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IANVA – Il Bello Della Sfida

IANVA’s music represents the pure expression of both Western culture most ambitious projects of the past and the feeling of uneasiness and need for fulfilment of the citizens of the Now. In the last years IANVA has been giving back to us forgotten words as Passion, Boldness or Dignity and Honour through an overwhelming and

Makeup Your Mind, Auschwitz

I just thought it would be funny to edit the lyrics for “Makeup Your Mind” by the J. Geils Band, like so: I don’t mind waitin’ for you It’s what I really’ Really want to do But you got me standin’ Waitin’ all night And Auschwitz It just ain’t right Make up your mind Make up

k0nsl’s Top 6 Songs

Well, just a short list with six of the current most favourite songs of mine. What more is there to say? If you don’t like it, you can lump it  “Wir lassen uns das Singen nicht verbieten” (with Tina York)   They think they’re the smartest in the world Oh, how they are smart For it

Music: A Tribute To America’s Wars

Here’s a little “tribute” to America’s wars. I see countless of blog posts and entries all over the Internet asking “who is profiting from these wars?” and “why are we fighting all these wars?”. What’s ironic in all of this is that these questions are for the most part asked by clueless Americans. Well the

Polish Band Commemorates Katyn

A Polish band called Horytnica commemorates Katyn through a song named Katyńskie Łzy which means in English “Tears for Katyn” or “Katyn Tears”, I’m not good at Polish so you may correct me on that. If you want to learn more about Katyn I recommend the resources within this link: Katyn facts: ‘Amtliches Material zum

Alternative Lyrics to ‘Your Feet’s Too Big’

It’s no secret that I occasionally enjoy a bit of Fats Waller, in particular his song ‘Your Feet’s Too Big’. Although this alternative text that somebody once wrote — many years ago — seem to take precedence over the original. One should listen to it with the accompanying melody of the original song: Waller’s ‘Your Feet’s Too Big’.

Another Excellent Song

Friends, I like music a lot – everything from Schubert to Fats Waller (I’m sometimes accused of racism; but this accusation always flies from the direction of the Jews – most certainly only because I criticize their anti-German hate stories). Mostly my choice of music is dependant on one thing – meaningful lyrics – or some