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My Return to Watercooling

I have recently decided to get back into watercooling again, but this time I’ll keep it very simple. On monday I will order the following items: EK-Supreme LTX EK-Reservoir Combo DCP 2.2: New case (Corsair Vengeance C70): quite small but yet with enough room for most of the components I need: (this one looks a lot

Sorry for the Lack of Updates

I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately, and not just on this blog, but also at other web pages I help maintain. I am sick, there’s a error with my thyroid gland. So nothing that won’t be fixed with the right treatment. Sorry for disappointing some of my detractors  This fault in my thyroid gland has made me

ASRock Z77 Extreme4

What does this mean? It basically means I ordered the ASRock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard, which I will be trying. I heard good stuff about it from users and reviewers. It’s quite cheap too – roughly, 190 USD, including shipping, but extra cost because it’s “Pick up n’ Pay” option when paying for it. It’s still a

Linus Torvalds Tells NVIDIA to F*CK OFF

[youtube_sc url=”″ color=”white” theme=”light” modestbranding=”1″ hd=”1″] The “outburst” of Linus Torvalds if one may even call it as such were with regard to NVIDIA’s lack of support for Linux. He also gave them the middle finger. If you want the beef of it all, skip to around 48:12 into it. –k0nsl

k0nsl No.1 in Sweden

Well the title is perhaps a bit entangled — but I am in fact no. 1 in Sweden for the SiSoftware Official Live Ranker system. With one of my budget systems! And what’s more, it’s all at stock settings I joined the Swedish team today, and next week I will add another computer to my

AMD Radeon HD 7970 Pictured

Enter the AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHZ Edition: Source: techPowerUp Here’s the details from TechPoweUp: We’ve known since May, the existence of a new high-end single-GPU graphics card SKU in the works, at AMD. Called the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition, the SKU is being designed to regain AMD’s competitiveness against NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 680. We’re hearing a