How to connect to my self-hosted ‘subrosa-server’

A very simple “video tutorial” on how to connect to my self-hosted ‘subrosa-server’ [1]: I am no longer using Skype and subrosa is a very decent alternative/replacement. I’m sorry about the quality of the video I published and of my terrible English [narration]…lel

Network: wss://survivor.k0nsl.org/server/
Client (remote): https://chat.k0nsl.org
Client (local): https://github.com/subrosa-io/subrosa-client/

To use the local client; download their compressed archive, extract it and browse to ./src/index.html in your favourite browser. That is the recommended route by the developers.


subrosa screenshot


1. https://github.com/subrosa-io/subrosa-server


A ‘Vultr Hosting Teddy Bear’

A Vultr Hosting teddy bear A Vultr Hosting teddy bear

Yesterday, I found a package from Vultr Hosting in my letterbox. As you can see from the lousy photograph above this paragraph, it contained a Vultr Hosting teddy bear — naturally in the shape of a vulture. The back of the teddy bear shows the address for Vultr Hosting.

The photograph is lousy in quality so perhaps I’ll take some better photographs later on during the day. So until then, I’ll just post this.

If you want to give Vultr Hosting a go, be my guest, and do feel free to use my affiliate link:



Here’s more photographs, in somewhat better quality!











That’s it. More would only be creepy! 


Locking Down WordPress WP-Admin

I’m pretty sure every WordPress [1] user out there has read much about different ways to limit access to the WordPress administration back-end (WP-Admin), and many of them are certainly good. My way is quite simple, although it most likely has a couple of penalties and some pitfalls I’m not yet aware of, but I can live with it.

My procedure of locking down the WP-Admin area consists of running Nginx [2] on a dedicated port (whichever port you prefer) bound to a internal/private/local IP address (i.e, et cetera), configured with PHP-FPM, coupled with Apache2 as the front-end (with mod_proxy [3] enabled) to serve and process all requests to the WordPress administrative back-end. The requests are proxied to the Nginx instance via Apache. This configuration effectively translates to the following: I only keep Nginx running whenever I access the administration back-end of WordPress (WP-Admin), and when I’m done, I simply shutdown Nginx. Simple. The end result is that nobody will be able to access the WP-Admin area if Nginx isn’t running.

The only issues I have run into so far is that static resources are not being served properly, but that should be easy a fix. I’m looking into it.

Try accessing the WP-Admin area of k0nsl.org and see the result:


Everything in “/blog/wp-admin” results in a 503 ‘Service Temporarily Unavailable’ (check the headers with “curl -I https://k0nsl.org/wp-admin”) because Nginx is shutdown. It certainly is a simple solution; but it works

This configuration above coupled with various other tweaks (such as the CloudFlare-Country-Login [4]) makes WordPress a bit more secure to use.

Update: 11.21.13

I solved the assets issue not being served properly JS too; Earlier, I had accidentally forgot to enable Javascript concatenation by commenting out CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS define in wp-config.php. Everything works perfectly right now.


1. WordPress: Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS -> http://wordpress.org/
2. Nginx: The High Performance Reverse Proxy, Load Balancer, Edge Cache, Origin Server -> http://nginx.com/products/
3. Apache Module mod_proxy -> http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/mod_proxy.html
4. WordPress: CloudFlare-Country-Login -> https://k0nsl.org/blog/wordpress-cloudflare-country-login/


Tit for tat

I’m finally resuming my usual activities within the coming days, I only need to settle in and also buy a few new parts for my main box.
My assets server is wiped clean — that’s the reason why all images and whatnot isn’t showing up. I just gotta resync it via git to get it all back.
It feels pretty good to finally get back again. A few months away feels like years for a person like myself. But I needed the time away.

k0nsl as always.


Testing New Style

I’m testing a new style called Magazine Basic by @bavotasan just for fun, it isn’t performing as well as my main theme. But I just wanted to play around with something new tonight ;)

A lot of posts are probably not formatted correctly and may look messed up until I fix everything. I’m more than likely reverting back to my previous style, too. But it appears I can easily migrate the bulk of my functions without too much hassle. Good, good.



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