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Eric Hunt’s Documentaries

Hi friends, I have mirrored [1] most of Eric Hunt’s documentaries, spread out over several different servers around the world. You will be geolocated to a location that is closest to where you are, in most cases. This is particularly true for his documentary “The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth” which is spread across six different

Books in the Mail: TRR & LOTH

I received a couple of very interesting books today in the mail; the mail man came honking his horn and I ran outside in anticipation for what I knew was already coming… And there they were! A copy of the groundbreaking and legendary “Rudolf Report” together with the best starter book on the whole topic:

Adolf Hitler – The greatest story NEVER told

The video above this text is the actual introductory clip to the documentary below. This documentary cover a lot of WWII history in a straightforward manner without the bitter lies which we have become so accustomed to via channels such as the History Channel, or any other channel — for that matter. All in all

Who Brought the Slaves to America

Verbatim text: The story of the slaves in America begins with Christopher Columbus. His voyage to America was not financed by Queen Isabella, but by Luis de Santangelo, who advanced the sum of 17,000 ducats (about 5,000 pounds-today equal to 50,000 pounds) to finance the voyage, which began on August 3,1492. Columbus was accompanied by

Video: Holocaust Revisionism

“Holocaust Revisionism” is a sub-eleven minute video created by Patrick Willis (“Snordster”) which eloquently describes the main tenants of the Holocaust ideology and the core position of the people who oppose — with factual argumentation — this Holocaust ideology, the so-called Holocaust Revisionists [1]. [quote] On the traditional view, the Holocaust was the deliberate murder

Did the World get what They promised?

This year marks 60 years after the end of WWII. The end for all nations except for Germany, for Germany and the German people have not gotten their peace agreement with their wartime adversaries;  when will the peace agreement be signed, and when will Germany be truly free again?  I wonder. After the National Socialists, henceforth NS, got political

German Gunslingers: Yes or No?

Deborah E. Lipstadt, Holocaust Enforcer at Emory University writes: In fact, the gas chambers were preceded by another brutal wave of killings. Between June 1941 and late 1942, the Einsatzgruppen, the mobile killing units and their auxiliaries, shot approximately 1.5 million Jews. They also killed many communists, partisans, Polish intellectuals and others deemed by the Germans