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Deckert Files: Appeal – Request For Evidence #1

I’m reproducing the document below [in connection] with the request for evidence for the appeal hearing before the District Court of Mannheim on behalf of Herr Günter Deckert translated by Carlos W. Porter. This one nearly had me rolling on the floor laughing, despite it being of such serious nature. For the uninitiated; Herr Deckert is threatened with

Germar Rudolf Lecture on Revisionism

Testing the audio player. I figured, why not make it meaningful too. So I included Mr. Rudolf’s speech/lecture on Holocaust Revisionism — I recommend this from all my heart. Enjoy! I hauled this from Holocaust History News: You can download it from this URL: [code][/code] [divider]More information [/divider] NEWS !! Germar Rudolf speech on Revisionism

The Leuchter Reports: Critical Edition

The Barnes Review (TBR) recently published a third edition of the Leuchter Report which has gone through notable changes to correct some issues in the previous editions. This edition is more than likely the third and final one — the details are of course in the footnotes. There hasn’t been any change in the text

Eek-a-Mouse “Hitler”

I’m sure a lot of people have heard this song by Ripton Joseph Hylton (apparently this fellow is a rapist – what a surprise!), if not…listen to it above! The lyrics are disturbingly anti-German and cynically contains this line:   [quote] Remember this is history and this ain’t no joke, And this ain’t no joke.

Holocaust History News, revived

Hello friends, I thought it would be appropriate to post the following clip seeing as Holocaust History News has been revived again after a involuntary break for some five months or some such. I crafted this clip in conjunction with the launch of HHN. Admittedly the editing skills aren’t really the best — it’s basically just audio