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Pancake Development Roadmap (and more)

I have been communicating with Mr. Khalil on all sorts of topics regarding Pancake – he is the author of this software. In my discussions with him I raised concerns about security and how Pancake would handle traffic, among other issues. These issues was promptly answered and he included the Pancake development roadmap, which might be of

Pancake and WordPress = Love

I have Pancake (see note #1) running successfully on “puff” now with WordPress, all working fine. So my next step is completing various comparisons between k0nsl-nginx, Apache and lighttpd so make a decision on my purposed usage of Pancake, to see if it’s viable. But these comparisons will be done in the coming days as

Httpd Load Balancing Theoretics

There are many good ways to craft a “Httpd Load Balancing” system. One of the most common is by using some sort of proxying service and a monitor in between which sends out pings (or so-called “heartbeats”) to a node of servers. To my knowledge that really is the most common one, even by “industry standards”.

Is your VPS provider overselling?

You can find out if your VPS is overselling the memory with utilities such as this one: (author lowendbox) Shell script: Or this Ruby one: They more or less work the same, all of them. The C code is probably best with regard to memory utilization though. For more comphrensiv reading with details, see:

Testing Cherokee Web Server

G’day folks (with Australian accent), On my development server I’m today testing Cherokee. I am evaluating whether or not to deploy this on one of my servers. According to the few benchmarks I’ve seen this one holds up quite well. In fact, it’s performing really well. However I am going to test it throughout the evening to

kr0kedNET IRC Network

kr0kedNET (formerly “neophytos IRC”) has been launched. Two hours or so ago. kr0kedNET is a free-for-all IRC network, without any of the typical rules one sees everywhere. There only is one rule, the unwritten one; no paedophilia-related discussions, channels or content of any kind. So in any case, feel free to become a frequent user of