Mussolini was good for Italy

Shiraz Al Baghdadi asked me the following question:

it is said that what Benito did did only for him self for lust of power is it true ?

Well, the brief reply is that it’s untrue. Mussolini was good for Italy, good for Italians, and naturally good for Italian interests, but bad for communists and other treacherous elements (e.g jews and other criminals). His system was fair, the people lived well under his rule. In simple terms: Italy flourished! Look at Italy today — disgusting.
Il Duce did not have supreme power, either. The king of Italy Victor Emmanuel III was actually the man calling the “real” shots. Hitler was appalled by the treatment Mussolini had to go through in lieu of this: Hitler mentioned this in the ‘TABLE TALKS’, or it could have been recalled by Christa Schroeder in her book ‘Er war mein Chef’. Sorry, I forget.
No doubt Mussolini did some foolish decisions which ultimately Germany had to pay dearly for, I’m thinking specifically about Greece. Very foolish. Everybody makes mistakes.
The gist of it all is that Benito Mussolini was good for Italy. That’s one of the reasons Mussolini is maligned in our ‘history’ books by various history gangsters.
Have a good day!


It was in fact in Christa Schroeder’s book where she recalled how badly Mussolini was treated by Victor Emmanuel and Hitler was appalled by it. One passage read:

[…] during the military parade in Rome there were seats arranged on the tribune for members of the royal family and Hitler, while Mussolini had to remain standing.

Hitler apparently said the following with regard to the above:

It made me so upset that I was about to make a public scandal. I only held myself back for Il Duce’s sake.

This is from the Swedish edition in the chapter about travelling with Hitler. Page 88.


Italians and people all over the world honour his legacy, even in the year of 2015!


“Franz [k0nsl] is saying the Holocaust never happened”

Over here at [DELETION], Franz [k0nsl] is saying the Holocaust never happened, which is interesting, because he could probably be prosecuted for that in his own country.



Yes, it certainly is true that I could be prosecuted for what I write, if I ever decided to visit [DELETION]; the term of punishment would most likely be a couple of years in jail, the maximum being five years, I think, without a fair trial; one where evidence supporting my view is not allowed to be introduced, and where I would have no sufficient defense as my lawyer would be liable to prosecution if he submitted any material against the extermination thesis.
I should also like that tell you that I am not “denying” anything. Logically speaking, one cannot deny what did not happen. I do not believe in the “gas chambers” and other nonsense — mere horror stories which defy laws of science, logic, and rational thought — impossible stories which they want us to stake a belief in, and which we are forced to believe in — it is dictated to us via judicial measures.

The “Holocaust” and its “HCGs” have been entirely dissected by professors, chemists, engineers and historians. I can’t see why anybody should ever want to believe in those stories, when research has shown that the Germans never “gassed” anybody.



Crystal Premo on Irma Grese

Crystal Premo writes:

I think the Nazi era revealed that, given the appropriate circumstances, people like Irma blossom. People with the potential to be insanely cruel are all around us. Don’t we all know someone who has a darker nature? It has been estimated that sociopaths make up 4% of the human population. I have known many who are barely keeping those tendencies under control because they know the consequences. If the consequences are removed, the behaviors flourish. The Nazis threw open the doors for people like Irma. I have been shocked by what has emerged in the American culture recently. A lot of these people are in our government. Scary.

Okay, let’s see, first of all: what is ‘people like Irma Grese’? From my understanding of the history and from reading the available court material along with books published by so-called ‘holocaust survivors’, this girl — Irma Grese — never did anything illegal, nor anything which was against the law. She ran afoul of lousy accusations from revenge filled former inmates — people whom Irma Grese had looked after when she was doing her job as overseer. At one point she even cried out to one Jewess; ‘Don’t die! Your friends, the Americans, are here!’. And so forth. Anybody with a pea brain and the capability to objectively think for themselves can draw the conclusions from her encouraging statement. Mrs. Premo fails in that respect, however.


Under ‘the Nazis’ order was restored and one could only get employment in the SS (as auxiliary or overseer, in the case of Ms. Grese) if one had a clean record. No criminals were allowed – with only few exceptions, and only later on in that horrific war, when the Germans needed everybody who could be of use in the defense of the Reich.


Your personal anecdotes about American culture is irrelevant. If the American government would’ve had men and women of Irma Grese’s calibre the world and in particular America would be a much better place to live — you can be sure of it, Mrs. Premo.


If there’s an error anywhere in this text that’s because it was written spontaneously and hastily. I might add more to it at a later time.


Franz-Roberto Commentary (p.1)

Commentary between Franz and Roberto.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « Try a little less stupidity when misrepresenting my words. You act as defense attorney for a specific non-Jewish regime, moreover like a particularly slimy and obnoxious defense attorney. And also one of the most ignorant and incompetent, admittedly in a field where even the best defense attorneys tend to be slimy and incompetent individuals. »

I have not misrepresented anything you said, I only assumed you meant that racist state known as ‘Israel’ or a similar state occupied by the same people (the worst racists the world has ever seen, by the way). Have you ever listened in on a candid discussion amongst Jews? They’re incredibly racist.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « I’m sure you have no problem with Nazi crimes. Why else the dedication in trying to whitewash the Nazis of their crimes, especially those committed against Jews? »

Whatever crimes were committed to any Jew the person responsible for it was punished by the Germans prior to 1945. So there’s really very little need to whitewash anybody’s supposed crimes, but I think it important to rehabilitate the character assassination done against the Germans. The crimes you always howl about are so pitiful that I wonder why you even bother maximising on something that is so laughable as this ‘holocaust’. But I guess you’re stuck with your darling Jews, and they are probably happy to have somebody propagating their tepid stories. Ah, how wonderful it must be. At least for now!

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « Actually you don’t defend such behavior only where performed by people you don’t like and/or against people you like. Where it is performed by people you like and/or against people you don’t like, you go out of your way playing the particularly slimy and obnoxious defense attorney for the perpetrators, obviously (and unless you are way more stupid than I thought you were) because you condone those perpetrators’ acts. »

This is of course not true. I am not entirely sure what you think you’ll gain by lying about something like this. But then again, you lie just like some panic-stricken con artist forced to be strapped to a lie detecting device; you just can’t help yourself. You even published an article on your blog about somebody who claimed to have been a “holocaust revisionist” but he never even was that. Very low of you to engage in such transparent propaganda. And now you write this lie.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « No, I have no doubt that Jews committed horrendous crimes. »

Good. Too bad we are not forced to learn about those horrendous crimes in school, too bad we’re not forced to trek all over Eastern Europe and elsewhere to learn more about what your lovely, lovely darling Jews committed against all non-Jews. All we hear are – as you love to say – hollow screams of “Nazi brutality” and stupid stories about death in “gas chambers”. You see, when those holocaust enforcers shoved this nonsense down our throats in school day in and day out, I want those years back – and do you know, you’re just like them: a chicken hawk who prey’s on young people and want them to believe your horror stories.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « I’m not a denier skunk »

That’s right, Bobo! You are something much worse. You also make yourself look really stupid by licking the ass of your darling Jews. You will gain nothing from doing that, see? Their stupid holocaust junkstory will be going down the drain soon enough, you’ll see.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « I know that every nation and ethnic group has its violent criminals and its peaceful law-abiding people, and that the latter are always more representative of any nation’s or ethnic group’s character than the former. And please don’t project your adoration of certain perpetrators by claiming that I adore («darling») a certain ethnic group whose members were prominently represented among the victims of those perpetrators. »

This is a horrendous misrepresentation of my character. Oh, and you really do adore those Jews. What’s wrong in admitting that, Bobo? I have no problem at all with your love of them. You should also know another thing which I have repeatedly told you; just because one doesn’t love your Jews, doesn’t automatically mean that one hates them. I always told you that I don’t love them – and for that I’m a bad, bad villain! Hm.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « Boy, one can almost hear the laughter of reasonable folks who read the garbage produced by your friends and my deconstruction thereof. »

Wishful thinking is also thinking, I suppose.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « an overinflated ego and an astounding capacity for self-delusion »

Yes, this is a very accurate description of you, my always so dear Bobo. It matches perfectly!
I could even do:

$person = "Roberta";
$response = file_get_contents('http://find-robertas-ego.com/search?q='.$person); /* yeah I know! */
$match = '/<overinflated>very<\/overinflated>/';
if (preg_match($match, $response)) {
echo 'Roberta has very big ego and prone to self-delusion grandeur.';

I think that would work, yes.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « Or do you not expect to achieve anything beyond giving the average reader the impression that «Revisionist» cloud-cuckoo-land is populated by self-deluded assholes with a big mouth and nothing to show for it? »

But the description you give does again match yourself rather than your opponent (me in this case), so why project this delusion upon me? I am not the one who propagates absurd horror stories every day from early morning to late night. In fact, I try in my modest ways to combat such stories.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « Why, now you’re also showing your paranoid streak. Or your gullibility in believing the paranoid accusations made by others of your persuasion. Who is supposed to collect data about whom and use them to frame people in criminal investigations, by the way? »

I have been a member of that forum since it was launched and have been the victim of infringement of my privacy by administrators who sat and collected data on their opponents, most notably Andy Mathis did this. But I’m sure others did too. I’m very sure you did it. As for that forum today, I don’t know – but why would things suddenly just ‘change’?
Today, however, I am no longer a member. I cancelled my account.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « RODOH is owned by «Revisionist» Scott Smith »

So what! Scott owned the forum when you and Mathis harassed your opponents too. So what, it does not mean a thing, I’m afraid. This never stopped your foul tactics in the past, so why should it suddenly be fine now?

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « Actually that’s the situation your friends are in right know. Pathetic little «Bob» is essentially reduced to bitching about supposed incompetent and/or deceitful calculation errors of mine and about why I did or did not follow certain links, go figure. »

You brought up ‘self-delusion’ earlier and here we see a prime example of it above. You avoided almost everything by Bob and tried to change subject repeatedly so I’m not exactly so sure about your little victory dance here, Bobo. From what I could glean of that discussion you were the one who got spanked…and quite hard too!
I can only conclude that you’re the only one with delusions here.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « Last but not least we have «Franz» the cynic trying to be funny. »

Why do you think it funny when I tell you a basic truism like this: “You worship your darling Jews like a worker bee worships his queen bee.”? I do not understand what is supposed to be funny about that. Perhaps it is funny because you know that it is true. As I say, you’re perfectly free to love them. I don’t love them, as I say

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « And lying a bit more as he goes along. »

I certainly did not!

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « I’m rather like a public prosecutor »

Eh, let’s see, you’re a failed, dishevelled, old lawyer with no future except sitting and pouring out words in praise of the ‘Chosen Ones’ (hey, doing so is racism!). But you may _think_ you’re like a public prosecutor, although I would add this to one of your delusions rather than the cold reality we live in.

Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « historiography as well as justice have spoken final verdicts about the criminal racist garbage known as National Socialism. »

Again, this is nothing but wishful thinking and erred delusion. You must be a very sad person, Roberta. A person with no prospect whatever, his only “reality” is those horror stories he keeps defending. Well you hang in there, old man! Your dedication is radiant proof of your unending love of the Jews, your darling, darling Jews. I find it rather cute!


Be wary of Educate-Yourself.org

I just stumbled upon one of the most bizarre scribblings in a long time, within the pages of “educate-yourself.org“, titled:

The Revelations of Otto Skorzeny, Part 2

The Family That Preys Together…Stays Together

In that article the author (Ken Adachi?) has posted a photograph where he claims that George Herbert Walker Bush is in a mountain lodge somewhere in Germany together with Otto Skorzeny, Martin Bormann and Mengele! He says it is in 1938.

See the below photo:


First of all none of the persons in that photograph look German, the room does not look German and the construction of that window does not look German. But those things aside: if you ever saw a photograph of Dr. Josef Mengele he looks nothing like the man in the picture presented on Ken Adachi’s site, and certainly Martin Bormann never looked like the guy in that photograph, either. And the furniture and decorations of this room look to be more in the 50s rather than in the 30s. This Ken Adachi appears to thrive on churning out similar junk stories on his web page, for example one article about Martin Bormann:


This Bormann article is equally bizarre – if not worse. It is difficult to really judge which one of them is more bizarre. Ken Adachi claims most of his information comes from a guy named Eric Bermen [1] who in turn alleges he got his information from Otto Skorzeny.

Anybody can be the judge about the truthfulness of this, I do not think one needs to dissect their stuff in-depth. Even somebody ignorant of history should be able to pierce this nonsense.

The thing was this, I stumbled upon a link posted by Henry Makow [2] which had some interesting — or so I first thought — information about the Boston bombing but then I looked around in their web page for a brief moment and began finding page after page with one bizarre story after the other. And after my encounter with these Skorzeny-tall-tales I’m not putting any of my trust in anything found on that site. My instinct tell me that this Ken Adachi is a disinformation artist and therefore I think one ought to be wary of anything by him and his friend Berman, and of course anything found on their web page. By the way, I’m terribly sorry to be so brief about it, however, I feel that going in-depth about this would be a waste of my time. I’m merely putting out a warning here


1. A variant of “Berman”; a Jewish name.

2. Also Jewish, for what it’s worth. And here’s the link posted by Makow:


“k0nsl is a profesional Holocaust denier”

k0nsl is not just some kid who read something nutty on the web and believed it. He is Germar Rudolf, a professional Holocaust denier.

Well, back when the quote above was written I actually was – more or less – a kid. But he’s right in one other aspect; I didn’t ‘just read something nutty on the web and believed it’, no. I read mostly testimony from self-proclaimed ‘holocaust survivors’ to reach the conclusion that this event we’ve come to know as ‘the Holocaust’ is very rotten in it’s core.

Of course, I read many books too by authors focusing on holocaust — Rees, Hilberg, Arad, et cetera, not just as supplement but because to get a wider picture of the alleged extermination thesis preached by holocaust believers and their indoctrinators. But the important bits are buried in the details of testimony, however dreary it may be to read such testimony — I believe it to be important in the process of unmasking the truth about this issue.

And yes! This guy actually wrote that he believed I’m Germar Rudolf [1] 

Whilst that is very flattering I think he’s doing a big disservice towards Germar Rudolf. I’m just an amateur who’s interested in modern history, I’ve never written a book, nor am I talented enough to actually write a book on the subject. If I were a professional “Hoaxco$t denier” shouldn’t I have at least one book to my credit – which I do not?

Of course, as anybody with a brain would see and consequently understand, I’m not Germar Rudolf! Thus, as I say, very flattering, thanks, but I believe it is somewhat offensive to say so, because Germar Rudolf is tremendously gifted, he has the brainpower of several people, the energy of a buffalo. A titan. I am just a very ordinary person who discovered and learned the truth about the foul allegations against the Germans and acted upon it. This is why I decided to inform others about it as well — albeit with very modest methods. The key is to do something, whatever it is.

By the way! A little anecdote from early 2005; according to a “Holocaust Scholar” (whatever that is!), one guy called Andrew E. Mathis, alleged my identity to be John, Jack, Jonathan, Martin and Micke. I marvel.


1. Germar Rudolf’s Personal Website.


Roberto Muehlenkamp On Mass Grave Evidence

In a discussion related to Jewish mass graves Roberto Muehlenkamp admitted to having no real evidence – I turned the discussion into a topic about two specific locations: Poldolski versus Bikernieki forrest. I did so via a third party who brought up those locations. In one of the admissions Mr. Muehlenkamp said:

I just said that I don’t necessarily have the kind of evidence that k0nsl yells for, as lying k0nsl well knows.

Unfortunately I cannot find the first admission which was a bit more clear whilst this one is prudent in comparison.

Mr. Muehlenkamp does however clearly admit to having no real evidence for his hateful claims – and this isn’t just with regard to these two locations I listed earlier; this applies to all so-called Holocaust Mass Graves, for there is zero data to support the notions made by the Holocaust ideologues.

What’s more, this had Mr. Muehlenkamp quite worked up so he did his usual “step-around-the-issue”-dance which involves asking what sort of evidence would be satsifying in this case, so he’s basically asking the obvious:

The acceptable form of evidence would be a similar way of conduct with that of the Katyn discovery where the Germans meticulously documented every bit of evidence with real data and with international experts in the field participating, and with representatives from the major countries of those times as spectators. One can with a clear conscience say that none of this exists for any of the Holocaust claims. They have basically only stories and worthless paperwork which all conflict in their many ‘convergences’ – they use one bit whilst they put the other bit in the trash – as long as it fits their dark purpose it’s okay to use. Just patch, and move on. A motto for Holocaust propagandists.

Also, since this discussion, or any discussion with Mr.  Muehlenkamp, is a constant marathon, a virtual matrix that never ends, I decided to cut it short with him and simply ask him for exactitude in evidence, that’s to say: the following discussion broke loose:

The fact that your “arguments” are reduced to this lame and puerile bitching is what is quite telling, actually.


Roberto Muehlenkamp

Hardly puerile. I just expect you to back up your gunslinger case with exactitude in evidence – paperwork is essentially useless in this case as we know how unreliable this is as evidence because history gangsters are misusing it in one way or the other.
One cannot really misrepresent cold, hard data if presented in it’s entirety. Like it or not – my ever so friendly Roberto – you must be able to back up your hate with evidence. Can we agree on that point, at least? At any rate, what’s really telling here is that you have admitted to having no real evidence. I have the quotes and screenshot to prove it, dirtbag.


Who said that historiography and criminal investigation are limited to forensic investigation, or that forensic investigation is a sine qua non ingredient of either?


Roberto Muehlenkamp

I’ve seen no person say such a thing in this topic. You’re probably in your usual state of delusion.


A true believer’s pious and desperate prayer. Got nothing better to offer, k0nsl?


Roberto Muehlenkamp

Telling you that forensic data proving your claims to be lies is not a sign of a “true believer” prayer – it is the predicament of a person with science on his side. You and your cohorts are the true believers who pray’s every night to your foul scum god Simon Wiesenthal.


Two more questions, which I’m sure you’ll run away from


Roberto Muehlenkamp

I never run away from questions that are asked of me in good spirit.


1. Do you accept as a fact that no less than 681,692 people were executed by the Soviet NKVD in 1937-38? Yes or no?


Roberto Muehlenkamp

This is a subject that resembles your darling’s case in some respect, namely: the numbers vary a lot and many sources paint it different, it’s not a number which has been lariated in print – but one can safely say that the numbers are usually not very far off from each other.
Enough can be said that a lot of people died, often a very horrible death. Do you deny this?


2. If the answer to the previous question should be “yes”, how do you think this figure was established?
Was it established on the basis of forensic investigation of the burial places?
Or was it established on the basis of documentary evidence, i.e. paper that you “wipe your ass” with?


Roberto Muehlenkamp

See #1


I have attached a picture of a True Believer to this entry. It’s from a “not-so-rare” encounter with a Holocaust Believer who got so worked up during the discussion of his belief that he stuck a stick in his mouth and ran away, pure desperation.
Apparently the poor sod was backdoored so somebody recorded the pics through his webcam 

There’s more pictures of that True Believer in this post (along with dreary commentary):

The desperate face of a “Holocaust” Believer (new window)



I crafted this entry very hastily so it might be updated in the future with more material. The gist of the discussion has been saved for posterity: Roberto Muehlenkamp has no real evidence for the hate he is engaged in spreading.

Please permit myself to perform a modest victory dance:


I don’t think it necessary to re-post over twenty pages with trivia when one can simply cut it short and to the point. Yes?