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WW II Survivor Blasts the Toronto Star

  A German WW II survivor blasts the Toronto Star and sets the record straight.   [spacer style=”1″] To the Toronto Star Gentlemen;   As per the above subject matter; Greg Quill, Books Columnist wrote about the latest “HYPE”  going on in Germany’s winter book season.   Here is the other side of the coin:

Holocaust Memorial Day 2013

Holocaust Memorial Day, 2013. Well today is the most important day of the year, Holocaust Memorial Day – at least if you’re a Holocaust Believer. Last year Penny Ling, who’s probably just an ordinary person and not a professional Holocaust Enforcer, commemorated the day in question by telling a story which I too have heard,

Sylvia Stolz Speech on Holocaust Denial

One pro-Holocaust Web Page carried the following article on their site, titled: Wirr, paranoid, fanatisch: Das Profil der Holocaust-Leugnerin Sylvia Stolz After looking at the below clip (in three parts) please tell me whether you found the German Joan of Arc to be confused, paranoid and fanatic. Of course, they mention being fanatic in a bad way; it

Top List: Jewish Products in WWII

We all know the story, don’t we? The most evil people on the planet were the Germans and according to some people they still are the most evil people. It’s apparently okay to say this and get away with it. However, if we begin by looking at the facts one sees that this allegation is

Update on The Patriot Letter

As those who follow me on Twitter [link] probably knows I’m archiving all [or most of] the Patriot Letter’s sent out by Walther F. Mueller which was an idea of his in 2004. The reactions to his newsletter are many, see for example the results about it in Google:   I do not necessarily agree with