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The Double Standards of Greville Janner

In May 2011, Lord Janner published an article in the Telegraph entitled “Nazi criminal John Demjanjuk deserves no sympathy”. In part, Janner’s article dealt with the issue of whether an alleged offender (in this case Demjanjuk) should face justice or be allowed to escape prosecution on grounds of old age and ill health. Janner said:

USA and Israel: A Comparison on Immigration

Isn’t it peculiar how this group of people (read: the Jews) pursue a high interest in flooding our countries with immigrants, whilst having incredibly strict rules in their own (that’s to say, in Israel)? Didn’t 150 African asylum seekers escape from an Israeli concentration camp just two days ago? But oh no, our countries must


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Man Hacked to Death in London

‘We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you’: That’s what this African man holding a bloody cleaver said after ‘hacking to death a soldier in ‘Help For Heroes T-shirt’ just yards from Woolwich barracks’ African man tells camera: ‘I apologise that women had to witness this today’ British man attacked with meat

Doug Christie Suspends Law Practice, Very Sick

It saddens me a great deal to learn that Mr. Christie is very ill. This man has constantly been vilified for simply defending men for their basic right of freedom to speak his mind as dictated by nature, no laws should be permitted to obstruct this basic right. Mr. Christie is such a good man