Andrew E. Mathis: “Get with the f*cking program.”

Andrew E. Mathis is at it again, making a complete fool out of himself. Why doesn’t that man think before he opens his mouth? How embarrassing it must be for him

Andy wrote this as a comment to the embedded video above:

Here’s something I wrote seven ago. When are you people going to get with the fucking program?

“Auschwitz and Majdanek also had large labor division [sic], and even Treblinka seems to have occasionally served as a transit camp for small numbers of Jews fit for labor, sent from there to Majdanek concentration camp.”

I posted that at HC blog on December 26, 2006. Why doesn’t Denierbud read his critics?

One more thing: Why not give us some interviews with Belzec survivors or Chelmno survivors? Certainly if these were transit camps, there would be as many survivors of these camps as of Treblinka and Sobibor, right?

The producer (Mr. Hunt) replied to Andrew E. Mathis with the following comment:

This video is not concerning 2006, or denierbud for that matter. You need to get new canned responses because the evidence of thousands upon thousands of Jewish men women and children being transited to camps in Lublin as well as Auschwitz is a game changer. “Pure extermination camp” is bullshit. Transit camp is reality.

As the information age advances, exterminationists will no longer be able to go back to the 2006 status quo of it being near-impossible to find Treblinka transitees.

Some of us are going to push through the imprisonment and persecution and continue to research the subject.

Not like a Treblinka rest stop of a few hours on the way to another camp is memorable in the grand scheme of the war. As we’ve seen, in this video most didn’t see anything but a Polish field with flowers and birds chirping. Who cares to remark about a rest stop at Treblinka when they were abused in other camps or almost froze to death elsewhwere? One of the reasons there isn’t a flood of Treblinka talk is that it wasn’t a memorable place.

After all, why hasn’t Zisblatt talked about it more? She’s on the Mead registry of Treblinka survivors, and she was coming from the East of Treblinka to Auschwitz. She apparently stopped at Treblinka.

So another fact is suppression of this evidence. Arad and Peter Black ignore known documentation about Treblinka transports to Majdanek which isn’t even in dispute in order to shape their false narrative.

I’m going to continue to release even MORE information about entire transports of men, women, and children (totally worthless for labor) transited through the “pure extermination camp” Treblinka.

If given access to the same archives Arad, the Holocaust Museums of the World, I can easily trace many more transports FULL of Jewish men, women and children transited through Treblinka (just like I already did.)

You would think “absolute” Arad would admit his mistake and actually give Revisionists that very opportunity!

But I don’t necessarily need that opportunity. When one approaches the “Where did they go?” question and actually tries to trace these Jews (such as I did for the February 14th transport) instead of believing in the gas chamber monster it’s a foregone conclusion that more and more Treblinka transitees and entire transports will be found and traced.

Of course along with Sobibor and Belzec, which were transit camps similar to Treblinka on a smaller scale. There are many Sobibor and Belzec transitees too, of course, but I focused on Treblinka because it’s the big domino.

The Communist professor Mathis NEEDS gassed Jews to support his genocidal ideology. His profile photo of the Soviet flag over a decimated Germany clearly represents the lack of freedom and human decency Communists like him have to offer the world.

Communist exterminationists like Mathis love the gassed Jews lie because it lets them whitewash the Communist regime’s actual atrocities and murder camps.

But there’s no Shoah Foundation for 50,000 whining, lying Ukrainian Holodomor victims – because they’re dead!

Andrew E. Mathis replies with a threat:

For fuck’s sake, Eric, did two years in prison and another four on parole not do anything for you? Speaking of which, your parole was up in, when? August 2012? Did I hear something about your being barred from your “political” activities while that parole was still on? But you were interviewed by Carolyn Yeager in 2011. Hmmmm.

I’d advise you to be very, very nice to me, Eric.

Download this documentary

Please visit gaschamberhoax.com to download it.


Roberto Muehlenkamp on Forensic Investigation Methodology

Roberto Muehlenkamp wrote:

Actually it’s k0nsl who is avoiding simple demands – such as the obviousness of his having to demonstrate that, as he claims, a forensic investigation requires “independent spectators from major countries observing the procedures and methodologies” to be considered objective. Instead of producing any rules or standards of evidence requiring what he claims to be “obvious”, he lamely babbles about “obviousness”. How do they do it in Sweden when they find a mass grave full of stinking dead bodies, k0nsl? Do they call in a commission of Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, German and what have you experts to observe the procedures and methodologies whereby the Swedish crime investigation police investigates the crime? Get real, man.

This must surely be a jest on Mr. Muehlenkamp’s part. The man must be a ‘Holocaust Denier’ in disguise.

For an answer to his daft question we turn to an article by Christoph Seidler titled ‘Clues to the Thirty Years’ War: Mass Grave Begins Revealing Soldiers’ Secrets‘ published in April, 2012:

The morning of November 16, 1632 was foggy, so the mass killing could only begin after some delay. It wasn’t until midday that the mist cleared, finally allowing the Protestant army of Sweden’s King Gustav II Adolf to attack the Roman Catholic Habsburg imperial army led by Albrecht von Wallenstein. The slaughter lasted for hours in the field at the Saxon town of Lützen.

“In this battle the only rule that applied was, ‘him or me,'” says Maik Reichel. “It was better to stab your opponent one extra time just to ensure there was no chance of him standing up again.” The historian und former German parliamentarian for the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) is standing at the edge of a field on the outskirts of Lützen. After the battles here, the ground was soaked with blood. “About 20,000 men fought on each side and between 6,000 and 9,000 were killed,” estimates Reichel, who heads the museum in the city castle.
When the soldiers in the religious war clashed on the outskirts of Lützen, the road from there to Leipzig was not yet called “B 87,” but “Via Regia.” The Red Cross nursing home and nearby supermarket that now stand on the battle site also didn’t exist back then. But the past is present here when one goes looking for it. So far archaeologists have examined about one- third of the former battlefield, in total 1.1 million square meters (11.8 million square feet). Theoretically, only another one-third could still be examined. The rest has been covered by the nursing home, supermarket and small garden allotments.

Still, archaeologists have managed to recover thousands of objects from the battle. The top find was just recently discovered: a mass grave where victims of the brutal struggle were buried. It is likely one of dozens, perhaps hundreds, of similar graves. Systematic excavations helped researchers locate the dead soldiers, and recovery efforts between the street and blooming rapeseed plants have left the ground bare.

The Human Dimensions of War

The bloody battle at Lützen isn’t known for its military significance. There was actually no clear winner. Instead it’s famous for the death of Sweden’s King Gustav II Adolf, also commonly known as Gustavus Adolphus. But the dead piled up all the same. Archaeologists are especially interested in the up to 175 unlucky soldiers buried in this mass grave. Because their work is better accomplished in a laboratory rather than a field, a complete chunk of soil was unearthed and transported to the city of Halle with the help of cranes and flatbed trucks. The 55-ton hunk of earth, split into two pieces for logistical reasons, is laced with bones that are now being analyzed in the laboratory of the Saxony-Anhalt State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology. A wooden casing ensures that the discovery doesn’t crumble.

Not much is known about the battle’s dead. Mercenaries from Scotland, England and Croatia fought next to Germans, Austrians and Swedes. They died from wounds inflicted by muskets, pistols, swords, knives and halberds, which are pole weapons with axe blades mounted on top. But who were these fighters? Were they spring chickens or old warhorses? Were they well-fed or emaciated? And where did they come from?

These are questions that will be answered by the analysis in Halle, about a 45-minute drive from Lützen. Visitors to this bright, lofty laboratory can get some idea of the human dimensions of the battle by climbing a ladder onto the frame encasing the two soil blocks.

Heiko Heilmann is already up there, scraping soil away from a bone with a wooden spatula. In his hands the dirt gives way to reveal the remarkably well-preserved skeleton of a former fighter. The excavation technician has already uncovered 20 bodies from the first of the two blocks.

He starts the job by moistening the soil with a spray bottle. Then he carefully digs out the bones. The sight of the arms, legs, shoulders, pelvises and skulls is hard to take in. Loose bones are collected in aluminum trays. Little labels give the deceased provisional names such as “I1,” “I2,” I3,” with the “I” standing for individual.

Buried Almost Naked

A few facts have already come to light. For example, the corpses were buried almost naked, presumably after being plundered. They were, at least, carefully laid to rest. The bodies were gathered from the battlefield and placed in a grave next to the street, arranged in two rows with their legs facing each other.

Several layers of dead probably lie within these two blocks, although researchers have only uncovered the first. The burials were not taken care of by the surviving soldiers, who were already on their way to the next battle. Instead the good citizens of Lützen had to take on the unpleasant job. They asked 200 soldiers in the neighboring garrison of Weissenfels for extra support.

The discovery at Lützen, being prepared by Heilmann with dental tools and brushes, is not unique, though. Researchers know of more mass graves in Germany from the Thirty Years’ War. They have been found during the construction of a house in Höchstadt in central Franconia in 1985, excavated by a gravel dredge in Wittstock in Brandenburg in 2007 and exposed by pipeline engineers in Alerheim in southwest Germany in 2008. The grave at Wittstock has recently been put on display at the State Archaeological Museum in Brandenburg an der Havel.

Multi-Discipline Approach

But the grave at Lützen is an especially systematic and successful investigation, and its scientific results promise to be comprehensive, even though the work is still in its infancy. The skull of “I9”, for example, shows clear traces of a blow. A lead bullet is lodged in the pelvis of “I2” from a shot to the buttocks. A strontium isotope analysis will uncover whether it was a Saxon, Swede or Scotsman that had to suffer that particular misfortune.

The analysis will likely be conducted by researchers from the Bristol University. The British specialists have already helped their German colleagues when the tomb of medieval Queen Edith was opened in Magdeburg in 2009. The procedure works like this: People in differing regions of the world are exposed to characteristic chemical forms of the metal strontium. Because the different isotopes of the element are integrated into the human body, they leave telltale signatures. With a little luck scientists can examine the bones to reconstruct where soldiers traveled in the years before their death. Teeth reveal information about their childhoods.
Anthropologists, chemists, historians, soil and weapons experts will conduct a joint analysis in the coming months. “We always work with other disciplines. Old school archaeology is out,” says Alfred Reichenberger, spokesman for the Saxony-Anhalt State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology. The work will take a long time, that much is clear. But at some point there might be a visitor’s center at the edge of the former battlefield, says Reichel, head of the Lützen museum.

The center will report on the horrors of the war and serve as a warning for today’s generation. Because, as Reichel adds: “History doesn’t repeat itself. But it has its habits.”


Nizkor Director Ken McVay

Look at Ken McVay’s photo and ask yourselves; “Does he not look like a disheveled unkempt pervert or someone who would molest your child even if he or she were not naked”?


“I am weary of seeing the issue of “child porn” blown out of proportion (I’ve been on and around the Net since 1988, and have yet to come across anything I’d consider “child porn.” I’ve seen photos of naked children, but then I’ve got some of those in my family photo album [1], and fail to see the harm, or any great moral danger to our society).” – Nizkor Director Ken McVay [2]

As everyone can see McVay takes it as a compliment when he is called a “confessed child-molester” and the additional material [3] should give an indication as to the why:

Did someone give McVay AIDS, because he molested his girl?

On 5 Oct 2004 19:16:20 -0000, Ken Lewis wrote:

>From: kni…@indystart.com (Black Knight)
>Newsgroups: alt.revisionism,soc.culture.jewish,can.general,alt.homosexual
>Date: 13 Oct 2002 06:18:15 -0700
>Nomen Nescio <nob…@dizum.com> wrote in message
>> On Fri, 11 Oct 2002 21:10:07 +0200 (CEST), Nomen Nescio wrote:
>> >His ex-wife got custody of Lisa as a result. McVay’s fixation with porn
>> >movies and downloading naked children photos from the internet could of
>> >been a contributing factor. Call McVay at 1-250-616-9431 or write him at
>> >P.O. Box 244, Station A; Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 5K9 Canada and ask him why he
>> >is a child molester pedophile.
>From: Henry <herm…@mindspring.com>
>Newsgroups: soc.culture.usa,alt.revisionism,can.general
>Subject: Will a Revisionist steal your identity too?
>Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 10:20:08 -0500
>Lisa McVay-Henske wrote:
>> My mother left my father before he could have Jamie McCarthy move
>> in. It was one of the best moves my mother ever made. My father and
>> Jamie parted ways and then father latched on to Jay Winkler and they
>> became quite an item and a trendy couple. Jay died from AIDS recently
>> and surprisingly my father has not succumbed to AIDs though I wish
>> he would. I hate his god damned guts and I wish he would die. Only
>> if my father would of got some mental health care. Dad always seemed
>> to leer when a handsome man would enter the room. Anytime a man would
>> pay attention to me my father would get jealous. I thought he got
>> green eyed because he wanted more attention on account of being the
>> director of his Nizkor Project. Now I realize it was a lustful jealousy
>> and he hated me because men would rather go to bed with me than with him.
>> His deranged fits of jealousy often resulted in his whipping me till
>> I had stripes and welts all over me before he would stop. Hell hath no
>> fury than a homosexual man being kept from a new quest I guess.
>> http://www.protocol.gov.bc.ca/protocol/prgs/obc/1995/1995_KMcVay.jpg
>> Date: 12 Oct 2002 04:18:28 -0000
>> From: Lance’s Escorts <herm…@mindspring.com>
>> Subject: CALL NOW! Male escorts for lonely men
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>> Don’t go to the next NAMBLA function or Gay Pride Parade solo.
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>> We provide male companions for homosexual men who
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>> Any sexual acts a Lance Escort may perform on a customer
>> is the escort’s sole responsibility.
>Is it true that McVay has been convicted 3 times
>in the US for molesting infants?
>What did his sexual aberations play in his divorce in Nanaimo,Canada?
>In article <26f0f0a37f7103ef1d87c956725ca…@dizum.com>,
> Nomen Nescio <nob…@dizum.com> wrote:
>> We give thanks to Mr. David Michael for his research into
>> Ken McVay’s marriage and divorce. Now we have a starting point
>> to find out where McVay lives because those divorce papers
>> will have specifics on them. McVay could of gotten away with his
>> shenanigans if he would of left well enough alone.
>> We are going to reveal more about McVay’s drug habits, his
>> alcoholism, his wife beating, his molesting his teen aged daughter,
>> and his letting other men molest his pre-teen daughter so McVay
>> could exact bisexual favors from the men molesting his daughter.
>> We are going to prove Ken McVay would let other men molest his
>> daughter in exchange for McVay getting to perform sex acts with
>> those men.
>> We are going to make Ken McVay’s life a veritable living hell.
>> We may even drive him to suicide when we are finished with him.
>Orac |”A statement of fact cannot be insolent.”
>What were the real reasons for Mrs. McVay divorcing Ken McVay?
>What connection/part did daughter Lisa play in the divorce?
>Is McVay such a disgusting criminal, that he supported
>the kiddie porn distributor from the Halifax synagogue?
>What other crimes, besides Income Tax Fraud in both
>the US and Canada has McVay been convicted of?
>Is McVay, like the Rabbis in the US, another drug dealer?
>These are some of the questions McVay needs to answer.
>Obviously his former employers have some of the answers,
>which is why the former gas station attendant is no
>longer getting paid by jew organisations since January.
>Even respectable jews don’t want to be associated with
>filth like McVay, or whatever his real name is.
>How soon until BNAI BRITH dumps all connections with
>the child molester McVay, operating Nizkor as a one-fag business?
><start quote>
>This crudely assembled and executed compliment to The Nizkor Project,
>created by a Skinhead calling himself “Bootboy,” appeared in 1995 at
>a web site in Texas: “WARNING! There is a confessed child-molester who
>goes by the name of Ken McVay who frequents these news groups. It is
>not worth the time to read all the crap this piece of sub-human filth
>posts, however a visit to his web page might prove interesting. NOT!”
><end quote>
>As everyone can see McVay takes it as a compliment when he is
>called a “confessed child-molester” and the additional material
>should give an indication as to the why.
>”I am weary of seeing the issue of “child porn” blown out of
>proportion (I’ve been on and around the Net since 1988, and have
>yet to come across anything I’d consider “child porn.” I’ve
>seen photos of naked children, but then I’ve got some of those in
>my family photo album, and fail to see the harm, or any great
>moral danger to our society).” – Nizkor Director Ken McVay
>http://www.spectacle.org/695/mcvay.html [Many paedophiles
>also have family albums with naked children photos in them.]
>Look at Ken McVay’s photo and ask yourselves; “Does he look like
>a disheveled unkempt pervert or someone who would molest your child
>even if he or she were not naked”?
>The greater majority of child molesters also have the same unkempt
>appearence too and this is due to their own lack of self esteem. It
>is the manifested lack of self esteem which drives people such as
>McVay to engage in the sordid lifestyles they engage in. McVay can’t deal with
>mature women thus he does what he does and takes it as a compliment when
>someone points out he’s a child molester.
>[McVay will have homosexual relations with adult men however.]
>Links to the confessed child-molester’s web site and source of funding;
>The Nizkor Project: http://www.nizkor.org
>Kenneth McVay, SOBC the well-known fag in Canada,
>Fag McVay of Vancouver, also a convicted car thief
>and all round molester, convicted of child molesting
>and car theft in California and Oregon, reportedly
>wanted also in Washington state,and still unemployed
>gas pump boy, mastermind of the Canadian branch of
>NAMBLA, wants all to know about all his
>fellow criminals and perverts.
>Posted courtesy of : Paul Kneisel, who likes late
>night discussions, even from Christian Identity,
>Pamyat, Aryan Nations, Stormfront, HAMAS, etc.
>I am together with McVay, L.Schiff, and Boris
>regional managers for NAMBLA.
>We like young children, so that we can train them our way.
>CALL, best late nights (718)390-8692
>or even VISIT me:
>Outerbridge, Peter
>54 Wall St,
>Staten Island, NY 10301-1869
>My business contact is:
>Outerbridge, Peter
>200 East Tenth Street #603
>New York,, NY 10003
>Posted by: Boris Dynin = NAMBLA executive &
>Henry<herm…@mindspring.com> who like
>late night discussions, even from Stormfront,
>Christian Identity, Pamyat, Aryan Nations, etc.
>I am together with McVay, regional managers for NAMBLA.
>We like young children, so that we can train them our way.
>CALL late nights to discuss: (408) 773-0984
>Email me: bo…@movil.com , or even
>VISIT me at:
>55 Chumasero Drive, Daly City, San Francisco 94132
>Ken McVay invites callers to his homosexuals escorts office:
>Or, VISIT at:
>#5 – 1601 – Bowen Road, Nanaimo, B.C., Canada, or my home at:
>Apt. 3108 – 995 Bowen Road, Nanaimo, B.C., Canada
>As everyone can see McVay takes it as a compliment when he is
>called a “confessed child-molester” and the additional material
>should give an indication as to the why.
>”I am weary of seeing the issue of “child porn” blown out of
>proportion (I’ve been on and around the Net since 1988, and have
>yet to come across anything I’d consider “child porn.” I’ve
>seen photos of naked children, but then I’ve got some of those in
>my family photo album, and fail to see the harm, or any great
>moral danger to our society).” – Nizkor Director Ken McVay
>http://www.spectacle.org/695/mcvay.html [Many paedophiles
>also have family albums with naked children photos in them.]
>Look at Ken McVay’s photo and ask yourselves; “Does he not look like
>a disheveled unkempt pervert or someone who would molest your child
>even if he or she were not naked”?
>Also,be sure to include me on maillists:
>Keith Spencer,5005 Whitemud Road,Edmonton,AB,Canada T6H5L2
>I welcome phone calls, late nights:(780)437-1787 or
>send lots of emails to: k…@ualberta.ca, or phone to work:(780)492-0473
>For the real TRUTH about ZHIDS, visit the website for JEW-WATCH:
>Or, other useful websites include:
>National Alliance – www.natvan.com
>OSTARA – www.ostara.org
>IHR – www.ihr.org
>ZUNDELSITE – www.zundelsite.org
>AL JAZEERA – http://english.aljazeera.net/HomePage
>Or, visit the website for NATIONAL ALLIANCE : http://www.natvan.com
>They have lots of information, as well as books and records.
>They also are involved in exposing Ken McVay for the crook he is,
>and passing on information to the appropriate criminal prosecutors.
>As a service to the public, this article is posted worldwide by a
>victim of the molester pervert Ken McVay. May he rot in hell.

This is strong stuff. McVay has extraordinary numbers of enemies. As for whether it is true or not, who knows? There are so many fruitcakes, and sure, this doesn’t disprove his historical views, even if it’s all true, but his pretense of moral superiority is quite a nerve. Ken McVay is an imitation Jew.



The Stalker Replies

In reply to my post “Got a Stalker? I Do.” — the man stalking me, that’s to say Andrew E. Mathis, posted this:

The Stalker Replies The Stalker Replies

This stalker vividly reminds me of this:

This tracking-me-down bit was somewhat disconcerting. Still, I figured the poor guy was a bit of a sad, or lonely, sack, and I thought of my mother and how she always taught me to do a mitzvah and be kind to those who could benefit from a little kindness. So the mitzvah consisted of another polite response, less than half the length of his, asking him about his job and appeasing his request to ask him how he found me. And this is when he became my Jewish Stalker.

Source: My Jewish Cyber-Stalker: A Tale of Matchmaking, Mitzvahs and Manischewitz

The only difference being I’m not in a rush to do a ‘mitzvah’ (good deed) for this sick fuck 



Holocaust Controversies’ Muehlenkamp Talks ‘Cowardice’

Let’s begin with some quotes:


Hi there, Mr. Andersson.

I see you still cannot do without your self-projecting invective (those effeminate tendencies of yours must bother you a lot), and that you look even more stupid on your current avatar than in your other picture. Or is that your boyfriend?



Roberto Muehlenkamp


Mr. Muehlenkamp responded in the above manner — to my explanation below — as to what “WNLibrary” stands for:


Actually, I think I’m in a better position to tell that. The meaning behind the “WN” in “WNLibrary” is very banal – it simply stands for “Webmaster Network”, because it was supposed to be a library for webmasters. Now, however, it will function as a library for a wide variety of topics. I always say, if somebody has something of interest, and they want it on WNLibrary, they can contact those in-charge and they’ll probably upload it, no matter what the topic is.

Why is the abbreviation of “WN” even of interest to anybody, or to Roberta in this case…? 

By the way: yes, I have abbreviated it differently in some cases. But so what. Who cares? 






Roberto talks about “boyfriends” and “effeminacy” along with attacks on the photograph of myself which I keep for avatar all over the Web, but doesn’t respond as to why the abbreviation of “WN” is a concern for him. After all, it was Roberto who brought it up in the first instance by asking:


Do you know what the “WN” in “WNLibrary” stands for?



Roberto Muehlenkamp


As for his attacks, I told him:


As is customary Roberto did not answer the question, instead he decided to make derogatory remarks about my avatar, and he also (as is the custom routine for him) managed to apply a name to me that I do not have. I am not sure what ‘other picture’ he’s referring to, either. Roberto has done this for years. The man has called me “Andersson” for a decade or so without any foundation to base such a belief upon. Why my credentials should be of interest to him is also a mystery to myself. Clearly it isn’t this author who has issues, that’s for sure!


signed, k0nsl


To this Mr. Muehlenkamp posts a link to an article written by a Swedish organisation called “Expo”, full of unsubstantiated nonsense. He says:


Without any foundation, Mr. Andersson? [see: https://k0nsl.org/blog/tag/expo/] Not that I particularly care about your “credentials”, you see. I just like to see how you react whenever your name comes up.



Roberto Muehlenkamp


Naturally his answer gives me an ample opening to challenge him, so I answer him like so:


After that response, the sorry man — Roberto Muehlenkamp — was quiet. I asked, where’d Roberto Muehlenkamp go? Pondering for all to hear, that he’s: ‘probably coming up with some clever lies to defend his unfounded claims.’


What he did was something typical of him – mixing irrationality with stupidity (hey, that’s two of the main ingredients in the Holocaust story haha). In actual fact, he mustered this:


As I said, I like to see how this pathetic creature reacts whenever his name (or what he claims is not his name) comes up.

The easiest way for the fellow to “clear up” the “error” that makes him freak out every time it is mentioned, of course, would be to reveal his true identity (which he claims is not that of Jonathan Andersson) to Mr. Poohl and/or to “those who repeat his claims”.

But that’s the last thing k0nsl the chicken would consider doing, needless to say.



Roberto Muehlenkamp


The buffoon struck with a very unintelligent reply. This one must take the grand prize for sheer stupidity.

Let’s break it down:

  •  he likes my reaction whenever the unfounded claim of my identity comes up
  •  he wants me to reveal my ‘true identity’ to Daniel Poohl and his lie factory Expo
  •  calls me a chicken for not doing so


To this I responded:


I am not claiming something, I am telling it to you. Personally, I think that if anybody is in a position to tell the truth about my identity it’s me, and not some “journalist” who writes for a lie factory. And I am not freaking out over anything – I merely want you to not pry into my identity and I have repeatedly told you not to apply names to me that isn’t mine. I just tell you to not call me a name that doesn’t belong to me. Why should I want to be called someone I’m not and why should it be of interest to you who I am?

Why should I reveal my true identity to people who terrorize others because they don’t like their viewpoints on history or political views? Many of the members who make up (or once made up) Poohls lie factory have a criminal background – mostly in connection with assaulting people they do not agree with. So rather than being a coward I’m actually being rational and intelligent. The reasoning of Roberto Muehlenkamp is – at the very least – plain stupidity and irrationality.





His response to this? He posts a picture of a person sitting in a chicken dress in front of a computer. 


Then he attacks me in the following manner:


Face it, k0nsl, you’re a whimpering little coward who doesn’t have the courage to put his name behind the garbage he produces.



Roberto Muehlenkamp


And instructs me to change my avatar to something other than ‘that pig-faced idiot’.



My last response to him:

Hm, talking about inane incompetents Roberto Muehlenkamp certainly fits that category like the ‘hand in the glove’.
I encourage the pitiful man to actually do some research about Expo and the people involved in that organisation. This man would probably claim that the confessions of Höss were rational, too. But Höss endured torture for almost a week to confess to that nonsense – so in a similar way, the buffoon wants me to tell my true identity to people who wants to harm me.
Where’s the rationality in that?


In reality, Roberto wants me to hand over my private details to persons such as Tobias Hübinette, founder of the lie factory Expo. This person said the following in Creol (a newspaper):


To feel or even think that the white race is inferior in every possible plane is natural, given its history and current actions. Let the white race perish in blood and suffering. Long live the multicultural, racially mixed and classless ecological society! Long live anarchy!



Tobias Hübinette


Here’s a photograph of Mr. Hübinette:

The ominous Tobias Hübinette.. The ominous Tobias Hübinette..

The courts have repeatedly assessed Tobias Hübinette as mentally disturbed.


More on Expo here (Swedish):


And Roberto Muehlenkamp wants me to ‘hand over my true identity’ to them? Using rational thought such an endeavour wouldn’t be a very good idea.

To end this reply to Roberto Muehlenkamp, I say: anyone can see for themselves that Muehlenkramp is not only damned stupid, but also irrational.


Roberto Muehlenkamp and His Father


I got this information via “Blogbuster”, Wikipedia, and Google Images.

Apparently Roberto Muehlenkamp’s father is Johannes Rudolf Mühlenkamp, who fought in the SS division Das Reich in a Reconnaissance Battalion. Interesting to note is that Mr. Muehlenkamp has always denied this connection, often vehemently.

In his own admission Muehlenkamp suffers from depression and eats medical supplements such as Lyrica to ease it. In the Holocaust Controversies crowd Mr. Muehlenkamp is probably one of the most fanatic ones – and it is my conviction that “Nestbeschmutzers” such as Roberto are the most frantic when it comes to talking down their own history and degrading their fathers.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about Johannes Rudolf Mühlenkamp:

Johannes Rudolf Mühlenkamp, born 09-10-1910 in Metz, Alsace-Lorraine, was one of the early members of the NSDAP and the SS, joining on April 1933. Mühlenkamp was given the party number 2.800.042 and the SS service number 86.065. He was first assigned to the 4th SS Standarte Schleswig Holstein in Hamburg before being moved to the 2nd SS Standarten of the SS-Verfügungstruppe in 1934. Then, Mühlenkamp had been selected to become an officer in 1935. He was sent to the SS Juncker School at Braunschweig. From April to May 1936, Mühlenkamp completed motorcycle training with the 2nd Panzer Division, being highly successful in pre World War II motorcycle competitions. On completion of his officer training, Mühlenkamp was assigned to the 2nd Battalion of the Germania Regiment, 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking, as a platoon leader on November 1937. Mühlenkamp took over command of the Motor Cycle Company on May 1938. At the eve of the war, Mühlenkamp was the Divisional Adjutant of the SS-Verfügungstruppe Division, until December 1940, when he was given the command of the Reich Division Reconnaissance Battalion, Commander Paul Hausser (see Hausser). On 13th of September 1939 15th motorcycle company from SS Regiment “Germania”, while protecting the road Przemysl – Lwow, captured Sadowa Wisznia. Then it attacked by surprise and captured a Polish 500 men strong battalion which was marching along the road towards the east (although most probably it was a group of reservists not a battalion). During the night from 13th to 14th of September German forces in Sadowa Wisznia were attacked by forward elements of II. and III. from 98 reserve infantry regiment and suffered casualties: 19 killed (mainly from the 3rd platoon), 3 wounded, all motor vehicles of the 3rd platoon, 11 captured (mainly from the 3rd platoon) including the commander of 15th company – Hauptsturmführer Mühlenkamp. Poles reported capturing 11 POWs; recapturing 500 prisoners from German captivity; destroying 8 cars; booty was 12 motorcycles, 2 cars and 2 truck.

Living in Bredelem after the war Mühlenkamp, aged 75, died on 23-09-1986 and is buried on the Stadtfriedhof of Bredelem.

It is widely believed that the original Muehlenkamp (Rudolf) was quite the ladies man, and had numerous “trysts” with women throughout Germany. 

Compare Rudolf Mühlenkamp  to Roberto Muehlenkamp:


“Blogbuster” says:

No reasonable person would dare to make the claim that Roberto is not a descendent of Rudolf. They are nearly identical. Only difference is that Rudolf, despite being a devout “Natsoc”, was probably a proud and honorable military man who would be disgraced by the antics of his idiot offspring Roberto. That is if he even bothered to provide him some legitimacy, which he apparently did not.

Roberto Muehlenkamp of Holocaust Controversies vehemently denies the claim of lineage most likely do to the fact that daddy didn’t want him.

The Hate Blog watchers have had professional third party photo analysis done at their own expense and the results were 89% conclusive that they are father / son.

Roberto Muehlenkamp suffers from a severe form of acute bi-polarism and agitated depression. He doesn’t deny his affliction, although he has desperately attempted to down play the serious nature of it. (despite being institutionalized).

Psychiatrists often attribute bi-polar behaviour to individuals who were rejected as children.

Perhaps this is the reason Roberto behaves in the nasty way he does?


One wonders why Roberto Muehlenkamp decided to become a professional Holocaust Enforcer. The man must have been a promoter of the “gas chamber” stories for longer than I have been alive…so almost three decades!

And what has he got to show for it?

Roberto says:

Since I started opposing “Revisionism” I have come across several persons, including one of my co-bloggers, who have turned their backs on “Revisionist” BS. But I don’t remember having witnessed anyone becoming a “Revisionist”.

The illustrious thing, though, is that his co-blogger never even was a holocaust revisionist to begin with. Alas, the man can not even be truthful about such a petty detail. 


Got a Stalker? I Do.

Stalking isn't fun Stalking isn't fun

For close to a decade this man has been trying to gather my private details but has so far only managed to get a few, few details correct. He has in e-mail and on his (now defunct) forum made threats on my life, all in front of his colleagues – one of which remarked that he’d like to do the same but the only thing stopping him is the law.

Tjaden and Thoennes take on stalking:

Stalking was defined as a course of conduct directed at a specific person that involves repeated visual or physical proximity; nonconsensual communication; verbal, written, or implied threats; or a combination thereof that would cause fear in a reasonable person (with repeated meaning on two or more occasions).



Just recently the man stalking me published a photograph on Twitter depicting the outhouses at the residence where some people I know live, but obviously this person believes I live there — that is, in any case, the conclusion I draw from him sending this to me on Twitter:


What this person — that’s to say: Andrew E. Mathis — doesn’t know is that this photograph is about four years old and he probably doesn’t know that the people who took it drove away very quickly when I chased after them to ask why they were taking pictures of my acquaintances residence; luckily I came so close to see them that I could easily tell they were not Nordic people, that they weren’t Europeans – they looked like they came from the Middle East. Funny how some Arabs let themselves be used as the tool of racist Jews with a criminal agenda (this guy is against Jewish intermarriage – but would probably call somebody who is against this in any other ethnicity “racist”, thus not only is he a racist, but also a hypocrite).

In any case, let’s see now, I managed to get the plate numbers of the persons taking the photograph, looked them up in the appropriate register and they had driven to where my acquaintances resides from a place in Sweden called Borås — more than that I do not know because I have not bothered to even research it further, I merely looked up the plates to see who they were. This stalker complains that I have written blog posts about him: but they are only here to document his threats, his foul behaviour and our past discussions. If the man does not wish to engage in public discussion and have the stuff he says available for others to read then he shouldn’t engage in debate. That’s simple, really.

Aware.org says this about stalking:

The actual behaviors that stalkers use are as varied as their warped personalities. Some may make unwanted phone calls (pleasant or unpleasant, frequent or occasional, demanding, pleading, questioning, or threatening). Others write letters (which can also run the gamut in frequency and tone). Some use email, on-line chat groups, or other computer aids to harassment. Others physically follow their prey, staying hidden or allowing themselves to be seen. Some vandalize property, or threaten, or kill pets. Less than half make overt threats, but that doesn’t mean they are not dangerous. Virtually ANY behavior can cause the level of fear required to meet most stalking statutes, if it is unwanted and happens repeatedly.

Already back in the year of 2007, that’s almost seven years ago from now, Andrew E. Mathis sent this to my e-mail:


Also in 2007 under the header “Why I don’t have a listed phone number” he sent the following e-mail:


Psychologists often group individuals who stalk into two categories: psychotic and non-psychotic. Stalkers may have pre-existing psychotic disorders such as delusional disorder, schizoaffective disorder, or schizophrenia. Most stalkers are non-psychotic and may exhibit disorders or neuroses such as major depression, adjustment disorder, or substance dependence, as well as a variety of Axis II personality disorders (such as antisocial, avoidance, borderline, dependent, narcissistic, or paranoid). The non-psychotic stalkers’ pursuit of victims can be influenced by various psychological factors, including anger, hostility, projection of blame, obsession, dependency, minimization, denial, and jealousy. Conversely the stalker has no empathetic feelings towards the victim, but simply a longing that cannot be fulfilled due to deficiencies either in their personality or their society’s norms.[1]

Mathis repeatedly embraced Tom Polansky as his friend and this only confirms that old saying that “you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep”. That couldn’t be more true in this instance.

For more on that particular person one can read my post:

“You know, if you’re going to stalk someone, you should be less obvious. For starters, try not to standing in the middle of a field, gawking at your prey.” ― Kristin Walker, A Match Made in High School

Please understand that this is only scratching the surface for some ten minutes, and that includes taking the screenshots and cutting them for size and uploading it. There’s so much material I could fill a pamphlet about this psychotic stalker


[1] ”Types of Stalkers.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stalking