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My ‘backup server’

Well here’s the HDD’s which holds ALL my important data (except for some encrypted webpages/projects/private work that is kept at Mozy (I uploaded a TrueCrypt container for that, tss!). [slider crop=”yes” slide1=”” slide2=”” slide3=””][/slider] They are all SATA 3, so it’s a little better than SATA 2 but not much (hardly noticeable.) — but it

Intel Haswell

WOW, this is hot !     FROM flyingsuicide: “While the Sandy Bridge architecture is currently still the latest from Intel and we have just had a taste of the 22 nm shrink Ivy Bridge, pictures have been leaked of the next-generation architecture Haswell processor. The GPU area of the die is said to be

Updated system software & Apache

I’ve been busy updating our system software along with the server software, most importantly Apache :-)     I’m also now trying out Centos which seems to be really applicable for servers.     Tux :-)   After I’m all done with this it’s high time to complete one of my ongoing projects. –k0nsl