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Be wary of

I just stumbled upon one of the most bizarre scribblings in a long time, within the pages of ““, titled: The Revelations of Otto Skorzeny, Part 2 The Family That Preys Together…Stays Together In that article the author (Ken Adachi?) has posted a photograph where he claims that George Herbert Walker Bush is in a mountain lodge

“Tijger” Defends Censorship

In the discussion of an article (see note #1) issued by Ars Technica where a French court wants Twitter to identify “racist” and “anti-Semitic” users I encountered somebody with the moniker “Tijger” – apparently this chap has invested in the Holocaust Belief, because it took only milliseconds for him to respond to the following comment I made there: I’m

Holocaust Controversies: No Extermination At Monowitz

On the pro-Holocaust blog Holocaust Controversies [see note #1] which is maintained by a group of hardened Holocaust Enforcers such as Nicholas Terry, Andrew “Handy Andy” Mathis, Sergey Romanov and Roberto “Kinnstützenkamp” Muehlenkamp,  and some other people, they concede openly that extermination at Monowitz, in any shape or form, never happened. Now this is some progress, now

Holocaust Enforcers And Virtual Hate

I’ve publicized these e-mails before, and at other places, but I’m centralizing most of the content and putting it on my blog instead, because it’s a lot easier to keep track of and keep a good updated copy of the backup. Well, these particularly hateful e-mails comes from a Jewish person by the name of Tom Polansky

Ex-Shill: Confessions of an Internet Shill

I found this post originally on Conscious Life News and thought it quite interesting, so here is a complete re-post. The type of propaganda strategy described in the confession below is widely used all over the Internet – but occurs, undoubtedly, most frequently in-regard to Israel and the Holocaust issue. People are paid to promote agenda beneficial for