List of Linux kernel names

Kernel Version Name
1.3.51 Greased Weasel
2.2.1 Brown Paper Bag
2.4.15 Greased Turkey
–2.6.1 None Feisty Dunnart Zonked Quokka
2.6.10-rc1– Woozy Numbat
2.6.14-rc1–2.6.14 Affluent Albatross
2.6.15-rc6– Sliding Snow Leopard
stable:– Stable Penguin
2.6.17-rc5 Lordi Rules
2.6.17-rc6–2.6.17 Crazed Snow-Weasel Avast! A bilge rat!
2.6.20-rc2–2.6.20 Homicidal Dwarf Hamster
2.6.21-rc4–2.6.21 Nocturnal Monster Puppy
2.6.22-rc3–2.6.22-rc4 Jeff Thinks I Should Change This, But To What?
2.6.22-rc5–2.6.22 Holy Dancing Manatees, Batman!
2.6.23-rc4–2.6.23-rc6 Pink Farting Weasel
2.6.23-rc7– Arr Matey! A Hairy Bilge Rat!
stable:– Err Metey! A Heury Beelge-a Ret!
2.6.25-rc2–2.6.25 Funky Weasel is Jiggy wit it
2.6.26-rc6– Rotary Wombat
stable:– Trembling Tortoise
2.6.28-rc1–2.6.28-rc6 Killer Bat of Doom
2.6.28-rc7–2.6.28–2.6.29-rc8 Erotic Pickled Herring
2.6.29 Temporary Tasmanian Devil
2.6.30-rc4–2.6.30-rc6 Vindictive Armadillo
2.6.30-rc7–2.6.302.6.312.6.322.6.33–2.6.34-rc4 Man-Eating Seals of Antiquity
2.6.34-rc5-2.6.342.6.35 Sheep on Meth
stable:– Yokohama
2.6.36-rc8–2.6.362.6.372.6.382.6.39 Flesh-Eating Bats with Fangs
3.0-rc1–3.0 Sneaky Weasel
3.1-rc2 Wet Seal
3.1-rc3–3.1 Divemaster Edition
3.2-rc1– Saber-toothed Squirrel
3.6-rc7–3.63.7 Terrified Chipmunk
3.8-rc6– Unicycling Gorilla
stable: 3.8.5– Displaced Humerus Anterior
stable: 3.9.6– Black Squirrel Wakeup Call
stable: 3.10.6– TOSSUG Baby Fish
3.11-rc1–3.11 Linux for Workgroups (20 years of Windows 3.11)
3.12-rc1– Suicidal Squirrel
3.13-rc1 One Giant Leap for Frogkind

3.14-rc1 Shuffling Zombie Juror
3.18-rc3 Diseased Newt
4.0-rc1 Hurr durr I’ma sheep

No uptime stats when running mod_ruid2 + cPanel jail..

I’m using the below page to monitor and collect some of the most important servers I got, see:

But ran into an issue with permissions when running under mod_ruid2 + cPanel jail, it won’t collect some of the vital statistics, merely the disk space, so that’s no good.
I could only think of one easy solution to it. A cronjob!
First, I renamed uptime.php (the original with PHP code) to uptime_fix.php, then added crontab with:

crontab -e

And added this line:

0 * * * * php /the/path/to/uptime_fix.php > /the/path/to/uptime.php

That will circumvent the permissions issue, but remember to add the cronjob under a user which has adequate permissions. Another thing, be sure to read this comment. After that, all is good. There’s a better way? Do tell.

By the way, the contents of “uptime.php” will just look something like this:


Linux Mint 15 “Olivia” released!

The Linux Mint Dev Team has released Linux Mint 15, codenamed “Olivia”.

The description for Linux Mint 15 “Olivia” is given as follows:

Linux Mint 15 is the most ambitious release since the start of the project. MATE 1.6 is greatly improved and Cinnamon 1.8 offers a ton of new features, including a screensaver and a unified control center. The login screen can now be themed in HTML5 and two new tools, “Software Sources” and “Driver Manager”, make their first appearance in Linux Mint.

And these are some of the new ‘features’ (or changes):

  • MDM
  • Software Sources
  • Driver Manager
  • Cinnamon 1.8
  • MATE 1.6
  • Software Manager
  • System Improvements
  • Artwork Improvements
  • Upstream Components

I’ve provided torrents (mirror) here:

Read the entire announcement over at the Linux Mint Blog:



Zorin OS 7 Core RC available

Official announcement of the Zorin Group:

The Zorin OS Team is excited to finally launch the Zorin OS 7 Core Release Candidate, the pre-release version of our groundbreaking new operating system. Zorin OS 7 brings about a plethora of changes and improvements such as a wide array of updated software, the Linux Kernel version 3.8, the introduction of new software (Pidgin replacing Empathy and Geary Mail replacing Thunderbird) and an enormous design overhaul.
We have given the brand a face-lift with our new logo. In addition to this, Zorin OS itself includes a brand new desktop theme which you can see here. You can take a look at the default Zorin OS 7 desktop here.
As always, Zorin OS 7 uses the Zorin Desktop environment with Zorin Menu for unparalleled customization and the Zorin Look Changer for ultimate ease of use. We also include our Zorin Web Browser Manager to ease the installation of web browsers.
Zorin OS 7 is based on Ubuntu 13.04.

Zorin OS 7 Core RC is — at the time of writing — only available in 32bit flavour, which is the paramount reason why I’m not mirroring it. I will await the release of the 64bit branch and update my mirror (http://zorin.k0nsl.org).
In any case, those interested in the 32bit release can use the official mirrors, here: