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Getting back in watercooling

I’ve decided to get back into the world of watercooling next month. I already have the most vital parts here:!/k0nsl/status/170603409739747329/photo/1/large   Block: Swiftech Storm Radiator: Thermochill   And one smaller radiator for the chipset. I have one brand new pump, Laing and one other (used merely a month) that I’ll use :-) I can’t

Free webhosting

I’m in the mood for letting in ten people on my server with access to the following services: E-mail FTP PHP MySQL cPanel That’s about it. Storage? Up-to a gigabyte.   Either you can have or point your domain to my nameservers and use your own. Whatever you like. Just make contact at the following page:

Installing my HD-box..

I decided to install my HD-Box for my Samsung LED-TV before I deal with the server. It was a success :-) 1080p through HDMI, excellent output and quality on my Samsung! The photograph is incredibly poor quality. I took it with my shitty Iphone4.


I’m in the process of cleaning up one of my servers and this process involves installing FreeBSD from the ground, then configuring and securing all aspects of it. THAT is a tiresome process. I do it in a robot-like manner, like a sleep-walker. I know the system in-and-out. After this I”m compelled to continue coding