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Book: Heroes of the Reich

A young sailor in Britain’s Merchant Marine, Michael Walsh was mystified. It was the 1950s and the demonization of all things German was exclusively a political or media phenomena. Most of his older contemporaries had fought or been captured in WW2 yet he never met one who did not respect former foes. A little research

Jonathan Harrison, Phenol Injections & More

Jonathan Harrison, a blogger and Holocaust Believer, posted a piece entitled: “Pregnant Women will be Put to Death”, which when read further into the actual text, one finds a particularly revealing quote which Mr. Harrison apparently believes to be credible [NOTE: no proof is actually given for such a belief]. Naturally the quote originates from

Someone to Remember: Irma Grese

Someone I think we must pay our respects and remember today is the brave Irma Grese. She truly exemplifies what a German should be like. What a girl. She never wavered or relinquished her faith  – even in the face of hopelessness and death. Always steadfast. She was hanged on absolutely false charges from beginning to the end

1,000 Jews deported and gassed … in bed!

A blushing couple, for sure. However, they have a tendency to spew hatred against Germans and are purveyors of incredible lies.   Let’s see what Dr. Faurisson has to say about this: With two years’ delay I now learn of news about Auschwitz which, as of late 2010, should have made the headlines of the world press

A Lovely Christmas Party

Isn’t that one very adorable photograph? Lovely, right? You couldn’t find something negative? Me neither. WELL, not according to the Jewish media! They sure as hell have another viewpoint on THAT issue. Let’s see how the totally Jewish owned media described this innocent Christmas Party, shall we: chilling horror killing operations hatred mass murder And last

The Lowdown on Monica Lowenberg

Enter Monica Lowenberg: She apparently supports, likes and encourages:  The banning of all “Holocaust Denial” pages and groups on Facebook.  Wants more ‘tolerance’ for Romany Gypsy and Irish Traveller Community [comment: IRISH TRAVELLER??]  Wishes that Lithuania abandon alleged sponsoring of Anti-Semitism and ‘Holocaust Obfuscation’  She furiously fights for ‘Gay Rights’  Would like to ban nationalists from

Collaborative Project: Holocaust “Eyewitnesses”

I had this thought today about compiling a page on the most absurd “eyewitnesses”, in all arenas of the Holocaust, not just for the absurdly claimed “gas chambers”  But for this I would like to request help. Sort of like a collaborative project. Everyone who contribute will of course be mentioned in the credits of