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For one or another reason, I was impatiently waiting
for the weekend box-office numbers. To my relief,
“Star Wars Episode III” was number 1 again.

I am not a movie goer, in the contrary, I make it a
point never to see a release in the theaters. I wait
until they are out on DVD.

Anyway, “The Longest Yard” was predicted to be this
weekends number 1 in the box-office. Not so. It’s yet
another remake of Hollywood, replacing the white
actors with minorities and Jews. Adam Sandler and
Chris Rock have taken over the roles of the original

In the last few years, Hollywood has been fooling the
public by re-producing an incredible amount of old
Hollywood movies. Sort of re-making the movie hits of
the past. At the same time, they are replacing the
representation of these movies themes of white culture
with that of minority culture.

I believe that the reasons are three-fold. For one,
previous movie hits will already generate a certain
amount of audience. The story doesn’t have to be
written, a few minor changes, and high-tech, and the
formerly “oldie” becomes yet another box-office hit,
bringing in billions, which had already been made with
the oldie.

Now, here are a few examples:

Disney’s “Cinderella” – played by Vanessa Williams

The recent box-office hit “The Manchurian Candidate” –
with Denzel Washington in the title role

“Dr. Dootlittle” – played by Eddie Murphy

and “Wild, Wild West” with the title role played by
Will Smith.

The “Wizard of Oz” is in the making and will feature a
new black talent as Dorothy.

Another new production of “Julius Cesar” on stage will
feature Denzel Washington as Brutus.

“The Aviator” – another remake of a Hollywood classic
with Leonardo di Caprio playing the part of Orson

“Oceans Eleven”, “War of the Worlds”, “Mission
Impossible” are some more of the remakes of Hollywood.

I think you are getting the drift. Has Hollywood run
out of ideas? I don’t think so. It is my belief that
the people in charge of the entertainment industry are
not capable of producing new “clean” entertaining
movies. So the remake of old Hollywood movies is a
front of attracting somewhat of a more conservative
audience. Of course, the money making is a pleasant
side effect.

You see, Hollywood is not in the hands of the Jews,
and it gradually lost the trades that are so important
for an industry like that. The meaning of
entertainment becomes something totally different in
the mind of a Jew. We have seen the last two years of
blockbusters, and they all involve “bodily fluids.”
Whether it is “American Pie I,II or III”, “Meet the
Parents I and II,” and many more.

One can actually say that the Jews have finally come
out of the closet. Years ago, they tried so hard to
fool their audiences with phony names and family
movies. Today, they blatantly weave in their culture
in almost every movie they make, making Western
culture and Christianity disappear.

Today, their untalented children (Ben Stiller, Adam
Sandler, David Schwimmer, Orlando Blum, Seth Green,
Eliza Wood, and many more) are being promoted and the
propaganda machine actually make their movies hits.
Remember “Meet the Parents.”

So, the ploy is pretty obvious. Replace white actors,
white culture with the untalented world of blacks.
Once I wrote a review of “Cinderella”, criticizing the
cast of Vanessa Williams as Cinderella. I was told
that the color of the skin plays no role in any story.
The imagination of the individual decides that. Ever
heard any bigger manure?

I believe when the Grimm Brothers wrote the fairytale,
they wrote the story in an environment of German
culture and country. The story is tailored to the
history of aristocracy in European countries. I am not
sure about your imagination, but mine won’t go to
Africa and find a castle in the jungle or a fair
maiden. So, Cleary, European stories are about
European history.

Distorting history is what Hollywood is best at. And
you know why? Because it is run by Jews.

But the most sobering thought has to be that Hollywood
assumes that Third World countries don’t have history,
they don’t have fairytales, stories and legends. At
least not in a world where reading and writing is a

The brainwashed American public fell even for a black
Jesus and a black Santa. Hollywood is laying the
foundation for a new “world village.” The lack of
sophistication and IQ from the new residents in their
“world village” makes them steal our legends and
talents and turn them into “Frankenstein.”

Here is a good example from the new release of “The
Longest Yard.” Chris Rock is playing the caretaker in
the remake, which in the original was played by James
Homphen, who specialized in playing Southern white

So, look out for more future remakes, not just from
Hollywood, but also from the TV networks, who are
taking TV legends and turn them into minority heroes.

But picture this: A movie that portrays Pancho Villa
as a white guy or Malcom X or how about Martin Luther
King. A roar of outrage would manifest itself in the

“Toto – I don’t think we’re in Harlem anymore.”


In the nest few days I will re-introduce you to some
of Prof. Faurissons most important work. They are
oldies but then again, they never are:


Prof. Robert Faurisson

Chapter 1: Against the Law

The present work cannot be sold openly in our country.
It is issued and distributed privately.

In France, it is forbidden to question the Shoah.

In application of a law on the freedom of the press
enacted on 13 July 1990, the Shoah, in its three
hypostases the alleged genocide of the Jews, the
alleged Nazi gas chambers, and the alleged figure of
six million Jewish victims of the second world war has
become unquestionable, on pain of imprisonment of from
one month to one year, a fine of from 2,000 to 300,000
francs (305 to 45,800 euros), an order to pay
considerable damages, and still other sanctions. More
precisely, this law forbids the questioning of the
reality of one or more crimes against humanity as
defined in 1945 and punished in 1946 by the judges of
the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, a
court established exclusively by the victors
exclusively to judge the vanquished.

Of course, debates and controversies about the Shoah
also called the Holocaust remain authorised but only
within the confines traced by the official dogma.
Controversies or debates which might lead to a
challenging of the Shoah story as a whole, or of a
part of it, or simply to raise doubt, are forbidden.
Let us repeat: in the matter at hand, even doubt is
proscribed, and punished.

In France, the idea of such a law, of Israeli
inspiration(2), had been formulated for the first time
in 1986 by a certain number of historians of Jewish
origin, among whom Pierre Vidal-Naquet, Georges
Wellers, and François Bédarida, gathered round Chief
Rabbi René-Samuel Sirat(3). The law was passed in 1990
on the initiative of former prime minister Laurent
Fabius, then a member of the Socialist government,
president of the National Assembly, and himself a
Jewish militant of the Jewish cause. At the same
period (May 1990), a desecration of graves in the
Jewish cemetery of Carpentras, in Provence, had given
rise to a media exploitation which nullified all
inclination on the part of opposition MPs and senators
to mount any effective resistance to the bill. In
Paris, about two hundred thousand marchers, with a
host of Israeli flags borne high, demonstrated against
the resurgence of the horrid beast. Notre Dame’s great
bell tolled as for a particularly tragic or
significant event in the history of France. Once the
law had been put on the statute books (appearing in
the Journal officiel on the 14th of July, the national
holiday: in the same issue, incidentally, as P.
Vidal-Naquet’s nomination to the Order of the Légion
d’honneur), the Carpentras outrage was mentioned only,
if at all, with a certain distance, as a mere
reminder. Only the Fabius-Gayssot Act remained.

Under pressure from national and international Jewish
organisations, other countries have since adopted,
each in its turn, laws forbidding all questioning of
the Shoah, after the Israeli and French examples. Such
has been the case for Germany, Austria, Belgium,
Switzerland, Spain, and Lithuania. Still other Western
countries (particularly Canada and the United Kingdom)
have promised the Jewish organisations, more or less
expressly, that they will follow suit. But, in
reality, such a law, of specific nature, is not
indispensable for the hunting down of historical
revisionism. In France, as elsewhere, the practice has
often been to prosecute questioners of the Shoah under
other laws; according to the needs of a given case,
recourse is had to laws on racism or antisemitism, the
defamation of living persons, insulting the memory of
the dead, attempting to justify crimes, spreading
false news, and a source of cash indemnities for the
plaintiffs personal injury.

In France, the police and the judiciary rigorously
ensure the protection thus accorded to an official
version of second world war history. According to this
rabbinical version, the major event of the conflict
was the Shoah, in other words the physical
extermination of the Jews which the Germans are said
to have carried out from 1941-1942 to 1944-1945
(lacking any document with which to assign a precise
time span to the event and for good reason, as it is a
matter of fiction the official historians propose only
dates which are as divergent as they are approximate).



Chuck Baldwin:


Christians No Different From The World
By Chuck Baldwin
June 1, 2005

Recently, pollster George Barna released his research
regarding the beliefs and conduct of today’s
Christians. The results are shocking! According to
Barna, only 9% of America’s born again Christians
have a Biblical worldview. Only 9%!

To determine a Biblical worldview, Barna used the
following 8 point criteria:

*Believing that absolute moral truths exist.
*Such truths are defined by the Bible.
*Jesus Christ lived a sinless life.
*God is the all-knowing, all-powerful Creator and
still rules today.
*Salvation is a gift of God and cannot be earned.
*Christians have a responsibility to share their faith
in Christ.
*Satan is real.
*The Bible is accurate in all its teachings.

As any real Christian can see, these 8 points comprise
basic Biblical truth. To think that more than 90% of
born again Christians would deny any one of these
fundamental truths suggests that the vast majority of
professing Christians today have no clue as to what
being a Christian really means.

As a result, the obvious question that must be asked
is, “What in the world are our pastors and church
leaders teaching their congregations?” It would appear
that whatever they are teaching, it isn’t the Bible!

Barna’s research gets even more disturbing. His survey
reveals that only 3% of Christian parents include the
salvation of their children in the list of critical
parental emphasis. What?? Does this mean that 97% of
America’s Christian parents really don’t think it
“critical” that their own children go to heaven?

At the same time, 39% of America’s Christian parents
believe it is “critical” that their children get a
good education. Compare these sentiments with those of
President Theodore Roosevelt who said, “A thorough
knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college

Barna’s research also revealed that only 36% of
America’s Christian parents monitor or regulate the
time and quality of T.V., music, and other media that
their children were allowed to access. In addition,
45% of America’s Christian parents teach their
children that there are NO moral absolutes. 43% teach
their children that there are SOME moral absolutes.

George Barna summarized his findings by saying,
“Faith makes very little difference in their
[Christians] lives: believers do not train their
children to think or act differently [from the world].
It’s no wonder that they [Christian children] grow up
to be just as involved in gambling, excessive
drinking, and any other unbiblical behavior as
everyone else.”

The problem with America’s Christianity today is that,
for the most part, it doesn’t exist! What passes for
Christianity is instead an anemic, spineless, diluted
substitute without convictions or

No wonder so many unbelievers see nothing in the
church that would draw them to a life-transforming
faith in Christ. No wonder so many political leaders
ignore the church. No wonder that despite some 300,000
evangelical churches, scores and hundreds of
television and radio ministries, and millions of
professing Christians, our nation is still on a
collision course with calamity!

What America needs is real Christianity! The kind of
Christianity that changed the course of history. The
kind of Christianity that changed the face of Europe.
The kind of Christianity that propelled the Pilgrims,
Puritans, and Patriots to shake off the bands of
tyranny and establish this great country called

Christianity of old quenched the flames of oppression,
lit the fires of freedom, and led two continents out
of the darkness of paganism. Today’s Christianity is
known for bingo games, softball
leagues, and milquetoast preachers. Christianity of
old toppled the Roman Empire. Today’s Christianity
cannot even rid the nation of legal abortion.

George Barna’s research suggests that the real mission
field may not be in heathen lands across the seas but
in America’s churches right here at home!

© Chuck Baldwin



Forwarded from Egypt:


Palestinian right of return is feasible
By Laila El-Haddad

Saturday 28 May 2005, 20:19 Makka Time, 17:19 GMT

The US is criticised for its unflinching support of

May marked the 57th anniversary of al-Nakba (The
Catastrophe), when Jews declared their state in
Palestine and thousands of Palestinians were expelled
from their homeland.

Today, the Palestinian refugees number over six
million, comprising nearly one-third of the global
refugee population.

Aljazeera.net interviewed Salman Abu-Sitta, general
coordinator of the Right of Return Congress and
founder of the Palestine Land Society
(www.plands.org), on the issues surrounding al-Nakba
and the fate of the refugees:

Abu-Sitta has worked tirelessly for the Palestinian
Right of Return for several decades, and has over 50
publications to his credit.

Al-Nakba, Abu-Sitta says, was the “largest planned
ethnic cleansing in modern history”.

Abu-Sitta is a refugee himself: he was nine years old
when he was forced, along with the rest of his family,
to flee their home in Beir al-Saba (Beersheba) in

He has documented every detail surrounding the 1948
exodus and historic Palestine. He research has shown
that there is ample space in present-day Israel to
accommodate all Palestinian refugees.

In this interview from his Kuwait office, Abu-Sitta
reaffirmed that the Palestinian right of return is
inalienable, non-negotiable, practical and feasible.

Palestinian refugees number
over six million at present

Aljazeera.net: Israeli politicians, as also some
Palestinian politicians, argue that the implementation
of the right of return would mean demographic suicide
for Israel, that it is unrealistic and not practical.

Abu-Sitta: There is nothing in international law or
in our sense of morality that says racist or ethnic
exclusive considerations should overrule principles of

Second, from a practical point of view, the
Palestinians will soon be a majority in historic
Palestine. They are now at parity.

If we apply the principle which the Israelis desire,
it means we give them a licence to annihilate the
Palestinians or expel them en masse, at any moment
when they see that the [Jews] have become a minority.

The Israelis and their supporters in the West must
realise that if this principle is applied, they would
not have the right they enjoy now in America and
Europe where they, as a minority, can flourish and be
successful, and no one says that if their numbers in
neighbourhoods exceed a certain amount they should be
thrown out.

In addition, as I said before, there is nothing called
“Jewish State” even in the [UN] Partition Plan [of
1947]. There is the state in which the community can
be dominant or visible but there is no law in the
world which makes a particular community overrule the
other community and puts them in a second-class

Aljazeera.net: Let’s talk about feasibility then.
How can the right of return be implemented?

Abu-Sitta: The other day I received an email from an
English friend of mine and he said “it seems that the
Jewish National Fund (JNF) has stolen a piece of your
writing”, and I said “How?”

He said “go to the website and you’ll find that it
quotes your statement about 80% of the Jews still
living in about 15% of the area of Israel and the site
calls for the Jews everywhere to come and populate
Galilee and the Negev because they are still empty”.

I have found that 80% of Israeli Jews live in 15% of
present-day Israel. Meanwhile, the land of the
Palestinian refugees is controlled only by 1.5% of the
Israeli population.

Refugees in Gaza live near their
homes but cannot return

And we have found by looking at maps, both old and
new, that 90% of village sites are still vacant today.
We also have complete records of who the refugees are,
where they are today, their original villages in
Palestine, and location and extent of their

Now if they admit that and they are calling for more
immigrants, to come to the homes and properties of the
Palestinians, in the year 2005, that is a case of
travesty of justice and no self-respecting civilised
person in this world today should accept that.

By what scale or measure is it that the refugees in
Gaza live only five kilometres away from their homes,
to which they cannot return, and Israel is seeking out
obscure tribes in India and Guatemala, and bringing
them over in a hurry to populate the land which
belongs to the refugees?

Aljazeera.net: So if it’s feasible and practical, who
is undermining it and why?

Abu-Sitta: Let me remind you that refugees elsewhere
have returned to their homes in Bosnia, Kosovo, East
Timor, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Iraq and very soon Cyprus.
So the only exception is Palestine.

Why? The reason is obvious: the United States supports
Israel blindly and gives it political support, money
and arms. It is no wonder therefore that US
foreign-policy practice is abhorred by all Muslims and
Arabs – because of its double standards.

It’s no wonder that their calls for democracy in the
Middle East are not taken seriously – because if
democracy is to prevail, then immediately the rights
of those who have been oppressed must be upheld by the
very same power which calls for democracy.

“The rights of the Palestinians have been hindered and
ignored by the US and Israel. In the case of South
Africa, international pressure over the years had
forced the Apartheid regime to collapse”

Salman Abu-Sitta

In fact, the reverse is true. The rights of the
Palestinians have been hindered and ignored by the US
and Israel. In the case of South Africa, international
pressure over the years had forced the Apartheid
regime to c! ollapse.

Now I am confident, although it may take some time.
The weight of public opinion and the increasing wave
of boycotts and isolation of Israel will probably make
the Israeli regime’s ability to continue its racist
policies untenable, if they want to remain acceptable
in the world.

This will take time because the US is always
international censure, but in the end I have no doubt
that justice will prevail and the Palestinians will
regain their rights.

Aljazeera.net: In his pre-recorded speech on Nakba
Day, Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas told the
Palestinian people: “Peace, security and stability in
the Middle East are conditional on the finding of a
just and agreed-upon solution to the problem of the
Palestinian refugees, based on UN Resolution 194.” He
also rejected naturalisation as an option.

Do you think this represents a new, firmer stance on
the refugee issue for Abbas, as many Israeli
politicians read it, or was it a diplomatic way to say
“we can’t promise the full right of return”?

Abu-Sitta: No Palestinian leader will remain in his
position if he drops Palestinian rights, foremost of
which is the r! ight of return. If he is a leader of
Palestinians, then he must address and defend their
rights and to Palestinians this right is paramount,
the right of return. I cannot imagine any leader
dropping that right, just as I cannot imagine Sharon
joining Hamas.

That said, I must point out that the language of the
Arab Summit peace initiative [of 2002] is somewhat
confused – it agrees “to find an agreed, just solution
to the problem of Palestinian refugees in conformity
with [UN] Resolution 194”.

To talk about finding a “just solution” as agreed upon
in [UN Resolution] 194 is somewhat a contradiction in
terms, because there is no need to find a just
solution – it is already there.

International opinion has always
favoured right of return

[Resolution] 194 has already determined what the
solution is, and the international community has
confirmed the meaning of the solution, which is the
return of the refugees, therefore a “just solution” is
not required.

When we say “just solution”, it means we will sit down
and negotiate the meaning of a just solution and think
of all kinds of alternatives which can be described as
a “just solution”. And that of course, knowing the
Israeli method of stretching things out over the
years, will never come to fruition.

But the deal breaker is when the statement says “as
agreed”. As agreed by who?

Probably as agreed upon with Israel. Since 1948,
Israeli policy has been: Never to allow the
Palestinians back to their homes because they want
their homes to accommodate Jewish immigrants

So if we expect an agreement with Israel on the return
of the refugees, then we are just giving the Arab
people a false impression.

The statement [by Abbas] should be crystal clear: It
has been repeated by the international community 135
times: the Palestinian refugees must return home. And
that’s that.

There is no need for inventing convoluted statements
which are politically nice but practically

Aljazeera.net: What if Israel doesn’t accept this

Abu-Sitta: The answer should be, what was done in
Kosovo and Bosnia. In all these cases the UN
implemented the resolution even sometimes through
force, using Nato soldiers under the banner of the UN.

Now I’m not a dreamer – this is not possible given the
position of the US. But I am certain that steady and
rising pressure of world public opinion and some
governments will make Israel a pariah state as
Apartheid South Africa was made out to be.

Aljazeera.net: PLO legal adviser Michael Tarazi once
told Aljazeer.net: “We are not negotiating away [the
refugees’] rights; we are simply negotiating the
implementation of their rights. We are not insisting
they all return; we are insisting they have a choice.”
Are options like compensation or resettlement
acceptable alternatives to the right of return?

Abu-Sitta: When people speak about these options,
especially on the Palestinian side, I don’t think they
mean they will barter away inalienable rights as other

Human rights cannot be b! argained away, and when you
have a right, you are entitled to use it. If you do
not use it, the choice is yours. But you cannot say
you have this choice or that choice, and demand that I
tell you right now which one I choose.

A human right is something which is inherent in human
dignity and respect for human beings. For example, a
youth has a choice to go to high school. If he does
not exercise this right, that does not mean it is

There are millions of Turks in Germany and anyone can
decide to return home anytime.

Same thing with the millions of Greeks in the US, and
the millions of Lebanese in Brazil. They can all go
home when they decide to.

Abu-Sitta says returning home is
not a season ticket that expires

Returning home is not a season ticket that expires. It
is a right that can be exercised whenever you like. It
cannot be offered for a specific period or against
other choices, like compensation. There is no
equivalence between the right of return and

Customary compensation law is very clear: if you cause
anybody harm, you have to compensate them proportional
to the damage done, and for the Palestinians they
insist on that after getting their right of return. In
addition to all of those the reparations for war
crimes must be paid. So of these three elements, right
of return comes first.

What we Palestinians are ready to do after we are
guaranteed the right of return and compensation is to
prepare a plan on how to return, when to return, and
to where. I have put forth one such proposal in my
book, From Refugees to Citizens at Home.

Aljazeera.net: You’ve also recently released an atlas
that was more than 10 years in the making. Why did
you write it, and why is it so significant?

Abu-Sitta: In 1949, immediately after the
hostilities, and the Nakba, [Israeli prime minister
David] Ben Gurion formed a committee to erase all
Palestinian, Arab, and historical names of Palestine
and replace them with Hebrew names.

I say wiping out Palestinian, Arab and other
historical names to mean that all the names that had
been used by Palestinians for 5000 years is being
erased. This was part of the effort to silence
Palestinian history after they took Palestinian land
and emptied the land of its people.

The purpose of the atlas is to reaffirm this right and
to record and document 40,000 names which were in use
in Palestine in 1948 and prior. In this atlas we show
the locations and the names of 1300 towns and
villages, 10,000 religious, cultural and historic
landmarks and 20,000 place names. These names are the
vocabulary of Palestinian life.

Before 1948, you could see the names of the wells,
rivers, wadis (valleys), and of special places,
historical events and local events. [The atlas] is so
detailed that the karm, or garden, of an individual
can be identified. So that is one purpose.

The other purpose is looking ahead. This atlas should
be the blueprint of a future Palestine – when
Palestinians return and the young generation who have
not seen their homes but heard about, it can navigate
through it and find where their villages were and
where their lands were, so they can reconstruct

Aljazeera.net: Haaretz commentator Ari Shavit, in a
column dated May 19, said: “There is only one way to
achieve an Israeli-Palestinian peace: 1948 in exchange
for 1967. The right of self-definition in return for a
surrender of the right of return. The United States
must confront Abu Mazen with a clear choice: a state
or a dream; peace or return.” What’s your response?

Abu-Sitta: This is like someone who has done you harm
and then says: “I’ll take away your children, but give
you back your house, or I’ll take your house and leave
your children.”

There is no bartering if human rights are taken away
from you. You cannot say you are allowed to breathe
but you are not allowed to eat. That kind of argument
is I should say, racist – because someone takes away
many or all your rights and then says: “If I return
one or two of them, then the rest of them are not
yours anymore.”

There is no comparison or equivalence between a state
of Palestine and the right of return.

The state of Palestine was decreed in 1917 by the
League of nations under British Mandate Class A, which
recognises the independence of Palestine after some
administrative assistance.

“…the right of return legally applies regardless of
the political composition of the country – whether it
is one state or two states”

Salman Abu-Sitta

This state was prevented from coming into being
because of the Balfour Declaration and the Zionist
invasion of Palestine in 1948.

Now this right remains with the Palestinian people in
abeyance. The right to a state is a political right
exercised by an authority over its people in a given
piece of land, but the right of return is an
inalienable basic right which cannot be negotiated or
bartered away.

It applies to every Palestinian who has been expelled
or was forced to leave his home in 1948: he has the
right to return to that place regardless of the
sovereignty applied, whether it is Israeli,
Palestinian, French, or British.

Therefore the right of return legally applies
regardless of the political composition of the country
– whether it is one state or two states. This has been
clearly stated in the Partition Resolution.

So it’s a big fallacy to barter the two and in fact
morally wrong, legally invalid and politically wicked.

Aljazeera.net: After all these years, what’s changed
for Palestinian refugees? Legalities aside, is the
right of return more or less realisble today, in 2005,
and does it matter?

Abu-Sitta: After 57 years, it becomes very clear that
Israel is militarily too strong, that it is not
willing to yield to the right of return, and that the
US will continue for the foreseeable future to support
it on this position.

On the bright side the Palestinians not only have not
forgotten their right, but now the right of return
movement all over the world is stronger than ever. It
is articulated by the third generation of refugees,
who are confident, well-educated and quite efficient
in whatever they do compared to their simple folks 50
years ago.

Also, the world has now woken up, especially the
Western world, and they do not really buy the Zionist
propaganda like “Palestine is a land without people
for a people without a Land”, like “there are no

If you compare these two situations you’ll find that
there is a stalemate: Palestinians cannot defeat
Israel militarily, and Israel cannot eliminate the
Palestinians completely. So what is to become of this
stalemate in the future?

The force behind Israel is finite in life, while the
spirit and determination of the Palestinians coupled
with support is an increasing, not diminishing, force.
That is why I feel there is no doubt that justice
shall prevail.



Forwarded by Eli James:


Man claims racism at conference

Posted 05/24/05
BAKERSFIELD – In a recent effort to tackle race
relations, some county social workers were sent to New
Orleans to a conference held by the National
Association of Black Social Workers. Brian Parnell
said he and his co-workers attended the conference,
but Parnell said he wasn’t allowed inside because of
the color of his skin. Parnell is Caucasian, and he
said he never made it in the conference. “I
approached the registration table and was greeted by a
very friendly fellow who looked me in the eye and
said, ‘Are you black?’†said Parnell. “I told
him that I’m not and he told me that the conference
was only for people who were black and so I wasn’t
able to register to attend the conference.â€
Convinced the individual had mis-spoke, Parnell said
he contacted his fellow co-workers and his superior in
Bakersfield. “I was able to speak with a conference
chair at the conference who basically reiterated to me
the same thing that Brian has been told,†said,
Parnell’s supervisor, Pat Cheadle. “I was
shocked,†said Parnell. “I was surprised that in
2005, I could be singled out because of the color of
my skin.†The organization’s website is down, but
the Dallas Chapter website is running. While it
doesn’t overtly exclude other races, it does focus
on empowering the black community. Local attorney
Richard Papst said since the organization is
non-profit and tax-exempt, if the discrimination
occurred, there could be huge consequences. “They
could lose their tax-exempt status and then be subject
to all the usual tax obligations that everybody else
has,†said Papst. Parnell hasn’t decided whether
to take legal action, but he has filed a civil rights
claim with the federal government. No one from the
National Association of Black Social Workers were
available to comment at this time.




















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Dear Fellow Patriot!

Zundel In Germany:


For Zundel updates please visit the above website!

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A few weeks ago A. V. Schaerffenberg asked me to
review his book:

“Hitler: Bungling Amateur or Military Genius?”

Let me say that I do not do favors when I review
books. If I like it I’ll say it, and if I don’t like
it, I’ll say it too. I am not a professional book
reviewer. My reviews come from my emotions.

Just the other day, I’ve talked about the abundance of
“Hitler books”, all written for one purpose, to malign
the great German leader.

Schaerffenberg’s book was a welcome change from that
norm. In fact, it introduced me to a truly revisionist
portrait of Adolf Hitler as a military commander.

The book is a soft cover with a beautiful color
portrait of Adolf Hitler on the front. Even inside, 80
original Third Reich illustrations make the book even
more interesting.

The book has about 180 pages. It is a satisfying event
for me every time I take time out and read the book. I
got kind of edgy with the introduction, because it
used the general phrases of Hitler bashing, however,
the author was only using it as an example.

Once you’ve passed that you will hear yourself
uttering Uuuhs and Aaahs over the quite complimentary
description of the German leader.

My favorite chapter and a must read for everyone who
is a history buff was chapter 3. Reinhard Heydrich!
Heydrich was the leader of the SS Sicherheitsdienst
and rose to become the head of the Gestapo. Just for
your information, the Gestapo wasn’t anything
different than today’s Secret Services. The author
explains that the duty of Heydrich was to seek out
spies and traitors.

In my opinion, Schaerffenberg makes revisionist
history by proposing that Heydrich was assassinated by
the orders of Churchill, because he was about to
eliminate the espionage business in Germany (my term).

Schaerffenberg writes:

“In the years following Heydrich’s assassination,
Canaris resumed his role as Germany’s most deadly
cancer until he was exposed in the failed attempt
against Hitler’s life on July 20, 1944.”

Now let’s talk about the 80 original Third Reich
illustrations, which should have made this book a
bestseller. They are pristine and clear, black and
white illustrations. In most books, illustrations are
hard to copy. This one probably makes it easy.

The Third Reich collector will be ecstatic when seeing
some of the awesome illustrations in the book. Did I
mention the great color portrait of Adolf Hitler on
the cover?

Original portrait illustrations of several German
heroes are in this well written book:

Doenitz – Heydrich – Deputy Fuehrer Rudolf Hess –
Rommel – and Commander General Dietl – are just a few.

The book carries also illustrations of fighting
scenes, fighting planes, torpedo boats, the Norwegian
Waffen SS, U-Boat attacks and more.

This is the only Hitler book I have ever read that is
a grandiose revisionist work. One has to wonder why it
falls into the category of not being carried by the
usual bookstores. So, I guess, this incredible book
will be added to the Community News Library, among
Chris Miller, Odorfer, Nordbruch, Walendy, Stucki,
Heimbichner and now A.V. Schaerffenberg.

I am not saying that factual revisionist books are not
important, but I am saying what is equally important
are revisionist books about Adolf Hitler, leadership
in the Third Reich and social life. I think PZG


is the only store that has a wide variety of social
books from the Third Reich. Remember that the
holocaust lies is made of many parts. One of them is
the demonizing of Adolf Hitler, his cabinet and the
German people. Reading Schaerffenberg’s book was a
great emotional treat for me, because for once I did
not have to cuss. If you have interest on obtaining
this book, please e-mail.

Let’s stay with reading and writing for a few more
lines. “Der Suedafrika-Deutsche” arrived. A newspaper
for the Germans in South Africa. Excitingly, the paper
tells of Community News, which has become sort of a
hit amongst the South Africa-Germans.

Inform yourself about these revisionist magazines,
newsletters, and newspapers, because not only do they
broaden your horizon, but also give you a look into
revisionist activities around the world.

For example, there is Dr. Fredrick Toben’s Adelaide
Newsletter. Dr. Toben is the premier veteran
revisionist of Australia. You’ll find his work quite
often in the Patriot Letter.

Kerry Bolton from New Zealand produces “Western

Walter Ochensberger “The Phoenix Magazine”

Euro-Kurier informs you of current book and publishing

“Deutschland in Geschichte und Gegenwart” – a magazine
that is published quarterly. If you’d like the latest
of this magazine, I have plenty of copies.

Sure, some of them are in German, but then again, if
you don’t speak it, you can always learn it!

There is good news from Siegfried Verbeke. He told me
that the English version of

“Holocaust und Revisionismus – 33 Fragen und

is in the mail. Community News subscribers will get a
copy as a free insert in the July issue.

Here is the second chapter from Ecrits révisionnistes





From 1974 to this day, I have had to fight so many
legal battles that I have been unable to find time
enough to compose the specific summing-up which one is
entitled to expect from a professor who, over so many
years, has devoted his efforts to one point, and one
point alone, of the history of the second world war:
the Holocaust or the Shoah.

Year after year, an avalanche of trials, entailing the
gravest consequences, has thwarted my plans to publish
such a work. Apart from my own cases, I have had to
consecrate a good part of my time to the defence,
before their respective courts, of other revisionists
in France and abroad. Still today, as I write this
introduction, two cases are being brought against me
(one in the Netherlands, the other in France) while I
must intervene, directly or indirectly, in proceedings
pending against revisionists living in Switzerland,
Canada, and Australia respectively. For want of time,
I have had to refuse my aid to others, notably two
Japanese revisionists.

Throughout the world, our adversaries tactic is the
same: go to court in order to paralyse revisionists
research work, if not to have them sentenced to prison
terms or ordered to pay fines or damages. For those
convicted, imprisonment will mean a halt to all
revisionist activity, whereas those ordered to pay
large sums will be compelled to set off on a feverish
pursuit of money, goaded by the threats of bailiffs,
writs of seizure, notices to third parties, and the
freezing of bank accounts. From this simple point of
view, my life over the past quarter of a century has
been difficult; it still is and, in all probability,
will remain so.

Let us add that, to make matters worse, my conception
of research has never been that of the paper professor
or historian. I consider it indispensable to see the
terrain for myself: either the terrain of the material
investigation or the terrain where the adversary is
assembled. I should not be entitled to talk about the
camps of Dachau, Majdanek, Auschwitz, or Treblinka
without first having visited them in order to examine
the buildings and the people there. I should not
listen to accounts of antirevisionist actions
(demonstrations, conferences, symposia, trials)
without having attended them, or else delegated and
instructed an observer for the mission, a practice
which is not without risk but which enables one to get
information from a good source. I have friends and
associates produce countless letters and statements. I
run to the battlements at every occasion. To cite but
one example, I believe that I may rightly say that, if
the impressive international Holocaust conference
organised in Oxford in 1988 by the late billionaire
Robert Maxwell (also known as Bob the Liar) aborted so
pitifully, on the admission of its very instigator(4),
it was thanks to an operation which I personally led
on the spot with the help of a female French
revisionist who lacked neither courage, nor daring,
nor ingenuity: her action alone was certainly worth
several books. But will the producers of books galore
understand what I say there?

To the hours and days thus spent preparing either
court cases or those various sporadic actions should
be added the hours and days lost in hospital,
recovering from the effects of an exhausting struggle
or from the consequences of physical attacks carried
out by Jewish militia groups (in France armed militias
are strictly prohibited, except for the Jewish

Finally, I have had to stimulate, direct, or
coordinate, in France and abroad, numerous activities
or works of a revisionist nature, brace those whose
strength has faltered, provide for the continuance of
action, answer requests, warn against provocations,
errors, driftings off course, and above all combat
ill-conceived accommodations since, for some
revisionists, the temptation is great, in such a
struggle, to seek a compromise with the adversary and,
sometimes, even to back down. Examples of war-weary
revisionists who have sunk to public contrition are,
sad to say, not wanting. I shall not cast the first
stone at them. I know from experience that
discouragement is liable to befall each of us because
the contest is so uneven: our means are laughable;
those of our opponents, boundless.

Making a virtue of necessity, the present collection
is thus a mere selection of notes, articles, essays,
prefaces, interviews, and critiques which I drafted
between 1974 and 1998 and which are shown here in
chronological order of writing or publication. The
reader will perhaps get the impression of a disparate
whole, tarnished by a good deal of repetition. I beg
his forbearance. At least this very diversity will
enable him to follow the revisionist adventure day by
day in its vicissitudes. As for the repetition, I take
some comfort in thinking that, after all, I have
perhaps not repeated myself enough, for there persist
today so many misconceptions as to the exact nature of


Forwarded by Tripp Hendersen:


LA Law Enforcement Wants “Registration” Of Political
Lee Baca Says White Activists The Same As “Sex

4/5/2005 8:39:46 AM*

Los Angeles, California — Los Angeles Sheriff Lee
Baca is trying to push the California State
Legislature to adopt a law that would require the
registration and publication of the names political
dissidents, in a manner similar to that of criminal
sex offenders.
“These Nazi white-supremacist groups are classic
examples of people who slide underneath the First
Amendment and at the same time commit these hate-
crime acts,” Baca today told the LA Daily News, “I
think they need to be looked after and monitored for
quite a long period of time.”

Baca’s legislation, which is ridiculously
un-Constitutional and extremely unlikely to pass,
would order the arrest of all people in California who
hold “white nationalist” political views, loosely
defined to include everything from “neo-Nazis” to
anti-immigrant conservatives, for the purpose of
photographing and fingerprinting them, and placing
their personal information on a publically accessible
list of “hate criminals” that would mirror
California’s existing “sex offender” database.

Baca’s proposal is being backed by the Anti-Defamation
League of B’nai B’rith, and was timed to coincide with
their report on increasing anti-Jewish violence in the
Los Angeles area.

The proposal is the most blatant example of Jewish
hate mongering and tyranny that has appeared to date
in the United States.

Baca is also backing a proposal to ban skateboarders
from wearing clothes that sport either German crosses
or lightning bolt symbols, telling the Daily News that
they are a sign of increasing hate.

While Baca’s proposal is stupid and going nowhere, it
is symbolic of the types of laws Jews would pass if
they were allowed to do so. Jews so hate the American
people that they would strip away all of American’s
rights in order to enslave the country, using its
people as cannon fodder for their wars, and stealing
the product of their labor to enrich Jewish interests
and their Zionist Entity in Occupation of Palestine.

Anti-Semitic incidents in California-Lee Baca to the

Neo-Nazis recruit kids for rising harassment

By Troy Anderson
Staff Writer


Anti-Semitic incidents in California and the U.S. have
reached their highest level in nine years, and experts
blamed the rise on the spread of neo-Nazi propaganda,
according to a report released Monday.
Fueled by a spike in reports of anti-Jewish harassment
in schools, the number of incidents increased 17
percent nationwide and 30 percent in California,
according to the Anti-Defamation League’s annual Audit
of Anti-Semitic Incidents. Nationwide, the number of
anti-Semitic incidents rose from 1,557 in 2003 to
1,821 in 2004. In California, the number jumped from
180 to 237.

“The kind of rhetoric you would normally reserve for
extremists, neo-Nazis and hate groups is starting to
become more commonplace on the playgrounds, in the
classrooms, in the workplace and among neighbors,”
said Amanda Susskind, the ADL’s director for the
Pacific Southwest Region.

“I think it’s a combination of distance from the
Holocaust and disconnection with the historical
suffering of the Jewish people. So there is a
disassociation with what it means to say an
anti-Semitic thing, and maybe not as many people react
to it as they would have a generation ago.”

The incidents include subjecting Jewish teachers to
anti-Semitic epithets in the San Fernando and Santa
Clarita valleys, and leafleting by white-supremacist
groups in Simi Valley, Ventura and the San Fernando
Valley, the group said.

The group also noted with alarm that many U.S. young
people dressed as Adolf Hitler or other Nazis last
Halloween. Among them was a student at a public high
school in Camarillo who was allowed to remain in class
all day in a Hitler costume.

“The student dressed in a Hitler costume all day was
never reported to administration,” said Sylvia
Jackson, principal at Adolfo Camarillo High School.
“When a parent later reported it to the ADL and I
investigated with my staff, no one (in administration)
knew about the incident.”

In the eight states with the highest overall reports
of anti-Semitic acts last year, 13 percent occurred at

“We’ve started seeing more swastikas doodled in
textbooks, or kids calling other kids ugly names,”
Susskind said. “We have a big round of hate mail going
around now, saying, ‘Die Jew, die’ — that sort of

Although figures were not available for Los Angeles
County, the greater Los Angeles area is home to the
nation’s second-largest population of Jews, who number
more than 520,000. About 250,000 Jews live in the San
Fernando, Simi, Conejo, Santa Clarita and Antelope

California echoed the national trend in anti-Jewish
harassment. The state had the third-highest number of
incidents, and a significant portion of them occurred
in schools.

Robin Toma, executive director of the Los Angeles
County Human Relations Commission, said he has seen an
uptick in anti-Semitic activities by neo-Nazi and
white-supremacist groups targeting school-age youths
in the county.

“One of the things we ran into in the Santa Clarita
area was that a significant number of youths were
sporting skateboard wear that uses the Iron Cross and
double lightning bolts — symbols of the special
police of the Nazi era.

“That is part of this culture where they actually have
neo-Nazi symbols integrated into skateboard wear and
gear. In one case, we heard of a (Valley) high school
that decided to ban all those items that relate to the
Iron Cross because of the fact it was a symbol of
anti-Jewish hatred and there had been incidents on the

The report noted a heightened level of distribution of
extremist fliers and other racist literature by the
neo-Nazi National Alliance, various Ku Klux Klan
factions, White Revolution, White Aryan Resistance and
David Duke’s European-American Unity and Rights

“The extremists are actively infiltrating high schools
and schoolyards, and that becomes the sort of lingo
kids use,” Susskind said.

The Internet continues to play a substantial role in
the dissemination of anti-Semitism, with hate
literature being transmitted through hundreds of sites
on the Web and through bulletin boards, chat rooms and
e-mail messages.

“We’ve seen a rise of hate sites on the Internet, but
a perfect example of the infection of the mainstream
from extremist ideology is in the music world,”
Susskind said. “We have seen records, DVDs, CDs and
concerts put on that promote hate — and anti-Semitism
in general — that have mass appeal.”

A spokesman for one of the companies, Panzerfaust
Records, bragged recently that the hate music label
was halfway to its goal of distributing 100,000 CDs of
racist and anti-Semitic music to schoolchildren across
the country as part of Project Schoolyard USA,
according to the ADL.

In response, Sheriff Lee Baca said he plans to seek
state legislation that would require people convicted
of hate crimes to become registered, as sex offenders
are now.

“These Nazi white-supremacist groups are classic
examples of people who slide underneath the First
Amendment and at the same time commit these hate-crime
acts,” Baca said. “I think they need to be looked
after and monitored for quite a long period of time.”

Troy Anderson, (213) 974-8985


For our German readers from Horst Mahler



Die „Justiz“ der OMF-BRD auf der Flucht vor Germar
Rudolf’s „Vorlesungen über den Holocaust“. – Die Maske

Vorlesungen über den Holocaust

Strittige Fragen im Kreuzverhör

Germar Rudolf
Castle Hill Publishers
PO Box 118, Hastings, TN34 3ZQ, UK

Februar 2005

Weil nach den „Vorlesungen“ von der einmal behaupteten
Offenkundigkeit des Holocausts nichts mehr übrig
bleibt, soll die „Offenkundigkeit“ jetzt keine
Bedeutung mehr haben. Die Gerichte der OMF-BRD
verurteilen „Holocaustleugner“ jetzt auch ohne
„Offenkundigkeit des Holocausts“. Dieser hat damit den
Rang einer gesetzlichen Fiktion erlangt: Die Leugnung
des Holocaust wird bestraft selbst dann, wenn dieser
nicht stattgefunden hat.

Es war ausgerechnet der Petitionsausschuß des
Deutschen Bundestages, der die Falle aufgestellt hat,
in die die OMF-Justiz jetzt hineinläuft. Der hatte
nämlich in seiner Beschlußempfehlung Pet
4-12-07-45-5699 im Hinblick auf die Gerichtspraxis in
Holocaustverfahren ausgeführt:

Die Annahme der Offenkundigkeit schränkt … in
keinem Falle die Verteidigungsmöglichkeiten der
Angeklagten unzumutbar ein. Das Gericht ist
verpflichtet, solche Tatsachen, die es für
offen­kundig erachtet, in der Hauptverhandlung zu
erörtern und damit dem Angeklagten die Möglichkeit zu
geben, dazu Stellung zu neh­men. Außerdem ist zu
berücksichtigen, daß die Offenkundigkeit nicht für
alle Zeiten unverändert fortzubestehen braucht. Neue
Erfahrungen oder Ereignisse können hinzukommen, die
geeignet sind, eine abweichende Beurteilung zu
rechtfertigen. Tragen die Beteiligten solche bisher
noch nicht berücksichtigten und erör­terten Umstände
vor, so kann die Offenkundigkeit dadurch erschüt­tert
und eine erneute Beweiserhebung über diese Tatsachen
notwen­dig werden. Damit haben der Angeklagte und sein
Verteidiger die Möglichkeit, durch begründeten
Sachvortrag eine Beweisaufnahme auch über offenkundige
Tatsachen zu erwirken.

Die Entscheidung über die Offenkundigkeit einer
Tatsache im Sinne des § 244 StPO obliegt damit
ausschließlich dem jeweils erkennen­den Gericht und
unterliegt damit dem Grundsatz der Unabhängigkeit der
Richter. In den einzelnen Instanzen kann zudem
durchaus eine unterschiedliche Beurteilung erfolgen

Die Berufungsverhandlung vor dem Landgericht Verden in
der Sache des Oberstarztes d.R. Dr. Rigolf Hennig, der
in erster Instanz vom Amtsgericht Verden wegen
Leugnung des Holocausts zu einer Geldstrafe verurteilt
worden war, bot die Gelegenheit, zum ersten Male die
von Germar Rudolf erarbeitete Gesamtschau der
wesentlichen Ergebnisse der revisionistischen
Geschichtsforschung zusammen mit der zitierten
Stellungnahme des Deutschen Bundestages zum
Mittelpunkt einer öffentlichen Gerichtsverhandlung zu
machen. In dieser verlas Dr. Hennig folgenden Antrag:

Hiermit beantrage ich,

die Grundlagen zu erörtern, auf denen nach Auffassung
des Gerichts die Offenkundigkeit jener Tatsachen
beruht, die seit Anfang der 70er Jahre des 20.
Jahrhunderts allgemein als „Holocaust“ bezeichnet
werden. Der pauschale Hinweis auf das
„Auschwitzurteil“ dürfte nicht ausreichend sein.
Insbesondere mag das Gericht feststellen, ob und
inwieweit die zur Urteilsfindung berufenen Personen
von diesen Grundlagen – insbesondere vom Urteil des
Frankfurter Schwurgerichts im sogenannten Großen
Auschwitzprozeß – unmittelbar Kenntnis genommen haben,
oder sich nur auf Hörensagen oder Sekundärliteratur
stützen könnten.

Bei der Bescheidung dieses Antrages möge das Gericht
die Beschlußempfehlung des Petitionsausschusses des
Deutschen Bundestages Pet 4-12-07-45-5699 bedenken….

Der Vorsitzende Richter Tittel lehnt die von Dr.
Hennig geforderte und vom Bundestag für notwendig
erachtete Erörterung ab mit der Begründung, daß es für
die Urteilsfindung auf die Offenkundigkeit des
Holocausts nicht ankomme.

Der daraufhin von Dr. Hennig wegen offensichtlicher
Willkür gestellte Befangenheitsantrag gegen Herrn
Tittel wurde von seiner Vertreterin, Frau Ramsauer,
mit der Begründung zurückgewiesen, daß die
Verweigerung der Erörterung der Grundlagen des
Holocaust rechtens sei, weil dieser offenkundig sei.

Dazu führte die Verteidigerin von Dr. Hennig, die
Rechtsanwältin Sylvia Stolz, in einer von ihr
verlesenen mutigen Stellungnahme u.a. aus.:

Daß es sich hier um einen gedanklichen Zirkel
handelt, liegt auf der Hand. Daß dieser in die
Entscheidung von Frau Ramsauer Eingang gefunden hat,
ist eigentlich nur aus einer Fehlleitung des Denkens
heraus erklärbar. Eine solche scheint stets dann zu
wirken, wenn Interessen der Judenheit in irgendeiner
Art und Weise berührt sind. Wir alle befinden uns im
Wirkungsfeld dieser Denkverbote. Ich erachte es für
die grundlegende Pflicht jedes Richters, sich daraus
zu befreien und sich auf den Weg der Wahrheitssuche zu

Doch Richter Tittel war nicht mutig genug, seine
Pflicht zu erfüllen. Er bestätigte die Verurteilung
von Dr. Hennig und bewies damit nur den kleinen Mut,
aus Furcht vor seinem Herrn sich öffentlich als
Handlanger der Fremdherrschaft zu demaskieren.

Der „Feldzug gegen die Offenkundigkeit des Holocausts“
entfaltet mit den „Vorlesungen“ von Germar Rudolf und
jetzt seine Stoßkraft gepaart mit dem Mut von Bürgern
des Deutschen Reiches, die sich vor Gericht auf die
„Vorlesungen“ stützen.

Kleinmachnow am 2. Juni 2005

Horst Mahler

Das nächste Gefecht wird am 28. Juni 2005, 16.00 Uhr,
vor dem Amtsgericht in Bernau (bei Berlin)

Dort stehen vier Reichsbürger für die geschichtliche
Wahrheit ein, auf die sie mit Flugblättern die Schüler
des Bernauer Gymnasiums hingewiesen hatten.

Kommt alle!


From Harry Schneider:


Wieviel Geld hat Kazaw von Deutschland wieder haben
wollen ?Weiss Kazaw nicht, dass die “Neonazis keine
palaestinischen Kinder getoetet haben sowie keine
palaestinische Haueser demoliert haben ?


Forwarded by tgmy7:


Zimbabwe May Allow Food Aid From U.N.


HARARE, Zimbabwe — A U.N. envoy went to Zimbabwe for
talks with President Robert Mugabe on Thursday amid
signs the economically distressed African nation was
dropping its opposition to food aid as long as it
came without any political conditions attached.

The state-owned Herald newspaper reported Wednesday
that Mugabe had told U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan
the country would accept food assistance if it is not
linked to political demands.

There were new indications of Zimbabwe’s economic
hardship Thursday. The central bank announced a 45
percent devaluation of the Zimbabwean dollar, a ban on
luxury imports, and heavy subsidies for agriculture
and exporters to try to end an economic crisis that
has seen mass arrests of black-market traders, long
lines for gasoline and stampedes for
scarce foods.

With an estimated 5 million Zimbabweans now
admittedly in urgent need of food aid, Mugabe has
agreed to meet World Food Program chief James
Morris, who is due to visit the country next week,
Mugabe’s press secretary, George Charamba, was quoted
as telling the Herald.

“The Zimbabwean government is clear that the primary
responsibility of ensuring that Zimbabweans are
provided with food is its own,” Charamba said.

Mugabe earlier accused food donors of seeking to
choke Zimbabweans with unwanted aid and told them to
take their help elsewhere.

But Charamba said the president and Annan had been
talking since Zimbabwean officials backtracked on
assertions the country would reap a bumper harvest of
2.75 million tons of maize.

Before March 31 parliamentary elections, Mugabe
insisted the country had a “bumper harvest” of maize
and could be self-sufficient in food. The ruling
Zanu-PF party won the poll with a huge majority.

But shortly after the poll, the government said it
would have to quickly import 1.2 million tons of maize
or else as many as 5 million Zimbabweans would face

U.N. envoy Joaquim Chissano went to Zimbabwe on
Thursday for talks with Mugabe as the country’s
economic crisis deepened.

Chissano, the former president of Mozambique, was to
discuss proposed U.N. reforms with Mugabe, according
to Zimbabwe state radio. The meeting was also expected
to touch on growing food shortages in Zimbabwe, which
used to be the breadbasket of southern Africa.

Zimbabwe’s economic crisis has escalated since
1998-2000, when Mugabe forfeited World Bank and
International Monetary Fund support over chronic
financial mismanagement, lost a constitutional
referendum and began seizing 5,000 white-owned farms
for redistribution to blacks, which caused widespread
disruption to agriculture and the economy.

There were fresh signs the country’s economic crisis
was worsening.

Reserve Bank governor Gideon Gono on Thursday
increased the official exchange rate for the U.S.
dollar from 6,200 Zimbabwe dollars to 9,000 and said
he plans to raise interest rates from 30 percent to
170 percent.

Loans as low as 5 percent would be extended to
exporters and farmers, and bonus payments would be
made to tobacco and cotton growers and milk
and meat producers, Gono said.

He also predicted that inflation would reach 80
percent this year because of the need to import food.

Meanwhile, reports from the western city of Bulawayo
said two women with babies on their backs were injured
Wednesday when hundreds of shoppers stampeded for a
limited supply of sugar, not seen in stores for many

Long lines also formed for bread, wheat flour and
maize meal, the staple diet of Zimbabwe’s 11.6 million

At a Harare filling station owned by a government
minister, motorists who waited two days for gasoline
by sleeping in their cars were disappointed when
stocks ran out after preference was given to a
last-minute line of limousines and off-road vehicles,
and uniformed soldiers in private cars.

The resulting near-riot caused gridlock on a major
road. Drivers of fuel-starved minibuses, which form
the backbone of the capital’s public transportation
system, were outraged but backed down in the face of
threats by troops.

Police said 800 street vendors, including sellers of
black-market fuel, were rounded up Wednesday in
downtown Harare.

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Forwarded by Monika:



Walter Bailey, welcome to the Hall of Shame

By James Edwards
Host, The Political Cesspool radio program

Once again we find our culture and heritage under
assault by ignorant and bigoted public officials who
racially grandstand in order to polarize the people.
The Political Cesspool has received word of a public
forum in Memphis, Tennessee on Thursday, June 9, to
discuss a proposal that would rename three city parks
in the downtown area. Those grounds are, of course:
Confederate Park, Jefferson Davis Park and Nathan
Bedford Forrest Park – which also houses the noble
general’s grave.

This abominable meeting was called by Shelby County
Commissioner Walter Bailey, and one of our sources on
the county commission confirms that the threat is real
and we should rally our troops to the challenge.
Interested parties will be allowed three minutes to
speak either for or against the proposal. Our radio
show is using its power to take the lead on this issue
and mobilize a counter offensive.

I have already personally spoken with leaders of the
Council of Conservative Citizens, Sons of Confederate
Veterans and League of the South. We will be
coordinating an effort to meet the enemies of true
history on the front lines. Already quite a few have
signed up to attend, but we must turn out in force. I
will be damned to hell before allowing a vile
degenerate like Commissioner Bailey to denigrate the
name of my ancestors (one of whom died at Shiloh) for
the sake of Mr. Bailey’s own self-hate.

Details of meeting

WHEN: Thursday, June 9 at 4:30 PM (Arrive at least one
hour prior to register.)

WHAT: Public forum discussing the renaming of three
Confederate Parks

WHERE: The Pyramid Arena, Crown Room, Downtown
Memphis, Tennessee

We must be eternally vigilant in the defense of our
people. If I have to attend farces like this once a
month for the rest of my life to ensure that the
legacy of the brave Confederate patriots is not
defiled, then that is what I’ll do. We must not shake
our heads at this and laugh it off. Those who paid the
ultimate price in the War Between the States to defend
our land deserve at least one afternoon of our time in
return. Make your plans now to attend this event. For
more information, you may email me at the above
address or call 901-461-8904 if you’d like to be added
to our list of attendees.

Please, take this seriously and help us out. We
originally covered the story on our Wednesday night
program of May 25. You can visit our streaming audio
link and click on the archived show for that date.
Scroll exactly 39 minutes, 40 seconds into that
broadcast to listen to our breaking coverage of this

The Political Cesspool
Mon – Fri, 7pm-9pm Central
AM 1380 WLRM Memphis
“The South’s Foremost Populist Radio Program!”

If you would like to aid our important work, please
make donations payable to:

The Political Cesspool
6600 Stage Road, Suite 107, #156
Bartlett, TN 38134

It was great to join James Edwards for lunch at David
Duke’s EURO session in New Orleans a few days ago. Got
a picture of him in the chow line which you’ll find in
our current issue along with complete coverage of that
event. We’ll be in Montgomery with the Council of
Conservative Citizens this weekend, which is also an
unashamedly racist national convention. Lots of stuff
happening that you need to know about. The captured
media won’t tell you. Reply to this message with your
postal mail address and I’ll send you ONE free sample
copy of TFF, your choice either the June issue (covers
the EURO event) or the July issue (this weekend’s
CofCC event featured). Now here’s our Chief Fire Ant,
who was also at New Orleans.

Olaf Childress, editor
The First Freedom

Comrades, we don’t seem to have their attention yet
They’re still pretending we don’t exist. Just keep
stinging, fireants, till their faces show pain.

By Joe Hill
The people’s consultant

Any forward progress is better than losing ground or
stagnation, and we are making progress; slowly.
Evidence of that fact is the D.C. Rat’s banal attempt
at pretending to do something by passing legislation
which does nothing to stem the flow of illegal entry
into our country. They are hoping the publicity
generated by the Minutemen will taper off, in order to
keep the issue out of the public eye. Our urgent
function is to deny them that placation. Let’s
intensify our voices and keep this issue of illegal
immigration alive.

There are several things each of us can do to achieve
our goals, and I beg you reject the insidious notion
that our efforts are futile; that’s the big lie the
enemy would have you believe! We must hound those rats
relentlessly until they obey the supreme law of this

More important than any other action for you
personally to take upon yourself is to use the
flyer/worksheet found by going to The First Freedom
and then clicking on Liberty Consulting. This is how
we spread the effort far and wide. Before reading
further or getting distracted by something else, go
there now and scroll down to Flyers, and download your
choice. Then send to your list with a personal note
you write encouraging recipients to do the same.
Getting that STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION NOW logo under
the noses of the rats relentlessly is vital, so ask
recipients to print out the flyer, stamp an envelope,
sign their names, and send it in now.

If you haven’t taken this step yet, please do it
today, and continue to do so as the campaign spreads.
Until we get many thousands of fire ants working on
this, email remains near useless, while snail mail is
noticed in D.C. (we will use email when we’ve got the
numbers to our tactical advantage).

Secondly, we have to advertise our message. My hope is
to build up a war chest in order to afford newspaper
ads, lawn signs and billboards. For now, all I can
afford is the decals. If you have the courage to
display it on your vehicle, that is a powerful tool –
but there are many other uses for it. I place one on
most of my outgoing mail as a flap seal. How about
that telephone pole at the four way stop with yard
sale notices? It can cover up offensive graffiti in a
public restroom. Be creative.

A third way to keep the issue alive is by writing
letters to your local paper. Broach the subject on
local talk radio. Study up on the subject by perusing
recent back issues of The First Freedom and using some
of the informative web sites found there. Be prepared
with facts.

If you couldn’t make it to the European American
conference in New Orleans or the Council of
Conservative Citizens confab in Montgomery, and can do
nothing else, at least take the first step above. It
requires only a few minutes and contributes much
toward this cause of empowering ourselves while
providing a clearer definition of our banner on our

This brings me to a touchy subject: the internet and
the web. It’s a fantastic forum which gives us an
opportunity to outflank the controlled media, but it
is only a tool. We can spread our message on the net
as suggested above and achieve measured results; we
can advertise in other ways that plant the seed and
results will be similar; but the best method is still
that old tried and true: asking for the business
face-to-face. It’s a human nature thing. People will
get distracted or, simply out of shyness, fail to act
even when agreeing with what they see on the net or in
ads. Here is an example of what I mean, and the editor
of this paper will verify it for he was standing right
beside me. I attended the EURO meeting recently in New
Orleans: clearly a target audience for this campaign.
We had a small table set up in the vendors’ room with
my exhibit vividly displaying the message. At first,
those who stopped by to have a look at these materials
either walked on to the next display or got distracted
by someone else. Others glanced my way from several
feet but came no closer. Few actually said, “Hey, I
want that!” and reached in their pockets for the cash.

However, immediately when inviting them to come on
over with, “Would you be willing to display that
message?” a sale took place. In this way my capture
rate was amazingly around 80%! Grasping that I wasn’t
just selling bumper stickers but that here was a
comprehensive marketing plan designed to actually
accomplish something, few declined to join the effort,
many of them committing to help spread word on the
internet as well.

The moral is that we must indeed make good use of the
web, but let’s also get away from those computers and
out into some real action.

In fact, I have a feeling the enemy is perfectly
content with us bouncing all these messages around the
net and building data gathering sites. As long as we
stay on our computers, we are not out acting, which is
what they fear – informed action. So let us educate
ourselves first, then act. Give this some thought.

Another vital consideration is financing. I’ve
invested a couple of thousand in this effort and
haven’t come close to recouping that, while neglecting
my own work due to the inordinate amount of time
required to get this far. I’m committed, and will keep
sacrificing whatever is necessary to make this
campaign work because I know it will succeed if enough
of us share the effort. My finances are perilous. If
you care not to bother with bumper stickers, please
help by making a donation of any amount. I am a
willing, capable warrior ready to stay the course with
your financial empowerment. Coordinated assault is my
game, and I fight for one reason – to win. A few
generous souls have helped, and I thank them; not for
my sake, but for that of the liberty of our children
and theirs.

We can begin reclaiming lost territory without
bloodshed by acting now. Let it not be said we lost
because of a few dollars. Those of you who are
financially able can be sure your contribution is used
wisely in this effort to actually get things done.

Some months ago I promised that when able to handle
larger shipments of bumper stickers the cost would go
down and that savings would be passed to you. I’ve
done so with the consulting fees received to date.
Now, two decals of your choice will be included with
each consulting fee dollar received of $20.00 or more!
Note the changed costs as listed below. I’m making it
as easy as I can for you folks.

Distributors are needed! I’m attending as many
gatherings as possible, but many functions I’m either
not aware of or can’t get to. One modest way to
distribute, but very effective, is to have a supply of
decals and flyers in your vehicle and keep an eye out
for battleflagged vehicles. Try to find those owners
and show ’em the decal. I’ve not been turned down yet!
(This technique is credited to Greg Kay, who mentioned
it in an earlier article in The First Freedom.)

The privately sponsored reenactment mentioned in the
last issue brought me face to face with the enemy in
an unexpected way. The event was initially rained out
on Saturday, the main day. I had permission from the
person in charge to work the crowd, so I arrived on
Sunday about 10 AM and set up my display. I asked the
question of three parties and made a sale with each.
Suddenly, the person in charge walked up and informed
me I would have to leave. “But I had your permission
and have made a sizeable investment,” I protested. He
offered apologies, and stated a board member had seen
me, complained to others, and they wanted nothing
political at the gathering (it mattered not that my
message was well received by attendees). The host then
whispered that if I relocated myself out on the county
right of way by the entrance, I’d not be on their
property and no one could stop me. This denied any
opportunity of approaching the majority already in
attendance, and disadvantaged me further because
people seated in their cars gave little opportunity
for discussing the campaign with them in detail, but I
still had a capture rate of over 75% of the cars then
arriving! The point being, this issue has legs among
confederates. We merely have to find ways for reaching

There are two versions of the STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION
decals. Order a supply today by sending the
appropriate consulting fee, and let’s sting them rats
– striking as one, like fire ants! If we don’t act, no
one will.

P.O. Box 751
Magnolia Springs, Al 36555

Send consulting fee of $1 and get 1
decal include SASE
Send consulting fee of $5 and get 6
decals include SASE
Send consulting fee of $10 and get 15
decals include SASE
Send consulting fee of $20 and get 40
decals add $4 for postage
Send consulting fee of $50 and get 100
decals add $7 for postage
Send consulting fee of $100 and get 200
decals add $10 for postage
Send consulting fee of $500 and get 1,000
decals add $15 for postage

Be sure to indicate the quantity desired of each
version (Battleflagged or SOS U.S.)



















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Community News
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Walter F. Mueller
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