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Merry Christmas from k0nsl!

Christmas is here! Christmas is here! Christmas we waited all this year! Christmas is here Christmas is here Christmas we waited All this year. I send a hearty ‘Merry Christmas’ to all my pals. All the best to you — and stay safe!

Update on

I wiped the entire server and relocated onto a container because I realized that I did not need all the resources of ‘Eicke’ allocated soley for I ran Centos on it earlier, but now it runs a Debianesque fork as the base system and nginx+fastcgi for web without a proxied stack. I just

Stack changes for k0nsl

I am again experimenting with the Cherokee [1] web server in my stack for — it currently handles the PHP backend of it all, which so far seems to be working quite nice. Nginx is used as frontend and for most static files, finally Apache2 is used for miscellaneous tasks. The last time I

Tidying up

I’m tidying up a bunch of stuff on right now, hence the site may experience issues in one way or the other – probably the other [divider]update[/divider] The migration is more or less completed, with success. The only downside of this particular box is the amount of ram — but reliability is strong in

Testing ‘RainLoop Webmail’

Hi friends, I’m currently testing RainLoop Webmail on one of my servers with the intent of replacing SquirrelMail and make Rainloop my main ‘on-the-go’ webmail client. It is very easy to set up, less than five minutes, and has very few requirements. The only downside is that it is PHP…but—-, oh well. Doesn’t matter much.

Testing New Style

I’m testing a new style called Magazine Basic by @bavotasan just for fun, it isn’t performing as well as my main theme. But I just wanted to play around with something new tonight ;) A lot of posts are probably not formatted correctly and may look messed up until I fix everything. I’m more than

k0nsl hier, freut mich

I’ve been away for almost one week, will be back home and back to my usual activities in two days. The only place where I have been active is Twitter. But now it appears that I can access the blog to create a post. Looks like it, so far. You can follow my activities on