, or whatever you like to call it) for his forum which is running phpBB3 coupled with nginx as the webserver. He didn’t know of any easy way to deal with that. I knew of pre-existing modifications and one in

New: “k0nsl Quotes”

I decided to launch a blog which is wholly dedicated to collecting quotes. Why? Well, to be honest, I had nothing better to-do before leaving for Lübeck, so I did this. The design is “tumblr”-like and based on Exult1c’s design. It works for this purpose, with only minor modification from me. You can reach it via