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Merkel: Germany can never be neutral on Israel

[divider]Commentary from k0nsl[/divider] So it is official, I suppose. Germany cannot and will not abandon the ‘holocaust’ fraud, and will give Israel all the support it needs. This little rogue state is currently engaged in genocidal actions against the Palestinians. Ironic, or isn’t it? A people who claims to have been victims of a ‘heinous

Low Intelligence Allegedly Linked To Racism

An article published on the (dis)information network ‘Exposing The Truth’ bears the headline “Low Intelligence Linked To Racism”. If we are to believe these ‘studies’ doesn’t their findings suggest that Jews are a people of simpletons, a bunch of imbeciles? If we take into consideration the following undisputed facts: the stringent race laws in Israel

Is the term “Judeo-supremacist” an anti-Semitic expression?

Somebody asked this question: Is the term “Judeo-supremacist” (or “Jewish supremacist”) an anti-Semitic, Judeophobic and anti-Jewish expression? An example of hate speech? The answer is naturally a simple “no”, in all instances. The term is mostly used to accurately describe supremacist behaviour exhibited amongst people who proclaim themselves to be Jews, or belonging to Judaism.

Israel low in global popularity ranking

[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] A [/dropcap] poll released Tuesday by the BBC confirms Israel remains one of the world’s least popular countries, with more than half of those surveyed identifying its influence as “mainly negative.” Fifty-two percent of respondents views Israel in a strong negative light whilst a mere 20% rated it in “positive

BLOOD PASSOVER: Complete English Text

The following translation was performed free of charge to protest an injustice: the destruction by the ADL of Ariel Toaff’s BLOOD PASSOVER on Jewish ritual murder. The author is the son of the Chief Rabbi of Rome, and a professor of Jewish Renaissance and Medieval History at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, just outside Tel Aviv.

The Other Israel: The Whole Story of Zionist Conspiracy

[videojs mp4=”″] [divider]Information[/divider] In this video, Dr. Theodore Pike, who holds a degree in theology, reveals the real Judaism and the real Israel. He exposes the Talmud, the Jews’ holy book of the law, as a wicked and vile guide full of satanic sayings. Ted Pike also unmasks the Kabbalah, the mystical Jewish religious system

Just a Short Entry on Yom Kippur

I am of course fully aware that the Jewish Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, has already been. However I would like to make people aware of a short entry I’ve archived from my defunct (detox) Web Page titled: YOM KIPPUR: What Is It? Excerpt: RUBBISH! The occasion is nothing less than a time when Jews ask for